Hannover (germany) fairRead this morning that the CEBIT is on again in Hannover Germany this week, did remember an fucking episode from some time ago!I was at the Hannover fair show CEBIT in Germany 15-20 years ago. There was this porno showplace called the “Die Drehscheibe”, (Turning plate), I was interested and got in late that night. The show was a simple one with the girls getting on the turning plate and then undressing and after a while spreading their legs and showing their cunt for all that were sitting around the table. Rather nice since everybody got a good view. Just posing girls. The chairs were placed in a half circle and the girls entered from behind a curtain to the turning table, it was tricky for them to get on and off since the plate istanbul escort turned all the time. I managed after a while to get into the front row so I really got a good view of the girls. After a while this very young girl (18 years) came up her body was so PERFECT and when she got undressed she had a totally shaved cunt!I had been keen on shaved cunts for a long time but never had any…So after she had shown her absolute perfect cunt to me for a while on that turning table, she took her clothes and wandered off. My dick was so hard in my pants I could not think straight.So I went after her while she was walking away from the strip table. Tapped her on the shoulder and asked if avcılar escort I could fuck her (bumsen in German). She said yes, mentioned the price and I sad OK. (There is nothing like a free lunch – you have to pay to get laid :-))So now I thought that we would go upstairs in a room or so to do the fucking. Not so. Still almost naked, she had only her string on, she took my hand and led me to this area, behind the turning table it was were the girls entered the turning table. There was a bed, we went in there and she drew the curtain hiding us from direct view from the people. It was a very small place and just a bed and a small table were there was towels and condoms. She undressed me and took her small string off. şirinevler escort I could have an even closer look at her cunt. It was absolute perfect! The next girl was on the table, but I believe some guys wondered what would happen behind the curtain. They could all see us go in there.Well I was totally exited, she put on the condom and we started fucking missionary style. I am a rather big guy so I moved towards the curtain all the time so that it moved to the strokes of my fucking. It was not long before I came and it was all over.We dressed and I had to step out in the saloon again and move to the back of the club everybody in that club knew what I had done. Fucking a whore! This is the closest I ever came to fuck in public! It was a hot experience and I will never forget her.Hope you enjoyed the story, maybe someone else here has been in that club in Hannover Germany called ” Die Drehscheibe ” and fucked a girl there? Pleas let me know.Think about it the girl I fucked is now 35-40 years old and she has probably stopped the strip work – I recon!Greetings from Kim