Growing UpGrowing UpI have always been infatuated with girls as far back as gosh I say 4 yrs old. I knew right away they were so different and I was always jealous until around 8 yrs old . I would play Barbie doll dress up with my older sister (2 yrs older) when we were growing up and loved to dress and undress them and always having the urge to look up the dresses. Even though they were just dolls I liked looking under dresses which led me to looking under real girl dresses. At this time I am about 6 and while playing with the dolls I would turn my attention more to looking under my sisters dress. There was something about seeing her panties just smoothly tuck in between her legs that mesmerized me. I would take bathes with her sometimes so I know what she looks like naked but its more exciting seeing under her dress. There were many times we had to share tub since we only had one bathroom and the water got cold to fast. I have bathed with my mom also so I know what a grown woman looks like naked. But she had a lot of hair covering her pussy so never really knew what it looked like. I definitely knew what a woman’s tits look like and I knew I liked it. I never got hard bathing with them until I turned 8. That’s when I accidentally got poison spray all over me and I remember my mom picked me up from outside, ran me into the tub where she stripped me and started scrubbing me. She was washing my hair when she could feel the poison burning her skin from carrying me so she quickly undressed and got in tub with me. I couldn’t see her get in because the shampoo would burn my eyes and I was facing away from her. She rinsed my hair and started scrubbing my back then she gave me a washcloth and told me to start cleaning my arms and legs. She grabbed another wash cloth and started washing herself. After she washed herself off she told me to stand up and I was still facing away when she started washing back of my legs and my but. Then she told me to turn around to get my front. I turned around and she sat up on her knees and started washing my neck and shoulders and when I finally looked down to see her wet bush, it was gone! I didn’t understand what happened to it but I saw my moms pussy lips for the first time. As I was staring at it she was washing my stomach when I felt my dick gets hard. I looked at my dick and saw it sticking straight up and just then she rubbed the washcloth over it with a couple of grabs to clean all of it and when she pulled away it sprang straight up. I saw my mom stop for a few seconds and looked at it. As she was looking I asked her why it was hard and she said that the older I get the more it happens. But why I asked, she said that it was probably because my age and bathing with her is different now. Then I asked her why she didn’t have hair down there anymore. fethiye escort She looked a little shocked that I noticed and said something like she has to do it because it gets to long. I said I think it looks pretty without hair and she had a little blush on her face and said thank you. She pulled the drain on tub and we have a bucket we fill for a standup rinse so she bent over to pick up the bucket and I saw her butt hole for a second and I was thinking this is so cool. Thinking that was about the neatest thing ever she bent over with her legs slightly apart put the bucket under the spout and stayed in that position until it filled up. I was blown away, I was looking at her pussy slightly open and can see the pink on the inside. I still didn’t understand why I was so hard but I knew I liked it. She rinsed me off and I got out to dry while she finished. As I was drying I could see her rinsing off and noticed her nipples were sticking out. Didn’t know why but did notice. So as far as I remember that was my first hard on.Now that I have really seen what a woman looks like naked I could not get enough. I started to become a peeper looking for the moments I can see more. Unfortunately I only got to bathe with my mom a cpl times after that first hard on because I would get one as soon as my clothes were off and I guess she knew it was time to stop. Fortunately she didn’t think much about me and my sister (Becky) bathing together. I remember the first time getting hard in tub with Becky. She would look real close at it and asked why it was hard and I told her what mom said because that’s all I really knew. We didn’t do anything but I couldn’t stop looking at her pussy. She didn’t have any boobs yet so that didn’t look any different than me. I liked looking at her every chance I got. As the years went by I was able to get up skirt peeps now and then from mom and even a few of her friends.When I was around 11 I had many so called wet dreams. I can remember sliding back and forth against the sheets and getting the greatest feeling but that’s all it was which at that time was great. It wasn’t until I had one of my friends stay over that I found out about jerking off. I had asked him if he ever had dreams like I was having and he said yes and then he asked if I have ever jerked off. I didn’t really know what he was talking about and he explained. Being k**s, he told me how to do it and like it was nothing he asked if I wanted to see and of course I did. He pulled down his shorts and his dick was pretty small and not hard but he started moving his fingers all over it and I could see it growing bigger. That was the first time I had seen another boy getting hard and he kept playing with it until it was sticking straight up. Then he started sliding 2 fingers and his thumb up and down his dick escort fethiye and was telling me that in a few minutes it will feel just like the dreams. So I pulled my shorts off sat on the bed next to him. I was already hard and I started doing like he was. At first not real fast but then faster and faster I could see he was starting to get that feeling and he jerked super fast and hard and he must have had the feeling last because he jerked forever. I kept doing it but nothing was happening. I asked him why its not working he said just keep doing it. He had stopped because he already had his feeling and watched me and told me to jerk the head more. As I did that I started to get that feeling and the stronger it got the faster I jerked until it was like an explosion going through my body. My legs tightened up and I could hardly breath. It was like the longer I held my breath the greater the feeling until a final exhale and it was over. I have learned the greatest thing in the world, jerking off. After that I was jerking I bet 10 or more times a day. Then something happened that scared me, my dick was super swollen. I didn’t know what to do, my dad was away working so I had to tell my mom. She hadn’t seen me naked in a long time so I was embarrassed to show but she insisted. I pulled down my shorts and lifted my shirt and she could see it was red and swollen. She sat on the end of the bed and had me stand close so she could see if something bit me. She tried to look without touching but it was so swollen she had to see if I was bit under the swollen parts. She gently used both her hands to move the skin around and while she was doing that I was getting harder and harder which actually made it easier for her to see. But as I got real hard she could see I didn’t have any sores or bites and had a different look on her face. She let go of my dick sat up just looking at me and my hard on and asked me if I have been playing with it. I told her yes all the time and I get this great feeling when I do it. She smiled and said I will be fine, I just been jerking so much it is swollen and it will go away I just need to leave it alone for a while. So I pulled my shorts up and went to bed. The next day I was back to normal and right back to jerking off and yes I became swollen many times after that lol. I really didn’t know about sex all I knew is I liked jerking off. My first time finding out about sex was when I was peeping. I heard my mom making noise in her room so I thought I might get a chance to see her naked getting in shower so I ran outside and peeped in the window. When I looked in, my mom was sitting on the side of her bed and my dad was standing right in front of her like when I showed my dick but she was jerking him like I do. He had the biggest dick ever and it was sticking straight fethiye escort bayan out. I watched her sliding her hand up and down his dick and then all of a sudden she opened her mouth and he stuck it right in. She was moving her head back and forth over his shaft and I could see it looking wetter each time she went back and forth. Then she started sliding her tongue under his shaft all the way to the head and she was trying to stick her tongue in his pee hole. I was hard as a rock and pulled my shorts down and started jerking as I watched. Then she stopped slid up on the bed and moved her legs around facing the end of the bed where the window was I was looking in. My dad climbed on the bed and layed next to her and they started kissing and his hand was playing with her tits and I could see her nipples get real hard. She was kinds laying on her side but then she layed on her back and she spread her legs wide open. My dad moved his hand to her pussy and she was moving her hips while he rubbed. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This had to be the best ever but I was in for a surprise. At this point I was thinking sex is playing and touching each other but the more my dad rubbed her the more she made noise and then I saw him stick 2 fingers in her pussy. He was sliding them in and out of her and I could see the sheets getting wet under her pussy. All of a sudden dad climbed on top of her but not to kiss her , he was turned the other way and I could see his tongue sliding in and out of her pussy and sucking on her pussy lips and she was sucking on his dick at same time. I could see every inch of my moms open pussy and loved how pink it was inside. They stayed in that position for a while then my mom turned over and got on her knees and elbows letting her ass stick up. I could see her butt hole and all of her pussy lips sticking out and then dad moved behind her and saw him slide his big dick right in her pussy. She was pushing against him at every stroke and I could hear her moaning pretty loud. He was pounding into her and then he made a loud grunt noise and started slowing down. Mom relaxed and layed down on her stomach and dad stayed still on top of her. They layed for a minute then dad got off her and I saw his dick come out of her pussy. He went to get a towel and mom was still laying there. He brought her a towel and when she was getting up I saw a bunch of white stuff coming out of her pussy. I wanted to know what it was . Do all girls do that or what? But I knew I couldn’t ask my parents because they might ask how I know about that and I couldn’t tell them I was watching ya’ll have sex and was just wondering. Luckily not long after that I was jerking as usual but this time something came out. It wasn’t much but was a little. I didn’t know what it was but was very curious and I tasted it. Didn’t really taste like anything maybe a little salty but I kind of liked it. It was after that I found out all about sex and cum and all the good stuff.This was just the beginning of my adventures. More to cum!