Go Gay in 2 weeks ProgramThe following 17 gay transforming orders should be done by attempting to do as many of these, as many times as you can, in 14 days!!! Ideally you will be repeating most of these while some you may not be able to do for a few days… then you will just rotate. While others you may end up doing for 14 days straight… Remember… do as many of these each day as you can… you must do several of these at a time and for 14 days straight! ~~~ Pee sitting down – every time you go pee you should sit down like a bitch-boy would… this is good to do so if you are out some time, and you are so used to sitting while you pee… one of your friends or anyone could catch you going to the bathroom like a faggy boy! carry a questionable man purse/ purse – you know those bags for men that are like macho versions of purses… only the style never caught on with men, unless it was the gay ones… you should get one and carry it around… not only will people think you look “gay” with it on… they are going to start thinking you’re a closet case… which you are! wear panties daily… if you wear them enough, one day you’ll forget you have panties on one day and if you think about it… theres so many ways that could go wrong and humiliate you! Perfect! Oh WoOoOw – Saying òh wow`but making the WoW an extended word by dragging fethiye escort the “O”… makes you sound gay… the obvious fruit-loop gay guys do that kind of stuff all the time! Lick your… Every time you jerk-off… lick your pre-cum and jizz… It will help the gay-ness come flying out… Run your fingers through your hair – if you are a gross bald loser, then just improvise and run your hand over your head/through your few strands of hair hahaha! – you should do thos often and especially when you feel excited! its a really gay guy thing to do! Saying “OMG” – Start saying “Oh my god” in a really animated way! Ass Watching – I want you to start paying attention to mens asses! every where you go, its all about drooling over the asses of men… the plan is to do it so much… you cant help but starring and drooling… I bet you’ll get caught one day! hahaha Pinky Fingers Up! – when you’re drinking from a cup, holding something light and any other time it would be proper for a GIRL to hold her pinky finger up… In your case… as a flamer would!*flamer = raging homo boy* Butt Plug – You MUST watch and jerk off to 100% gay homo porn… The rules are: There must be NO women in the porn and you must cum to gay sex! Ass Training – you must walk around the house with a LARGE butt plug, or what-ever size dildo UP your ass… now escort fethiye if its a dildo, you still have to keep it in your ass and walk around… You must Ass train for 20 minutes at a time… hey if you want to be gay, and even if you dont and you just suck with females so you have no choice but to be a fag… You MUST get that ass in cock fucking order!!!! Wear Lip Gloss – wearing lip gloss is super gay… EVERY guy who wears lip gloss also likes to suck dick… BUT the trick is, sometimes you cant tell if a guy is wearing lip gloss… so its confusing… but you always think “yep he’s gay!” REFRAIN FROM SEX! – hetro-sexual sex is absolutely forbidden… you are not allowed to do anything sexually with your wife or GF… random Sucking Sessions – you should suck on random things through out the day… BUT dont just suck on them without meaning… I want you to suck on the broom handle, pickle, spoon handle, door knob, your own fingers, toes, lotion bottles, the stick shift in your ca, pens at the office, etc… you will suck on those things for 1 minute each sucking session and you must suck it passionately! random sucking sessions is super gay… only fags and desperate to come out of the closet queers would do this… well and big losers too… But thats what this is about right… Me turning you into a fag… I know you’re fethiye escort bayan not a real man… so Id rather make you a homo, maybe then I can make some cash of you if I turn you into my hooker! 😛 wear tampons & pads – The idea here is not to feminize you, but to shove a tampon up your ass as if you were a girl on her period, is pretty emasculating… and since you’re the fruit loop submissive twinkie gay type of homo… well you should get used to feeling Femme – so wear a tampon, or a big maxi pad! Gay chat Rooms – you should spend 2 hours in a gay sex chat room, or phone chat site… I want you to have gay adult chat with other men for an entire two hours each time you do this! This will be some of the most fun times… and as you will see, you’re pretty fucking gay! not only will you see things MY way *that you’re a raging cock sucker* BUT you will also get used to gay interactions and it will make you even more gay… doing such a , gay thing! hahahaha! Wear Girly perfume – wear the girliest perfume you can buy… and wear it out in public… I dont need to say much about this one… dont be a wimp, do as you’re told and wear girl perfume! homo! hahaha ~ remember, do as many of these at once for 14 days… cycling through the orders while you take breaks on some and swap with others is fine. BUT you must do them all, and do many of these every day for 14 days in a row! After you do this, you will become VERY gay and then after that happens… maybe then its Pimping time!!!! Get busy and start doing these gay-formations (gay transformations) Now!