getting turned out at a sex clubin the city there was a adult bookstore that featured a theater and a private club. in the club swinger couples gay men and crossdressers meet up to go into the dark private rooms and have casual sex, there were some glory holes and a small theater that played a wide variety of hardcore porn. the first time I went I knew nothing of the club I had shown up for the theater I was just curious to see one in real life. before leaving home I slipped on a sexy pair of panties underneath my jeans. I loved the way they made my ass look, a perky little ass like a twelve year old girl and my long nearly hairless legs completed my girlish look from the waist down. when I went in the theater was very dark and the screen was small they were playing a bisexual orgy flick. this was awesome because i am bisexual and have always wanted to go to a orgy just like the one on the screen. there were a few people sitting around but I couldnt make them out so I sat near the back corner by myself soon a thin framed guy who seemed to be in his early thirtys sat in my row about two seats away. glancing over I notice him rubbing his cock through his jeans, he looks up and sees me looking and smiles. standing up he moves over next to me and smiles again, we both turn back to the screen a young blonde boy and a girl are sharing a cock between them. then suddenly I feel a strong hand slide up my thigh searching for my cock, as his fingers slide across the fabric he grazes my stiffening cock sending a shock deep into me and up my spine. without thinking I reach over and start rubbing him back squeezing and stroking his throbbing cock. he leans over and whispers in my ear “you want to go in back and get a private room?” I nod and follow him to the door betsobet yeni giriş to the private club he pays for our admission and we walk through the door. inside is a juice bar lining one wall several tables in the middle of the room a small stage with a pole and hall at the far end with a red sign over the entrance to the private rooms. we walk to the end of the hall and enter a room with an open door, as the dim light flicks on I see a waist height padded table and a small table with tissues and a bowl of condoms.”why dont you get comfortable and ill get us some drinks” he smiles leaving the door shutting behind him. I nervously undress down to my panties and sit on the table with my legs hanging over the edge. when he returns he has two bottles of water and a small brown vial, he hands me the water and sets the vial on the table. he strips down completely nude and sits next to me rubbing up my smooth white thigh I notice hes completely shaved. his hand cups my balls and he starts to rub them slowly in circles squeezing and rubbing me through my panties. he cracks open the vial and puts it to his nose plugging one nostril he inhales deeply, then he passes it to me I take the bottle and imitate him. the stuff burns a little at first but I fill my lungs hold it in for a breif second and exhale, thats when I feel the biggest rush of my life my skin tingled with excitement. I feel my panties being pulled down and a warm mouth wrap around my stiff cock. slowly at first but then picking up speed and taking me deeper the rush subsides and I come back down to earth. the handsone guy is sucking me deep into his mouth I can feel his hard cock rubbing into my feet. I take him between my arches and start stroking his cock with my feet betsobet güvenilirmi hes large probably eight inches and thick. he stands up between my legs his large stiff rid slides against mine pumping back and fourth. I reach down and cup the head of his cock in my palm I start massaging him and he moans with pleasure. climbing onto the table he lays next to me I crawl between his legs as he lays back and I spread his legs open making my way to his big throbbing cock. grabing underneath his balls around the base of his manhood I lick lightly at his balls flicking my tongue and slowly making my way to his thick veiny shaft. placing my tongue flat against the bottom of the shaft I slowly lick till my tongue flicks over the head. I position myself driectly above his throbbing head teasing at first the sliping the head into my mouth swirling around the tip with my tongue. slowly inching his cock into my mouth till he was pressed against the back of my mouth bobbing up and down along his thick shaft I slurped and swallowed his cock. I loved the feeling of his throbbing prick hitting the back of my throat with one hard thrust I plunged him deep into my throat my lips wrap around the base of his dick. I gag and want to pull back but something makes me want to keep him buried in my throat when I finally pull his huge cock out of my throat there are thick strings of spit attaching us. hes soaked in my saliva as I stroke his cock in twisting motions with both hands hes moaning and panting I can barely make out tthe words when he says them “im going to cum”. a thick white rop flys out of his head and hits me in the face, I quickly lean down and take his pulsing cock into my mouth several more shots of cum flood my mouth I try to swallow betsobet giriş as much as I can but its too much it leaks out from my lips as I gobble his meat. he stops cumming so I pull him out and start licking up the cum and spit that his balls are soaked with. he pushes me up and says “turn around and get on your knees”. I do and he spreads my ass cheeks apart with his hands and drives his tongue into my tight hole. after licking my hole for a little bit he positions himself behind me and presses the head of his still hard cock against my asshole rubbing and pressing. before I could say anything he pushed his way inside me I felt the ridge of his cock slip into me and he stopped leaning over he cups the head of my cock in his hand rubbing me slowly in circles. I moan and my body relaxes allowing him deeper into me he pumps in and out im moaning and panting grinding into him his hand grips my hard cock and strokes me whispering in my ear”your such a good slut you just love taking cock dont you”. the words come out so naturally I was even taken by suprise “yes make me a whore I want you to fill me with your hot seed make me your slave”. he pushes my face down into the table making my ass stick up in the air hunched over me he starts pounding my ass like a jack hammer. then he pulls out of me and shoots hot cum right into my gaping asshole, after shooting his second load into me and all over he pushes me down and takes my throbbing cock into his mouth deepthroating me and sliding two fingers into my ass rubbing my prostate. im thrusting against him and trembleing when I blow my load he keeps me deep in his throat while I pump shot after shot milking me with his throat and tonguing my balls. he sits back and slumps on the floor gasping for breath and completely drained. as I lay on the table still swimming in ecstasy he cleans up and dresses he leans over and kisses my cum covered cheek saying he comes every Saturday night. I smile and say goodbye. that night I went home and slipped into bed sliding on a pair of cute cotton panties.