Fun at Keough Hot SpringDespite being a bit shy I found out I hanging out naked at hot springs could be a lot of fun and soon found not being naked was what would make one stand out. Besides the feeling of freedom from being in the sun with nothing on is great. And it doesn’t hurt to be able to check out the other naked people.Keogh Hot Springs (the free area, not the silly resort) has a creek of hot water that flows through several pools as it descends a small slope. It makes a nice stop driving up 395 and the hot water feels great on ones stiff muscles after all that time in the car.I pulled into the hot springs shortly before dark one time. The pool I like best was available so I parked next to it and quickly got naked and hopped in. As usual the warm water felt amazing as did being out in the vanishing sun without clothes.While I was relaxing another car pulled in and a young man got out and walked over to my pool. He said hi and that he was disappointed I had the good pool. But I told him there was plenty of room and he was welcome to join me. So he stripped off his clothes and in he came. I only saw his cock for a second but it looked very nice and looked like it was already partially erect.We talked a bit about nothing that mattered and as the conversation faded I rested my head on a rock at the edge of the pool and shut my eyes. My arms floated off in the water as I drifted a bit. Then I thought I felt something touch my hand for a sec.The touch came back again, very light and soft. Then again but more this time. Then a hard cock went into my palm. At this point of my life I had already sucked a few cocks but I wasn’t all that experienced. So a hard cock that wasn’t my own was still extremely exciting. I wrapped my hand around it and sat up a bit.The k** asked me if I liked his cock and I truthfully said it was one of the best I maraş rus escort had ever touched. He started making little pelvic thrusts as I played with it and soon started asking me to suck. He sat on a rock and I moved so I was between his legs. Putting my mouth around the head I tongued the sensitive part causing him to inhale sharply. Then I slid my lips down the shaft as far as I could go. He put his hands on either side of my head as I got really into sucking. I just wish it had taken longer before his cum splashed my throat. He left soon after cumming and I relaxed again enjoying the after taste.It was a slow day at the hot springs and the sun had dipped below the Sierra before another car arrived. It parked next to the pool downstream from mine and a young couple got out. They were wearing swim suits so I quickly dismissed them and relaxed again. A few minutes later I peeked over my pool’s dam and saw they were kissing and both had wandering hands.The action was getting very heavy when they suddenly stopped and left the pool. I was thinking how disappointed I was when they came around a bush. The girl then stepped close and asked if they could join me. I told her I had no objections but made sure she knew I was naked. Instead of being put off by my nudity she questioned me about it being okay and when I reassured her it was the normal thing to do at the springs they both quickly stripped.She looked great naked and her boyfriend had a long thin cock that was already halfway erect before he could get in the water. We talked with me mostly answering questions about the hot spring area and about the acceptance of nudity and they both seemed to be very relaxed now that they knew if was okay.As we chatted in the fading light I could see she had her hand around his hard cock and stroking maraş rus escort bayan made the head break out of the water once in a while. I couldn’t see all that much but what I could see looked really good. In fact I rolled over so I was face down so they wouldn’t be scared off by my cock becoming erect.They both had been sitting up but when I rolled over the boy stretched out and put his head back using a rock for a pillow. Of course this helped expose more of his erection and the slow hand job he was receiving. The girl just smiled at me and said she hoped I didn’t mind. I smiled back and let her know how much I was enjoying the view.She beckoned me close so I slid over so the boy was between us. When I got close she bent over and took his cock in her mouth. I had seen girls giving blow jobs before but never this close. Leaning closer I could see a shine from the saliva she left behind as her lips traveled up the shaft.I was surprised when she removed her lips from his cock and motioned for me to suck it. Of course I had no problem with that and accepted her invite. Wish a hand between her legs she watched as intently as I had before and that added to my excitement.As I sucked a felt a hand caressing my butt. Although I’d never had a guy fondle my rear I found it to feel really nice and continued to concentrate on sucking while his girlfriend kissed his mouth and played with his balls.He ran a finger along my crack and I found the feeling amazing. I had never before thought of that area being erogenous; I had learned something new. The feeling was amazing when the finger started lightly circling my hole. I didn’t want that to stop but eventually he pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat up.There is a large flat rock in the middle of that pool that he had be climb onto. With my butt rus escort maraş on the edge of the rock and my legs pulled upwards his tongue went right to my hole giving me my first rim job. As he licked me I was enjoying myself too much to notice he girlfriend getting something from her purse.The rimming had me wanting something more. So when the girlfriend rubbed lube on my hole I was excited rather than scared. My excitement increased even more when he stood up and placed the head of his very hard cock right where it could gain entry.I felt heat from his cock as he rubbed the head around. Then as he settled on target the pressure slowly increased. When the pressure reach a level where I wondered if it would be able to get in he backed off the started doing a small thrusting motion. Relaxing as much as I could I began to feel a little penetration with each thrust. His girlfriend bent over and kissed me just as the entire head popped in.He stopped thrusting and just let me get used to the feelings. After a bit the small thrusts started again and I felt the shaft sliding into me. Soon he was all the way in.When he asked me if I was ready it was an enthusiastic yes. As the fucking started I began to feel something deep inside radiating pleasure each time his cock rubbed it. I could also feel some fluid rising up my own cock which felt strange but really good.The world faded away as he started thrusting in earnest. I was just my ass and my cock and a cloud of pleasure around them. It wouldn’t even be possible to tell you how long the fucking went on. All I can remember is his girl taking my cock into her mouth just as the biggest, hardest orgasm of my life started.When it was over we talked a little. The girl was surprised it was my first time. They had stopped at the hot spring because they had read it was a gay cruising spot and she wanted to see her boyfriend fuck a guy. I hadn’t noticed but while I was being fucked she was masturbating to a huge number of orgasm.I let them know it had been great as they got out to leave. They agreed and were soon leaving to continue their trip. After relaxing and letting myself recover I also got out and continued my own journey.