About a week had passed since our last encounter. I promised myself to stopped submitting to the bratty girl. I was an educated, accomplished adult. Mandy on the other hand, didn’t work & her parents paid her bills. I was better than her, I told myself.

It was late afternoon. I was in the laundry room folding her clothing again, trying to convince myself this didn’t count as submission.

I walked past her in the living room. She sat flipping through the channels again.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked sweetly, still flipping through the channels.

Keeping walking, I told myself. But still I stopped & turned to her.

I stared at her blankly. When she didn’t see me move, she rolled her eyes & gestured to the messy living room.

“I am not your maid,” I said rudely.

Her amused expression immediately dropped.

“I think you need to remember who is in charge here. This apartment belongs to me, & so does everything in it.”

I stood my ground, staring at her with resolve despite my knees shaking & an urge, buried deep within me, that desired to drop to my knees & beg her for forgiveness for my disobedience.

She watched me for a moment before standing tall & taking a few measured steps towards me. She looked me in the eyes. She radiated confidence & dominance. One look. That was all it took. Her eyes left me & dropped to the ground & back up. A clear command.

I dropped to my knees, a small gasp left my mouth, my obedience surprising me. She smiled down at me smugly. She walked back to her spot & sat down like a queen at her throne. She returned her gaze to the TV but beckoned me to her with two curled fingers. I immediately crawled to her, resuming my place beneath her feet.

She watched TV for longer this time, 45 minutes, all the while acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

This routine continued. Each evening I returned home to work. I cleaned up after her then crawled on my hands & knees to act as her personal foot rest.

One night, we broke our routine. She was out with friends. I took a long shower, feeling strangely sad about not spending time with her for our nightly ritual. When I stepped out of the shower, I opened the bathroom door to see her sitting in the living room, flipping through channels.

The minute she recognized my presence, she snapped her fingers & pointed at her feet.

I stepped towards my room, “one moment, Miss. I will just change quick—”

“Now, bitch.” She immediately snappy, cutting me off.

Shocked, I dropped my gaze to the floor timidly & took tentative steps towards her in my damp towel. I dropped to my hands & knees, keeping one hand at my chest holding my towel protectively against me. She lifted her feet & dropped them heavily on my back, only to quickly lift them again.

“Remove the towel,” she said annoyed.

“But-but—” Without hesitating, she ripped the towel from my body & spanked my ass hard once on each cheek. I cried out in surprise.

“Do not speak back to me,” she shouted. This was the final straw.

I went to stand up, raising my voice, “How dare—”

She cut me off, gripping my hair painfully & dragging me back to my position on my hands & knees. I cried out from the surprise & the pain on my scalp.

“You. Little. Fucking. Brat” she yelled, punctuating each of her words with a firm spank on my burning ass.

I struggled against her, all my building anger from the past two weeks & my raging humiliation steaming from me.

But despite her delicate stature, Mandy was strong, holding me firmly in place for my spanking.

Her hand continued to punish my reddening bottom while I cried out in pain & indignation.

Without losing strength or speed, she kocaeli escort bayan asked me, “Now are you going to be a good little bitch or do I need to continue to remind you of your place?”

“Fuck you!” I yelled. If it were possible, she spanked me even harder.

Yet to my confusion, despite my raging emotions against the conceited & privileged woman, I felt my pussy quivering with each spank.

She paused, releasing my scalp from her punishing hold. I immediately went to stand, when her hand spanked me hard again. “Don’t move, bitch.” To my surprise, I didn’t. I froze on my hands & knees, my smarting ass still raising for her to punish.

She lifted her dress & grabbed the sides of her panties, dragging them down her long legs. She grabbed my hair again, yanking my head back.

“Open.” She commanded. I gripped my jaw tightly & glared at her.

She smiled down at me evilly. “Open wide for my wet, used panties to go in that dirty, disobedient little mouth of yours, just like you’ve been using that pair of my panties you keep in your bedside table.

I gasped surprised, & she used the opportunity to stuff her panties in my open mouth. They were wet with her arousal.

“Good pet,” she said smugly. “Now arch your back & present your ass to be punished like a good little girl.”

With my humiliation still simmering, I followed her directions, pressing the side of my face into the carpet & presented my ass to her.

She resumed to spank me, slowly building in speed & intensity.

“You’re going to learn your place in this apartment whether you want to our not” she huffed, the exertion she was feeling from spanking me evident in her voice.

I moaned into her panties from either pain or pleasure, I am ashamed not to know which.

She continued to spank me until I sobbed pitifully.

She suddenly huffed & sat back on the couch, tired from my spanking. I remained in position, feeling thoroughly humiliated & dominated.

She laughed lightly & smugly at my obedience. “Not so proud now, huh?”

I remained silent. “I’ve had enough of your little attitude & demonstrations of disobedience around here, brat.” The name stung, knowing I had been using it to describe her since I moved in.

“Go crawl into the corner. I want you to kneel facing the corner. Do not remove the panties from your mouth & don’t you dare rub that naught ass of yours. I want you to hold your elbows & displayed your red little cheeks for me to admire.”

I lowered my head & followed her directions. I could feel her smug gaze follow me.

After a few minutes, she returned to watching TV. I stayed in position for thirty minutes, feeling humiliated & submissive.

“Crawl to me, pet.” The name made something in my pussy stir. I turned & followed her direction, resuming my place under her feet as her personal foot rest.

“From now on, I am not playing around your little independence act. There will be rules from now on. Understand?” I didn’t dare question her, my ass still smarted & burned from my punishment. I just kept my eyes down.

Suddenly she yanked my head back by my hair, lifting my gaze to hers. “Understand?” she asked more sternly. I nodded vigorously. She nodded, smiling without loosening her grip. Her other hand slid down my back, rubbing my welted ass for a moment, making me whimper pathetically. It slid further to cup my sex, making me whimper louder & widen my eyes at her.

She raised her eyebrows at me, daring me to question her. After a moment, she began tracing her fingers lightly up & down my slit.

“You’re so wet, little pet.” I moaned slightly at the nickname & looked at her questioningly & with lust evident in my eyes.

She circled my clit lightly, laughing izmit escort bayan at my small moans.

“Do you taste me on those panties in your mouth?” She asked, knowing I couldn’t answer.

“I came in them while you were in the shower. I was imaging you on your hands & knees, obediently supporting my legs.” She slowly eased one delicate finger into me. My eyes rolled back in my head & I moaned loudly, sucking her flavor from the wet material in my mouth.

“You were completely naked,” she whispered huskily in my ear, slipping one more finger into me. Suddenly popped her long fingers from my needed center, she spanked my ass hard. “And you had a large plug up your naughty little ass.” I cried out from the pain & the intense desire for her to finger me to orgasm while I imagined what she was describing.

I looked at her begging. She laughed in my face, still gripping my hair painfully. She lifted one leg around me & arranged me so that I was between her knees. She opened her hand before my mouth, inviting me to spit our her panties, which I did.

“Go on, bitch, taste it straight from the source,” she urged, guiding me by my hair to her wet lips.

Everything in me was screaming to fight her off, to scream for help or to tell her again to fuck off. But instead I looked her in the eyes submissively while slowly licking from the bottom of her slit to the top. She smiled at me triumphantly. “Good girl.”

I smiled & continued to lick her gently.

“Rule No 1.” She said. I continued to stare at her obediently. “You will obey everything I say immediately & without question.” I nodded as much as possible without removing my tongue from her warm pussy.

“Rule No. 2. You will always refer to me as Miss or Mistress, no matter who is around.”

“Rule No. 3 You will always be completely naked unless directed otherwise.”

“Rule No. 4. You will complete all household chores immediately upon arrival home without being told to before you may do anything else.”

“Rule No. 5. You must not touch yourself without my permission.” I pouted at this rule, but continued to lick her obediently.

“Rule No. 6 If you break any of these rules, you will inform me immediately & accept your punishment.”

She yanked my face back. “In summary,” she said lowering her voice & bring her face right to mine. “You’re my bitch now.” She smiled smugly at me.

I hated myself for it, but I lowered my eyes submissively. “Yes, Mistress.”

She laughed, leaning back again & dragging my face to her pussy.

“Lick me to orgasm, pet.” & I did. When she came all over my face, I licked her clean, savoring every drop. She smiled, basking in the glow of her orgasm & her victory over me.

She stood slowly. I sat back on my heels, my face gleaming with her juices, & awaited her command.

“Come.” I crawled behind her, following her to my room. She stopped at the hall closet, grabbing out a box. She continued to my room, stopping to sit on my bed. I sat on my heels at her feet.

Opening the box, she removed its contents.

“The final part of your punishment,” she said, smiling evilly. “Turn around & present your ass to me.” I obeyed, pressing my face into the ground & lifting my ass. “Spread your cheeks.”

Humiliated, I gently grabbed my still burning cheeks & spread them.

I felt something large & wet press again my ass hole. I immediately lifted my shoulders from the ground, intending to move away. Quickly, she grabbed my hair & spanked my ass hard, five times. I yelped after each one.

“Naughty little bitch,” she yelled. “Back in position!” I immediately complied.

“You’ve just earned yourself further punishment, stupid brat.” I whimpered

I gebze escort felt her press the plug once more to my ass. I had never had anything up there besides one small plug while experimenting with my ex. We never used it again because it hurt so badly & it was certainly much smaller than this.

She continued to press it into my resistant hole. Slowly & painfully, it pressed past my barrier. It felt as though the plug lasted forever, pressing impossibly deeper & stretching me to the diameter of a fist. I cried painfully & she laughed victoriously. Finally, the plug landed home & my muscles contracted around the stem, holding it in place.

“Do you feel nice & owned now or do I need to replace it for a bigger one?” she asked condescendingly laughing.

“Please no, mistress,” I whimpered.

“Will you ever disrespect me again?” she asked.

“No, mistress.”

“Well I planned on ending here, pet, but you just had to resist your new toy didn’t you?”

She guided me back to sit on my heels, the base of the plug resting on the hardwoods, pressing deeper into me.

“You will keep that in all night long, to remind you of your new place as my bitch. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress.”

She removed another item from the box. This item was a collar. I cringed.

“I bought this the day you moved in,” she said admiring it. “I knew that you needed to be taught your place by a superior woman.”

She secured the collar tightly around my neck. A small lock clicked into place in the back, preventing me from removing it.

She patted my head before sitting back, appreciating the view. I looked down in shame.

She grabbed her phone out & lifted it to record me.

“Whose bitch are you?” she asked.

“I am your bitch, Mistress.”

“Who is the superior woman?”

“You, mistress.”

“Turn around & show the camera your punished ass.”

I turned & presented my ass to the camera.

“Spread,” she commanded sternly.

I obeyed whimpering. She laughed evilly.

“Ok, bed time little pet.”

I felt relieved, finally my nightmare was over.

She stood walking to the corner & unlocking the door cage. “The last addition to your punishment.”

I watched her in shock as she gestured for me to crawl in. She gave me a stern look, daring me to disobey. Despite my plugged ass & burning cheeks, I immediately & adamantly shook my head no.

Her face clouded over with anger.

“Seriously? Did I not just remind you of your place as my bitch, little pet?”

I watched her stunned & still unmoving.

She sighed dramatically before stomping back to the bed.

“Turn & present your ass.” This command I quickly obeyed with.

With no mercy she ripped the plug from my ass. I cried out, only to be silenced by her shoving the dirty plug into my mouth. I fought to spit it out, but she held it firmly until I began to suck obediently.

Presenting my ass & sucking my plug, I felt her begin to press and a scarily larger plug into my ass. I cried & wiggled my ass in protest. She spanked me once to silent me.

Once the plug drove home, I just remained in position & sobbed.

This time when she walked to the cage & gestured in, I crawled to her immediately. It was awkward & slow as I tried to find a way to do so without disturbing the large plug deep in my punished ass.

I crawled inside & turned around to watch her slam the door close & lock it.

She dropped into a squat to look me in the eyes.

The anger melted from her face to be replaced by her familiar proud & dominating look.

“Look at you, collared, punished & sucking your own juices off your used plug.” She laughed & snapped another photo.

“This is where you will sleep when you’re a naughty little pet. In the morning I will return to let you out. If either plug is removed from your ass or mouth, I will punish you further, understand little puppy?” she asked laughing.

Tears streaming down my red face, I nodded.

“Good bitch.”