from hitch hikeing in NB to out & about in LaSas a teen in NB, hitching rides often meant, the driver opening the glove box and ahem noticeing a mag left behind by another boy, yeah sure, flip to 2010 at the bike path in LaSalle on St Patrick & Stirling, often finds me walking 2 -3 km early am & longer after lunch. each walk to 6 av stop sign & back = 2 km. so it got easier to spot which cars are pulled in hopeing to score some m4m quikie delights..,I noticed a 30ish looking very nervous to be parked in a spot known for m4m quikie fun..I decided to get my friends pom pom dog & walk her in the park starting near this man’s car., to see what happens..As I walked the dog R E A L S L O W, I kept close to the lachine canal guard railings, & let him watch me pace real avcılar escort slow and very friendly like, he was clearly Stareing right at me, & I decided to walk baacka towards his caar even slower and see if he reacts,with a very warm friendly smile..his window was fully rolled down & as I approached , he seemed like a very tiny young ish boyish figure. I opened with ” I wasn’t sure if you were lost & figureing directions, or taking a needed break , with all the cars that pull in either here or the other side of the soccer field with the paved parking lot.but you seem to look like you are in need of help.”” He still hadn”t replied, so I added, Any thing I caan hellp you with, and he asked me if I was a good listener & really open minded, Absolutely I replied, He was beylikdüzü escort looking at the little Pom , & I sug I take him home first, & he seemed relieved. He followed me & waas paraaked in front when I came out, & I hopped in & offered , where ever you feel the MOST comfortable, We ended up crossing the Mercie bridge got some interesting special donuts & hot drinks, and we ended up drivine on this bacak road that was a very long loooking irt road, almost totallly covered with tree branches & leaves.He admitted he really liked my personality , and was afraid because he was so ashamed of maybee being called a pervert, & I gently reached over and put my hand on his thigh, and drew his hand over on mine & said , The truth, whatever it is . will set you free. and esenyurt escort he blurted out that he wanted to dress crossdresser style. And I smiled & asked If he wass wearing any femenine lingerie, and I Unziped Him & asked him if he wanted to do a little strip tease for me , & he put the car in drive & pulled over even closer to a little grassy area.As he smiled , he got out & went to the trunk & came back with even more lingerie. the sun was barely shining through this spot, as he changed outfits, he really looked like a 17 yr old cute girls with a real petite figure. Then I realy made him smile & said, why dont you keep that red set on , on come over here & put the Black set on me, I motioned him to the back seat with me & we slowly explored french kissing, to ball sucking, to out right, RUBBING ourselves back & forth.. He sure wasn’t shy when it came to begging me to sword fuck his throat, which I did, and am now thinking bout taking a aaweekend bus trip to Sussex NB….