Friend reunitedThis is a true story.Back in the mid to late 1970’s I lived with my family in one of those areas that was a very decent place to live, but now due to one thing or another has really gone down hill and you really wouldn’t want to walk through there in broad day light let alone at night.But back then it was a great place to grow up. There were lots of family’s with offspring of similar ages.There was a family down the street that had a daughter that was only a few months younger than me and we always seemed to get on well and spent quite a lot of time together. The summers always seemed never ending back then and what with spending so much time together we did what all youngsters of that age do and played Mummy’s and Daddies or Doctors and Nurses, nothing bad just showing each other body parts that were not meant to be seen.After a couple of years my Father got a better job and we moved to a house that was about 5 miles from the home we had lived in since I was born. By pure chance the family of my young friend moved into the next street just a few months later so our friendship continued.We went through senior school together and of course our circle of friends grew. She even dated a couple of my friends, nothing serious just teenage stuff, and to be honest the general opinion was that she was a touch on the frigid side.Naturally are friendship cooled off as we got closer to leaving school and anyway her personality had changed felahiye escort and she had become what I can only describe as a bit of a prude.Over the next twenty years I only saw her once when I drove past her in the street but through the g****vine I’d heard that she had married and had a couple of c***dren. By that time I had myself got married and had c***dren. My wife and I had bought our own house and it had become to small to hold our growing family so we moved to a larger house that was right on the edge of the city and it was a very small and quiet community.We had been there a couple of years when one afternoon I bumped into my old friend. She had bought a house close to mine, we chatted for hours and I was surprised to hear she had divorced, I was even more surprised when she told me that the marriage had ended due to her having an affair. This was the girl that I thought to be a prude and very uptight! Time had obviously changed her quite a bit.I saw her from then on a couple of times a week and we always talked about our younger days, I joked that she had followed me for all my life. We never spoke about the days all those years before when we used to show each other our bodies.A couple of years later my marriage ended and I moved out of the family home. I never really saw her after that.Three weeks ago I was back in the area to visit my c***dren and on my way home I stopped in the local shop. Just as I was going in the door opened and there she was. She was very pleased to see me and flung her arms around me. She invited me round to her house for a coffee and a catch up, we sat in her kitchen and talked about old times, she looked great! The years had been kind to her and I couldn’t help myself from looking at her tits. She had always had great tits and to be honest my mind started to wander. I think she must of seen me looking but she took me by surprise when she mentioned what we used to do when we were k**s. I didn’t know what to say, but I was shocked when she said she would like to see how I’d grown.We both stood at the same time and before I knew it our lips were locked together and our hands all over each other. My cock was solid as I took hold of her gorgeous tits. She was rubbing the length of my cock with her palm and undoing my trousers with the other. I broke away and told her to take me to her bedroom, we rushed up the stairs and into the room. We both looked at each other as we stripped ourselves off and then fell on the bed together. My hand went straight between her thighs and I felt the pussy that I had first seen all those years before. She was wanking my cock with expert strokes thet matched the rhythm of my fingers in her tight cunt. I could tell she was cumming because her bottom jaw was trembling as we kissed, then I felt the warm wet feeling on my hand.I laid on my back and told her I wanted her to suck my cock, her mouth was perfect on my cock, she was sucking me like a pornstar and I had to concentrate to stop myself from shooting my load into her mouth. I pulled her leg over my chest so we were in the 69 position and her pussy was the best I’ve ever tasted, she was writhing up and down and I took the opportunity to flick my tongue around her asshole. I think we both were having problems hanging on now an I just had to get my cock in her, my favourite position is doggy so I got her on her hands and knees and rubbed my cock head up and down pussy before pushing into her. Her cunt was just perfect and I was enjoying the view of her lovely ass in the air, I reached round to rub her clit which sent her wild, she was pushing back on me as hard as I was driving my cock into her. There was no way either of us could last much longer so I pushed her head down into the mattress and really gave her cunt a pounding. I had a hand on each of her ass cheeks and spread them apart to get in as deep as I could. After a few more strokes I could last no longer and I pulled out a let my hot thick cum squirt over her ass cheeks and puckered little asshole.We collapsed, both of us exhausted, the smell of sex was heavy in the air, but we both had a satisfied look on our faces. I never went back to my place until the following evening when neither of us could manage anymore.So after a friendship that’s lasted many years, we have gone past the point of no return. I don’t see us having a relationship but I think we will enjoy many more weekends like that one!