freinds little sisterIt was just another spring day, it was mid-April and it was warm and raining. I walked to my friend John’s house because I was bored at home, John lives about a quarter mile away so I didn’t have to spend too much time in the rain.When I got to John’s I rang the doorbell and waited about a minute until his little sister answered the door, she let me in and I went right up to John’s room. When I got I saw it was empty, I turned and asked his sister who had followed me to the room where he was. “He rode his bike to Mariah’s house like 2 hours ago” she said.Mariah was his girlfriend. They had been dating for about a year and a half.“You couldn’t tell me that before you let me in” I asked.“I was just happy to see someone, I’ve been here alone all day” she told me.“Where are your mom and dad?” I said to her, kinda feeling bad“They went to a wedding in Connecticut and won’t be back til tomorrow afternoon” she said.“Why didn’t you call one of your friends?” I asked her.“I did. None of them are home, so please stay a while, please!” she said with a sad little look on her face.I accepted her answer and sat on John’s bed and started to play video games. She walked away and I thought I heard the shower running a few minutes later.It was about 20 minutes later when she appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a fuzzy pink robe and some pink slippers that matched, and I couldn’t tell if there was anything underneath. I tried not to stare but a girl standing in front of me with possibly nothing but a bath robe on turned me on a little. She walked over and sat next to me on the bed. She quietly watched me play for a few minutes. “Do you think I’m cute?” she blurted out and broke the silence.Before I could answer she said “Because a boy at school told me I was ugly.”“Do you want me to beat him up?” I said and she giggled “Kelly your beautiful, don’t let anyone tell u differently, and when you grow up they’ll be begging to get with you.”I felt kinda weird but she is cute and if I didn’t tell her that her self-esteem would have dropped like a rock. Kelly is like 11 or 12, she’s got a pretty face and short black hair that was almost always up, usually in a ponytail or pig tails. She’s only about 4’10” and really skinny like most girls her age are. Her breasts are starting to develop but she has a cute little ass already. She got up and left the room. She was gone about 5 minutes and when she returned she had on a little black dress. She looked hot and I didn’t know what to say.“Do you like it? Me and my cousin Jill picked it out for my uncle Mike’s wedding” she told me.“You look incredible Kelly” I said as I enjoyed looking at her.“Mom hasn’t seen it yet but I already know she isn’t going to like it” she said with a devilish little smirk on her face“You should go take it off before it gets artemisbet yeni giriş dirty or something” I told her. And she walked over to me and turned around and signaled for me to unzip the dress.After I did she hurried off to her room and I stayed in John’s, then just like before she appeared in the doorway again. She just stood there looking at me, I turned to see what she was doing. My eyes met hers then they went to explore her body and her new outfit, she had on a soft white tank top and I could just barely see the outline of her nipples. The shirt stopped around her belly button that had been recently pierced under that was a pair of skin tight black leggings that led into her tan ugg boots. As my eyes made their way back to her lovely face they caught on a cute little bit of camel toe that was revealed between her skinny legs.“Want to see what else my cousin got me?” she asked.“Sure” I responded not knowing what she was about to show me.Her hand moved to her hip and under the leggings, her thumb hooked the waistband on her panties and she showed it to me. I immediately realized it was a thong.“Hold on there’s one more outfit I want you to see, close your eyes” she instructed.I did what she said and shut my eyes and covered them. And I heard her little feet scamper off to her room. I don’t know how long I had my eyes closed I heard her walk back. “If you liked that, you’ll love this. Open em up” she saidI moved my hands and opened my eyes and I saw her standing in the doorway. Wow, my jaw almost hit the floor. She was standing in the doorway in a very vibrant orange bikini.“I think I just found a new favorite color.” She giggled “You look really good Kelly”She motioned for me to come toward her. So I got up and tried to hide my increasing erection. I slowly walked to her in the doorway. We stood face to face, our bodies were inches apart. I could feel her warmth. She reached up and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down to hers. Then she kissed me, softly and hesitantly. She stopped but I continued. I kissed her hard on her soft lips. We kissed and kissed and it wasn’t long before her tongue found it’s way in to my mouth. We stood there and frenched for a few minutes. She stopped and pulled away. She looked down and saw the bulge in my pants.“Let’s go to my bedroom” she said as she turned and started walkingWhen she turned my eyes found her ass and became glued to it. It looked great in the bikini and even better when she walked. Even though I was enjoying staring at her ass I scooped her up from behind, tossed her over my shoulder and carried her the rest of the way to her bed room. When we arrived I dropped her on the bed. I sat down in front of her on the bed and she wrapped her arms around me.“You’re wearing way more than I am” she said as she artemisbet giriş got off the bed and moved in front of me “Lets change that.”She grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head and off. Then she undid my belt released the button on my shorts and unzipped them too. She pulled my shorts to the floor. I was standing there in my boxers and her still in her bikini, she pushed me back onto her bed and climbed on top of me. We passionately kissed and my hands found their way to her cute little ass, she seemed kind of surprised when I grabbed it. I slid my hands under the bottoms of her bikini and squeezed her soft cheeks. “Are you a virgin?” I asked expecting the answer to be yes.“Yea” she replied to my relief “Ever seen a dick before?” I asked next“Not in real life only on the computer” she told meI reached down and picked up the waistband on my briefs. She looked down and peered in at my dick. She looked impressed by the size. I’m not huge but I am a bit bigger than average about 8 inches and its pretty wide.“Can I touch it?” she asked.When these words left her lips I became harder than ever before. She was still hovering over me and my cock was poking at her pussy.“Go ahead baby” I said to herHer hand slid down my body and into my boxers. She took a nervous grip of my dick.“Wow, it’s hard as a rock.” She said with a big smile.“You made it that way babe.” I told her. Her tiny hands explored my hard cock and as she did my hands untied the top on her bikini I pulled it off and threw it on the floor. I pushed her up so she was kneeling over me. I admired her small boobs, grabbed them and squeezed them. Pinched and kissed her nipples which made her moan a bit. I put a hand on her pussy and massaged softly.“the bottoms next?” I asked her.She stood up on the bed and I reached up and pulled off the bottoms of her bikini. I looked at her little pussy. Soft pink lips and a little pink clit. There were a few short black pubic hairs that were just starting to grow above her little cunt.I reached up and put my hand on her stomach and rubbed her pussy with my thumb. She seemed to be enjoying it till I stopped. I brought her back down to the bed and laid her on her back next to me. I flipped over and I was laying on my stomach with my head between her legs. I started to eat her pussy and when I did she started moaning, her pussy was dripping wet. I licked and sucked until her little pussy squirted on my face, when she did she screamed loud and squirmed wildly. After she recovered a little bit from her first orgasm we switched places. I laid down and she went down on me, she pulled off my boxers and my dick stood strait up. She grabbed it and stroked it slowly. Then she stuck out her tongue and got a taste. She must have liked the way it tasted because she kept licking and kissing artemisbet güvenilirmi my dick.After about a minute of that she opened her mouth up wide and took the head of my dick inside. She put it about 2 inches in her mouth an sucked on it, she used the tip of her tongue to tickle the head of my cock. She started to bob her head up and down slowly, I place my hand on the back of her head and left it there as she went up and down on my dick. She took slightly more of my dick each time, before long she was almost deep throating it. She was very cautious though, and I knew it could go deeper. I grabbed her head by the ponytail and carefully forced my dick deep in her mouth. It was poking at the back of her throat until she gagged and pulled away. Her eyes were starting to water so I didn’t push her any further. I grabbed her tail again and pulled her up and kissed her for a few minutes.“Are you ready?” I whispered to her.“I think so” she said softly in reply.I got up off the bed and stood up next to it. I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my dick to lubricate it a little bit so it would slide easier. Her pussy was already pretty wet from the foreplay. I put the head of my dick on her pussy and slowly and very carefully pushed it inside. At first she had of look of pain on her face but as I slowly worked the first 2-3 inches of my cock in and out of her pussy it changed to pleasure. With each push I put in slightly more of my dick at about four inches it stopped and wouldn’t go any further. I had learned this was her hymen. And I knew I could get passed it but it may hurt her a bit.“this next part might hurt a little but its normal” I calmly told her.“ok go ahead” she said as she grabbed the bed tight.I pulled my dick almost all the way out and then rammed it back in breaking the small pussy wall. She let out a little yell and a tear started to roll down her cheek.“are u ok?” I asked as I wiped away the tears.“I think so, it wasn’t too bad” she respondedI bent down and kissed her again and as I did I slid my whole dick into her pussy. She let out the loudest moan she did all day and I think she had another orgasm. I fucked her for 8-9 minutes carefully increasing the pace until I was ready to cum.I pulled my cock from her pussy and her head down to meet it. I put the head of my dick in her mouth and stroked it until I blasted my cum deep in her throat, she tried to hold it all in but a little snuck out on the sides. But after she swallowed my load she licked it all up. She sucked and licked my dick until it was soft and when she was done I collapsed onto her bed and she snuggled up next to me.“How did u like your first time baby?” I asked her.“Nate that was so incredible” she responded with a big smile on her face. “we have to do it again”“Maybe another day, I can’t go again yet” I told her even though I wanted to go again. “I’ll give you my number and you can call me next time your alone like this”“Ok, hopefully sometime soon!” she said happily.“hopefully” I said in return.I got dressed and left before john came home.