Follow up of shopping trip…Just recently I was told to meet my master at our normal meeting place in the woods. I parked as normal and was told to bring our bag of toys. I was dressed in my work clothes, black blouse and black trousers with a thin red lace bra and matching panties.He told me to follow him. After walking a little way, he stopped and took the bag, he took out the ball gag turned me round and put it on me….I wondered whether anyone else would be walking in the woods today.We continued to walk deep into the woods, obviously searching for somewhere suitable for what he had planned. We stopped at a tree, I took off my coat and he pushed me back against the tree taking out rope. He tied both my hands behind the tree but with enough rope between so my hands could move slightly each side round, and tied one of my ankles to a nearby tree too. Heslipped a blindfold over my eyes and covered my ears with ear defenders. I couldn’t hear or see a thing…I felt my trousers being unzipped and panties being pulled ankara rus escort down to my ankles. My top was pushed up and bra pulled down. I felt him take my right nipple in his mouth, sucking then biting gently, then takin his mouth off, I felt a slight pinch. He did the same with the other…He had decided to try out the nipple clamps, I waited in anticipation to feel the pinch on my clit. I didn’t wait long as I felt opening my already wet pussy and feeling the sharper pinch on my clit. He pushed something inside my pussy which I recognised to be the remote controlled egg, he immediately set the egg off vibrating inside me. I was already so turned on that I could feel my hips moving as he lowered his tongue to my clit.Flicking his tongue over teasing me, I desperately wanted to reach out and grab his hair so I could fuck his mouth, but I had to wait until he licked and sucked harder on my swollen clit. My hips bucking as I tried to speed the movement up over his tongue. ankara rus escort bayan He sucked down and I orgasmed, moaning through the ball gag. He moved closer to me and rubbed liquid on my lips, I managed to just taste it, his pre cum, before he licked it off my lips and sucked hard over my mouth. Moving my hands round the back of the tree, I took his cock in my left hand and became to stroke him. He was already very hard.He took my cock from his hand and rubbed it over my clit, still sensitive from my orgasm. I tried to move against him, feeling my orgasm building again. I wanted to feel his cock deep inside my wanting pussy, so wet to feel him fucking me deep. I orgasmed over his cock, feeling relieved I had the ropes holding me up as two quick orgasms had left my legs weak.He pushed his cock closer to the inside of my pussy, not fucking me yet, just to tease me, watch his slut moving to try to fuck him in desperation.He released my right hand and turned round, bending rus escort ankara me over. He rubbed his cock over my ass and I backed into him, my ass giving me away at my desire to feel his cock inside. He edged inside, only a couple of inches thrusting and pulled me off, spinning me round and pushing my head down to suck his cock. He pulled off the blindfold, ball gag and ear defenders. I sucked his cock, and he said he was enjoying the feel of the vibrations of the egg against his cock in my ass. He spun me round to fuck again deeper this time. A few more thrusts before he wanted to go back into my mouth, leaving me feeling dirty but desperately wanting him to plunge his cock deep inside my pussy or ass.He pulled the egg out and pushed me lower, one hand on the floor. Pushing hard into my pussy, fucking me deep, I knew I was going to cum, and hearing him moan knowing he was close was only building to my own orgasm. I came hard just before he did, my hips pushing against his cock, milking every drop of his spunk. He pulled off me and I sucked him clean, tasting my own cum on his cock.I love being tied up, and allowing him full control over my body. I felt the familiar feeling of being used like a dirty slut, a feeling that I enjoy so much.I can’t wait for him to tie me up again.Please leave me any comments, the dirtier the better x