First time with dad – Pt. 4I remember it was my s******th birthday and all three of us went out. We couldn’t go to a pub because you have to be eighteen and they are really hot on that in this town, but we had a few drinks at the house before we went out so I was well and truly buzzing by the time we walked through the front door.I didn’t know who to hang on to the hardest, I was with the two most gorgeous guys I could ever imagine being with and loving all the attention.Dad had bought me this fantastic outfit, it was kind of pink leather, with little straps going over my shoulders that kept slipping down because they were so new. Underneath that was like a six inch band of material that covered my braless boobs and then vertical pink leather straps that went down further to another band of material about ten inches wide that hung off my hips and just covered the important bits, it was so small, I couldn’t believe dad had got it, but he did, oh I do love him.Chris had got me a pink lace thong to wear (thank god that wasn’t leather) and matching pink leather embroidered boots and handbag, I couldn’t believe how I looked in the mirror and when I came downstairs, both the guys were in evening suits and looked stunning but they wouldn’t give me chance to say anything about them, they were so full of compliments for me. I LOVED IT.We went for what was a great meal, nothing too much to eat, had a couple of bottles of wine with it, but the chat was so funny and relaxing, I don’t think I stopped laughing all night.And then we were home, dad and Chris tried to get me to stay out longer but I had had enough, I knew we could enjoy each other’s company just as much back home as we could anywhere in public and anyway, it was nearly midnight.I told them that my birthday was nearly over and sahabet güvenilirmi dad said, “You’re not getting out of it that easy my girl, I officially announce that this is just the beginning of your Birthday Week”, again, we all nearly choked with laughter at that.Back home we all went up into our rooms to get changed and were soon back down in the living room in our dressing gowns. The guys sat opposite each other and I sat on the floor between them, I was a bit embarrassed as to know who to go to, but Chris made my mind up for me.Being October, we had a big fire going and he said he was far too hot, so he took his dressing gown off and came to sit on the floor behind me, dad said nothing. He just got up and went to make us some drinks and by the time he came back, Chris had my gown off and we were kissing laid out on the floor wrapped in each other’s arms and legs and nothing else.I didn’t even see or hear dad come back in but he must have just quietly sat back down and let us get on with it. I thought it was really cool that he didn’t make himself scarce when he could clearly see where this was leading.Chris’s lovely cock was purple hard and sticking up between us, I laid him back on the floor and went down on him, pumping him hard and fast into my mouth, I looked up into Chris’s eyes to see his expression and could suddenly see dad right behind him.He too had his beautiful cock out and was slowly stroking himself, he just smiled at me and blew me a kiss. I knew just what to do to make it even better for all three of us, so I spun round and got on all fours right over Chris’s face, Chris pulled my bum cheeks apart for me and blew softly up into my open pussy.Dad must have got a beautiful shot from where he was because I heard a moan from behind sahabet yeni giriş me that must have been him, but I couldn’t be sure. There I was with my pussy lips pulled right open, Chris tonguing my clit, me pulling him off as hard as I could and my head bobbing up and down every so often as I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth.It wasn’t long before I was cumming and cumming so hard I just stopped everything I was doing and poured into Chris’s mouth, there is no way dad could have missed me spraying his face like that.Whilst I was cumming, I spun round again on Chris and just impaled myself on his purple shaft, it felt huge, so fucking massive at the time (do I just imagine it, or do guys cocks get bigger the more they are turned on), but I made it, I held still for a few seconds and just shuddered and then started to pump his wonderful cock in and out of me as we both groaned and gulped for air.Sitting on top of Chris the way I was, I could watch exactly what dad was doing and found him slurping up his own cum out of his hand, when I sprayed Chris’s face with my cum, it must have sent dad over the top because his hand, cock, balls and pubes were covered in it and he was frantically trying to wipe it all up with one hand whilst he still pumped himself with the other.Chris was getting close now because his pumps up inside me were getting faster and faster so I just had time to lean forward, put out my hand palm up and signal for dad to give me some of his cum.He knew exactly what I wanted, smiled, leaned slightly forward and sc****d a handful of his load on my hand, I immediately took it and smeared it all over my boobs, leaned forward and took another load from him and ate this lot.Chris was cumming, he screamed my name, held still for sahabet giriş a moment then slammed up inside of me. God, that made me flinch, I pulled up slightly to get away from that last three inches, he immediately looked up, apologised and pumped again.Wad after wad filled me to capacity, I don’t know how with Chris up inside me, but some actually escaped around his cock and bubbled out around my lips and his magnificent balls.He seemed to cum for ages with me urging him on to give me every last drop and my pussy muscles squeezing as hard as I could, I was squeezing him so hard, every time I lifted up, the insides of my pussy seemed to turn inside out along his shaft.Oh I love it when Chris cums like that, so much, so hard for so long.Finally I slumped off to his right and just lay on my back with my legs tightly shut, slowly, after a while, Chris got up on his knees and shuffled over to my head and watched dad as I licked and sucked him clean with him milking his own cock into my mouth so that those last few drops you guys think us girls know nothing about could drop onto my lips.He then shuffled back down to my locked legs, picked them up as one so that they were resting on my boobs, parted them, turned me slightly so that I was facing completely away from dad and cleaned up my lips and hair from all his and my cum that has matted everything in the mashing of mounds and squirting of juices.He kissed my pussy and stuck his tongue inside enough to know that I was still overflowing with his cum, closed my legs again, kissed and licked my bum and lowered my legs saying he was going to have to go to bed, he was so wiped out.I lay on my side, watched him pick up his dressing gown, kiss dad on the head and drag himself towards the stairs. When he reached the bottom of them, he turned to say goodnight again, told us not to stay up all night, just like dad had done so many hundreds of times and disappeared.I looked up again at dad who was still stroking himself although all the cum seemed to have gone and he asked me if it was as nice as it seemed.