First time anal playI’ve never been one to touch my ass in a sexual way. It always felt odd sticking a finger in my ass in the shower. But I’ve always been a bit curious about recieving anal from someone, be it a guy or a girl with a strap-on.Today I decided I wanted to know what it felt like to get penetrated. Unfortunately I don’t have any sex toys, lube or anything dick shaped laying around. After some digging around I found a mini wooden baseball bat about 12 inches long and 1 inch thick. Sounds like betsobet yeni giriş a good enough “cock” to start with.Next I went in search for some “lube”. Soap, shampoo and lotion didn’t sound too appealing. I figured it would dry up in a short time. So I headed down to the kitchen and found a bottle of vegetable oil. It’s thick and oily, that’ll work to lube my asshole good.I took my supplies and headed for the bathroom. I took a towel and layed it on the floor, then I sat betsobet güvenilirmi on it. I had poured some of the vegetable oil into a small bowl. I scooped some up with my fingers and smeared it around my asshole. Then I circled my finger around the hole itself and pushed in. I began to fuck my ass to coat the inside. Then I pulled my finger out to get more oil.After I felt that my ass was good and lubed, I grabbed the little bat and coated the big end with oil. I started betsobet giriş by rubing the end of the bat against my hole. It felt pretty good. I then began to press harder against my asshole. After a few pushes, I felt my asshole begin to open up and swallow the end of the bat. I had just invaded my ass.I started to fuck my ass. It felt strange to have something going in and out of me. It was somewhat painful when I pushed deeper into my ass, but it didn’t really hurt. My cock began to get hard while I fucked myself. I pushed the bat as deep as my ass would allow and held my finger at my opening. When I pulled the bat out I had taken about 4 to 5 inches up my ass. Doesn’t sound bad for a first timer.After this little experiment I don’t think I would be against recieving it in the ass.