first experiance :OThis is something that just happened and i know i shouldnt but i loved it soo muuch,i was in college at the time, it was just gettin to the end of lesson to go home, i needed to go toilet so i decided to go before i went home. The boy next to in the urinal was an absolute nerd who no one liked, and for some reason he had his whole cock in my direction whilst urinating, i had to look, to my surprise i was over-whelmed with how big his cock was, at least 7″ and it wasnt even hard. I tried looking away but for some reason i couldnt help but feel really hot knowing his cock was sooo big. After he finished he directly asked me “fo u want to touch it?” i was shocked..”huh what do you mean?”…” you can if you like, no1 will know plus no1 would believe it anyway?” he had a point. But still i was thinkin to myself what im a doing im not even gay but why do i find feel soo horny. he then said ” i can already see your fully erect and i havent even done anything”.. huh he was right whilst i was talkin i forgot i still had my trousers un zipped with my cock now fully erect. Now i felt a little embarassed, he wasnt though he just came right up to me got my hand and made me touch his cock. It was warm and felt well im not sure i never felt another mans cock before but it felt sort of good. he realy nicely whispered to me “just stroke it a little i guarentee you’l like it when its fully erect”… just as i artemisbet yeni giriş was going to touch his cock again, “his got a nice cock eh” came a voice, it was Jack the college bully who every1 including me was scared of..he then said “did you just have a wee and not whip clean ur cock” he said to david the nerd, “errr yees”…Jack with a smug look locked the toilet doorz and commands “that dick aint gonna clean itself, get you toungue out and clean it for him” without hesitation i got down on my knees, took my toungue out looked straight at his cock which still wasnt fully erect, and licked the tip of his cock, it tasted salty, i looved it, and i dont know why, i went stright back with my tongue, but this time i stright sucking the end of his cock because i wanted more…Jack the bully by now was undressing .. “just suck his dick its not that hard” i now found the perfect excuse, i was bullied into it not my own choice, (trying to pretend i wasnt loving every minute of it) i started using my tongue and going all the way from the tip of his cock to his balls, it tasted unbelievable. his dick now had gone hard D whispered to me “i told you you would like it” and whinked asif it was all planned. i didnt care plus he was wrong i didnt like it i lovved it. soon as he said that i wanted to show him what i was made of, i went for it i put my mouth around his cock and slowly started going artemisbet giriş in deeper into his cock, he started groaning a little, i wanted to show him i could do better so i kept going. as i got deeper i stopped i couldnt go any furthur. Jack looks and says ” whaa therz still 4″ of his cock out deeper boy” but i couldnt. Just as i took my mouth out Jack didnt look to pleased, he lay me down on the floor, and directed David to now kneel down so i was lookin up directly at his cock..”dave you kno what to doo fuck his face, and make sure all your cock makes his mouth” without me having a second to think he went straight into my mouth agressively fucking my mouth i could taste pre cum in my mouth and wanted him to fuck my face harder because i now loved the taste of it. He slowly slid his cock lower and lower into my mouth, this time i had no control how far i could go , David had me pinned to the floor, i could now feel his cock at the back of my throat “ther its all now” he screeched i couldnt believe it was all in it felt amazing.Jack lifted my leg up, as he did i felt a cold wet feeling on my asshole “never go anywhere without vaseline” he smirked, suddenly i felt something go stright into my ass it hurt me but ive always been a big fan of pain so i insisted he kept going, it got inside deeper and deeper i realised it wasnt his him finger my ass his cock was fully inside “now you gna get artemisbet güvenilirmi fucked boy” and with that he started pentrating me harder and harder, i loved every moment of it, i could hear myself scream and needed something to stop me from yelling too loud, David knew exactly what i needed ” he shoved his cock stright in my mouth, fucking it fast and aggresivly i felt like choking, but his pentration on my mouth was nothing compared to Jack fuckin me he was big and was very fast fuckin me harder with every thrust it was amazinng.” im gonna come” moaned dave, immediatly i put his cock stright in my mouth went as deep as i could realizing i could now easily fit his while cock in my mouth starting suckin his cock as hard i was was being fucked, dave screamed i knew was was about to unload on me, i kept my whole mouth in his cock while he moaned and screamd, i tasted and swallowed every last droped i took my mouth and and showed him there was absoultly no sign of any cum remaining, with that jack immediatly came to my mouth i took his cock in to my mouth but i could fit it all in i was aloot bigger than dave i, as he unloaded on my mouth i couldnt believe i had such a massive cock in my ass, with that imagination in my head his cum tasted even greater he had some left on his cock, without a second thought i grapped hs cock and licked every little bit off sucked it all dry and swallowed every last bit..they both left me lying on the floor in the toilet “see ya tommorow bitch” i didnt find it offensive, why? because i wanted to be thier bitch i wanted them to fuck me like a bitch, id do anything they wanted me to do as long as i got to have thier cum at the end thats what i loved the most.