Fireman helping a couple in need
After a 24 hour shift I was looking forward to 48 off. As I was pulling away from the station my cell phone rang, the voice on the other side said: hey man how’s it going?

I had been chatting on SLS with a couple from a community just down the road from the station. As with most invites and email I took it lightly knowing that most were nothing more than just talk, little did at know this was not to be the case.

Our Conversation continued, you want to drop by for a bite to eat this morning? I’ll have Tammy (name changed) cook us up a bite. Sure I said as I recognized who I was talking with. His direction leads me down a rural road on the west side of town. Arriving in about 15 minutes I was greeted at the door by the husband. He’s description was that of there SLS profile, mid twenties, slim, about 6’2, short buzzed hair reflective of his past military history. Come on in buddy he said, let me introduce you to my wife. She was of average height, reddest blond hair with a few extra pounds, nice set of breast and quit a few younger than he. Both still in there pajamas, she in a full set, pink top and bottoms, he in only plaid bottoms. Relax and have a seat both said.

Between the small talk Tammy had made her way over and was setting beside me on the couch. Tom (name changed) was standing in the middle of the room, absent of more to say, I looked over to Tom and noticed his left nipple was pierced. I made the commit man how did you get the nerve to get that done? Tammy quickly made the commit I love to lick his nipples. Jokily, I said I’ve thought about getting my cock pierced. About that time Tom made his way over to the couch. With one quick movement he yanked Tammy’s legs up while ripping down her pajamas exposing his wife’s pale smooth pink pussy. Looking up from his position of tasting his wife Tom looked to me and said, want to taste this? Wow I was not expecting this! What was a guy to do? So I replied hell yell buddy.

As I went down on her I was thinking to my self wow what a sweet soft and smooth pussy she had. With in a few seconds I could feel my now hard cock straining for release. Looking around I saw Tom standing in the middle of the living room with his pajama bottoms down jacking his dick. Quickly turning back for a second look I could not help but to be surprised by how small his dick was , only about 5 inches I thought to my self no wonder they need another guy around.

Come in to the bed room he said to his young wife in a cocky smart ass voice. As we walked into the bedroom he asks if I had any condoms. I replied no man I don’t. By that time his wife had unbuckled my belt and was pulling it from the loops of my bdu’s exposing my now rock hard 7 and a half inch cock from the entrapment of my uniform. Walking back from the bathroom he handed me a condom and said put this on.

I opened the pack saying to myself I can’t stand these things, unrolling the base and stretching it over the head of my cock I was thinking this dame thing must be his size. After much difficulty I managed to stretch the rubber and force my cock into the rubber.

Tammy at this point was already lying in the bed totally exposing her large fair skinned tits and pink pussy. Tom was on his knees near her head jacking his cock as I entered the bed from the side. Kneeling between her legs I placed my shaft on top of her pussy extending to her belly button imagining how good it’s going to fill to go when her husband could not.

I spit on my hand, lubed up the end of my rubber cover cock and got ready to spread her pink pussy lips. About that time Tom took his dick and began slapping his wife face with his little but hard dick and saying do you want his cock? I slowly began pushing more and more of my cock into her pussy taking more of her than Tom will ever know.

By this time the once tight condom had become a constricting hindrance to the pleasure I was seeking. I looked and Tom and said this fucking condom is killing me. Tom looked at me and said OK man pull in off but don’t get my wife fucking pregnant. I quickly ripped the condom off my cock and quickly placed the head of my once covered cock back into her. Of which I was now able to insert my manhood deep into her unexplored regions. She let out either a yell of ecstasy or agony and thrush her body upwards, all the while her husband was watching and taunting her to take it all.

I could hear my balls slap as I increased my pace. Her body now more adapt to the strange cock that had filled her so deeply began to quiver as she reached a volcanic climax. Remembering what her husband had said about not getting her pregnant I pulled my cock from her pussy and laid flat on the bed. It was more than I could take as I looked down and saw my cock being taken by two hungry mouths. I flexed upward and shot my load.