Finally LegalLilly was one of my finest students. Very athletic and very toned and one to always flirt friendly and laugh at all my corny, 24 year old jokes. 3 years teaching physical education and never had another student brightened may day like her. She was one of those ones that you would always go home thinking and hoping “One day she will finish high school and show back up (legal) and want to sit on my hard throbbing cock in the back of my red convertible.”After her 10th grade year her family moved that summer out of state. Some of her friends passed along that her father was now stationed in Georgia. This of course came as a huge surprise and a disappointment all at once. It took me weeks and weeks to get her out of my mind.Years passed and she had been long forgotten. I found myself in a semi-serious relationship with a new 22 year old teacher fresh out of college. She is beautiful and we have a great thing going. Sex is great and she really can get me going during the school day when she visits for lunch and teases me with the crotch shots and the cleavage show. I am ready to fuck instantly when I get home. In fact we probably get it on at least 4 times per week and sometimes more. My life was evolving and I found myself getting closer and closer to proposing each day. I was getting to be 26 now and needed to settle down and stop all the partying.While I no longer had my convertible, things in my life were about to take a serious twist. You see, it had now been three years since I last saw Lilly and she was the furthest thing from my mind. All of the sudden, one day toward the end of the school year, I received a call from the front office that I had a visitor. I had been waiting on a uniform order for the following school year and so I said for them to go ahead and send them down to the gym, thinking it was the t-shirt guys. What I ended up finding was not what I expected at all.Lilly showed up with some of her old high school friends who I taught, and who graduated ikonbet giriş the year before. She looked even more beautiful than I remembered. She was wearing this incredibly sexy short skirt, cute little sneakers and a top showing some very petite but beautiful and perky breasts. She ran up and gave me a big hug. “I could not wait to see one of my very favorite teachers of all time!!” she exclaimed with joy. After exchanging hugs with the other 2 we chatted a bit about some of the fun times we had before Lilly left. She also filled me in on some of the details of her first year of college at FSU. She remembered that I had been an FSU grad and we shared some fun facts about the school and campus. Seeing as I had two class periods left the girls said they would be going around to some of the other teachers to visit, but that they would be heading downtown to get some dinner and listen to a jazz band in a few hours and invited me to stop in so we could catch up some more. I told them I would check with my girlfriend and see if she would want to come to and meet them as well. They said they would only be in town a couple more days before heading back to school and they hoped to see me again. I gave them all a big hug and wished them well.That afternoon after school I checked with Abigail to see if she wanted to catch some dinner out and check out the jazz band (and meet some former students that wanted to meet her). She said she was really tired and did not feel up to going but that I should go and check out the band and catch up with the k**s. So without hesitation I said I would not be too late.I arrived way too early and just sat in the pub and waited for them to come in. The band started playing around 7 and I had been there for a couple hours at this point. I was just about to head out when I heard a voice say “Coach, we finally made it!!” They had been held up at one of the girl’s parents houses finishing off some beers they had snuck up to the ikonbet yeni giriş room. We all sat down and enjoyed the music and company for another hour or so, and snacked on an appetizer or two. Two of the girls excused themselves to the bathroom leaving just me and Lilly at the table to converse a bit more. After they had left Lilly slid her chair over next to me and whispered in my ear “Coach you know I only came back this weekend because I have saved my virginity for the chance to fuck you hard and make you explode inside of me. In fact all of us have fantasized about this.” She then grabbed my hand and slid it under the table and between her legs. “My pussy is sopping wet for you.” I quickly pulled it back after she pushed my index finger in her tight teenage glory hole. “You know I have a serious girlfriend now and you are enticing me to do something I have wanted to do since you were in 10th grade. I masturbated thinking of you many times that year you were in my class and for many weeks after you left. Since then I had done everything I could to get you out of my mind or else I would just drive myself crazy with the desires I had for you.” She told me that one of the girls parents were gone for the weekend and that they wanted me to come back with them and have some young fun. She said “The girls are not in the bathroom, they are in the car waiting. Follow us if you know what is good for you.”I told her it was a very intriguing thought but I just did not think it was right. She said, well Coach, that is up to you, but either way it was good to see you. She left after giving me a hug and rubbing her mound against my leg. I closed out my tab and went to get in my car to go home. I got in the car and Lilly came running up to the window. She said, “Coach this is your last chance. You always said live for today you know.” With that she ran her extremely hot body to her friends car and jumped in. As they began to pull out of the lot I could not ikonbet güvenilirmi help but take a sniff and lick of the pussy juice on my finger. With that I had to have more. I knew it the wrong thing to do, but I followed them any way.When we arrived at the house and got out of the car Lilly ran over to me, pulled her short skirt up a little, and pressed her pussy against my already throbbing cock. I think we both had worked ourselves up a bit on the way there at the thought of fucking each other. She said, “I knew you could not resist and I am so glad for it. I would take you inside of me right here if I could.” Just then the other two started laughing and said “You two get a room, and take us too!!”We went in the house and the rest is history. We started fucking almost as fast as we walked through the door. The other two got on the bed with us and started eating each other out and giving me a taste. Her hot, wet and extremely tight pussy made me come almost instantly upon entry. I continued to fuck her and the other two, and lick their beautifully shaved pussies for 2 hours. It was the best experience of my life by a long shot. It was getting late and I had to go as to not have too much explaining to do. Lilly stuck her tongue in my mouth once more and told me to come back around 4 the next day for some more fun. Throughout the weekend I made excuse after excuse to leave the house for a bit and go fuck the most beautiful barely legal teens a man could ever ask for.Sunday afternoon after my 3rd trip over they said they had to leave to make the 5 hour drive back to school. They said in the fall when I come up for football games to look them up and visit them for football and pussy. I laughed and assured them I certainly would. Over the next several years I went up to many football games and had the best time of my life. The football, the beer, and most importantly the incredible pussy. I fucked all three of them together most of the time, however, Lilly was the only one I would make love to alone. We built a strong bond over the years and recently we decided to settle down together and build a life together.Funny thing is out of all of this, Abby never knew (not even after we broke things off in the weeks after the first Finally Legal encounter)