Fictional fantasy, #4
After Tim had made me cum in his mouth, it was more than just the best orgasm of my young life, it was freeing. I had thought about being with a guy before but it was always just fantasy. Now I was free to act them out if I wanted.

I think I surprised Tim that morning at the beach. After he gave went down on me, swallowed my cum and licked and cleaned my cock and balls with his tongue. I reached over and found his hard cock, still contained in his boardshorts. He quickly pulled them down and I began to stroke his massive, thick cock and hanging balls. Tim said, “ohhhhhh” and rested his head on my chest. I loved pleasing him back and I loved the way his cock felt in my hand. I ran my thumb up under the head of his cock and felt precum running out of him. I used it to lube his cock as I stroked it. It felt slick and wonderful, letting me feel each vein with my finger tips. I wanted more, I wanted to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. I wanted to taste him, I wanted his cock in my mouth.

I released the passenger seat back, and slide down as I pulled Tim over on top of me. His huge, precum covered cock was now at my eye level and I got my first look at him fully erected. He was beautiful, and his once huge hanging balls and began to tighten. I think Tim was shocked, but pleasantly surprised as I began to tongue his balls, licking and lapping at them. I could feel his hard cock against the side of my face as I pleasured his sack. I was lost in the feeling again. I was enjoying giving even more than I enjoyed getting. I was in heaven. I ran my hands over his perfect ass, and now it was my turn to let out a moan. I was so lost in the lust of sucking and feeling a guy for the first time that I was actually moaning with pleasure!

I continued to tease Tims beautiful cock with my tongue. I loved the feeling of bringing him pleasure, as he had done to me. I ran my tongue up and down his hard shaft and tasted the leaking pre cum. He tasted wonderful. I parted my lips and took his head in my mouth for the first time. It felt huge, but I was surprised by how easy and natural it happened and felt. I could feel the ridges of his fat helmet against my lips. I could feel every detail as I took him inch by inch further into my mouth and throat. We were both moaning and grunting now as I rhythmically took him in and out, up and down, with my mouth. I moved my hands to his hips and gently helped him fuck my mouth. I didn’t want to stop sucking him but I wanted his cum even more. I ran my hands again over his ass and up his chest rubbing his nipples. He was now, on his own, fucking my mouth hard.

Without warning, Tim yelled out and released a shot of cum into my mouth. His whole body shook violently, as he was lost in his orgasm. I reached for his hips, holding him, so his cock could not escape my mouth. His cum filled my mouth. It felt warm and thick and made my feel intoxicated. I had to swallow as wave after wave of semen filled my mouth and took over my senses. I didn’t know someone could cum this much. I released my grip on Tims hips and he fell forward sending his still throbbing, cumming cock back down my throat and I happily accepted him.

After his orgasm had subsided, he fell down onto me. Tim had his head on my shoulder and was lightly panting, trying to catch his breath. He could sense his mouth moving towards mine. Without thinking, I leaned over also and we met each other with open mouths. We passionately kissed and dove our cum covered tongues into each other’s mouths. Our cocks both now full erect again pressed against each other.

It wasn’t until we heard someone yell, “Fags!” that we became aware that there was now people near our car as they headed towards the surf and sand. We broke from our kiss, looked at each other and laughed. I then reached up and lightly held the back of his head and he reached up and held the back of mine and we continued to kiss, open mouthed and passionate, right there for everyone to see.