Farmer’s Daughter Seduces brotherThe Douglas family was fourth generation farmers on the same fertile land. The family now consisted of Jim, his wife Mary, 17 year old son Jeff and 1s year old daughter Megan. They grew corn, soy beans, apples, Black Angus cattle, a few pigs and some horses. It was a hard and lonely life with the closest neighbor being six miles down the road. Days started at sun up and when it was time to plant and harvest they often lasted till dark. When Jeff and Megan were not studying they are busy helping on the farm with all of the many chores. Among their daily chores before school, the two k**s would head out to the barn to take care of the horses along feeding the pigs and chickens. This particular day, one of their stallions was feeling frisky as the k**s entered the barn. His huge cock was hanging all the way out and appeared to be hard and ready. This told them that one of their mares was in heat and the stallion and could smell her. Megan had watched the horses and other farm a****ls breed so normally it was no big deal, but this day was different. Megan’s hormones were starting to flow in her developing body. As she looked at the stallion’s cock, she called over to her brother. When Jeff moved in beside her, she asked her older brother if his cock gets that big and hard when he’s turned on and ready to mate. Jeff was surprised at his little sister’s question and he just stared at her. When he didn’t’ answer, she repeated her question. Growing up on the farm and with all the a****ls, sex was part of normal life, but that was always centered on the a****ls, not people. Then Megan really floored her older brother and asked him if he moves in from behind to mount his girlfriends like the horses and cattle do. Jeff tried to tell her that it was none of her business and that good little girls don’t talk about things like that. Megan smiled at her brother sarıoğlan escort and said she’s not a little girl anymore and she’s not good either. As she said that, her hands traced her growing tits to purposely draw his attention to them. Jeff argued that she was still a little girl and a far cry from a big one. That upset Megan and without thinking, she reacted by lifting her top and bra, revealing her b-cup tits to her brother. When Jeff just stood there and stared, she asked him if those looked like the tits of a little girl or a big girl. Jeff was still speechless as Megan covered herself back up. Then she bent over away from his, sticking her butt out at him and asked if that’s the right position for a girl to be mounted. Jeff slapped her butt and told her to stop horsing around and get to work. As he turned to walk away, Megan slid her jeans down enough to show her bare butt and called Jeff and told him she was ready to be bred. Big brother’s cock could not stay soft any longer as he gazed upon the milky white butt of his sister. He thought to himself that this wasn’t the butt of a little girl. From the angle she was bent over, Jeff could see that her little pussy was starting to get some puffy lips, indicating that she was indeed developing. Jeff walked up to his sister and instead of slapping her butt like he had with her pants on, he put his hand on her butt and began feeling how smooth it was. As his hand moved to the lower part of Megan’s butt, Jeff heard a soft moan coming from his little sister. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but his raging hormones were telling him not to pass up this opportunity to see and touch his baby sister’s butt and pussy. His hand continued to zigzag back and forth from one butt cheek to the other but with each passage over her crack his hand crept a little lower. The closer his hand got the louder her moans grew. When his hand brushed across her virgin lips her entire body shuttered. Jeff knelt down and took a good look at the young pussy. He ran his finger down along her slit then he moved close enough for his tongue to reach out and lick her moistening slit. Megan seemed to be enjoying the attention, especially when Jeff slid his finger between her lips. Older brother marveled at how warm, soft, wet and tight his sister’s pussy felt on his finger. As he probed inside her, he noticed that her hymen had already been broken. He asked Megan how she did it and she told him that she did it with her own fingers a couple of weeks earlier because she didn’t want it to be in the way of having sex. Jeff told her that she was too young for sex and she asked him if that were true then why did he have his finger inside her. She was right and he always hated it when she was right. Pulling his finger out, he tasted it and liked it. He moved back in close and began licking her slit and working his tongue between her lips. Megan’s sweet sex wafted into his nose with an intoxicating aroma and he wanted more. Jeff’s tongue stretched as far as it could and explored everywhere possible. Little sister’s moans grew louder.Then Jeff moved just enough to allow his lips to encase his sister’s tiny bud. He sucked it into his mouth and tickled it with his tongue. The sensation was so intense that Megan came and the aroma of her sex grew stronger along with its effect on her older brother. His lust was growing moment by moment and it reached the point of no return. Jeff unbuttoned his jeans, slid them down to his ankles and moved in behind his baby sister. Grabbing her hips with his hands, he guided his hardness to her waiting crevice. Her juices were flowing as must as his lust and he began sliding himself inside his little sister. Megan was very tight and it took a few strokes before she stretched enough to accommodate Jeff’s cock. He could feel her cervix resist the tip of his manhood before he was fully inside of her. Realizing that was a deep as he was going to go at this time, Jeff began to pump his sister’s wetness when she had another orgasm. Her already tight pussy clamped down on Jeff’s cock with such intensity that he could not move it until her muscles relaxed.He could feel the waves of ecstasy rippling through the walls of her pussy. It felt like her womanhood was stroking his throbbing cock and the sensation was enough to cause Jeff’s balls to empty out into his sister’s hungry pussy. Megan asked him if he was cumming and he grunted that he was and she told him that he was the first guy to cum inside her and that she really liked how it felt. She also told him that she was glad it was him to be her first.Jeff continued to pump until there was no more to pump and his stiffness gave way to softness. He pulled out and Megan stood up, turned around and faced her brother. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. Jeff said that they needed to get dressed and hurry with their chores. They fed all of the a****ls and headed back to the house to start their lessons. Their mom asked what took them so long and Jeff explained that they had to be careful because the grey stallion could smell a mare in heat and they discovered that the pinto mare was heat. Mary asked what they did about it and Jeff said nothing yet, but the stallion was so worked up that it made cleaning his stall a little difficult so it took him longer. Mom told them to let their dad know so he can breed them as they can always use another horse to sell. Jeff and Megan smiled at each other and dove into their breakfast and started on their school work. When they were alone, Megan told her brother that it was wonderful what happened in the barn and that she would like to do it again and again. Jeff agreed and every chance the siblings had, Jeff would mount her like the stallion did to the mare later that morning.