escort preferences
What do you want/do when you see an escort?
I was asked this recently on a direct chat by a lady on the other end – you know, you ring them up and you pay per minute while they tell you dirty things and you wank away.
She asked me what I liked to and what I did feel when I am with an escort – anticipation, excitement and so on. So I thought I would write a few words about it. I see a lot of escorts – on average one every two weeks for the last 10 years….so that’s an expensive but very, very rewarding hobby. Some ladies are really expensive – some very cheap – I have blown many tens of thousands of pounds in this time.
I remember my first one – through a national agency. She was much older than me and she came to the hotel room. It was a quick affair – she could see I was going to blow my load any time. But the anticipation and excitement was the same as it is now. I loved trying to choose someone – the rise of lots of escort sites has really taken off now – 10 years ago there were much fewer. Site reviews gave an idea of what other guys had liked and experienced – but the chance to look and see the lady – before the knock on the door – was great.
I have seen ladies whose pictures were blurred on the site – body was still clear but on the face muffled. Some ladies are stunning and so beautiful. Other ladies less so, but the experience was the same. I love the anticipation, research and build up to the meeting. I like to do this in a hotel – my job means I am on the road a lot. So looking at foreign websites in Switzerland, Italy, France, Netherlands and my favourite – Germany – are also a massive turn on.
The German sites are the best in my opinion. The pictures are generally enough to tease and to give enough away without being too porno (although there are a few like that). They give the stats and likes/not likes. And they are almost always ladies in mid to late twenties as their youngest models. So the ladies there have seen something of life already. This means a more confident, organised and meaningful fuck.
I have had the pleasure of some escort meets in other countries where the age entry level is much less than is legally allowed now. But that is another story. My current like is tall, slim, blonde, and flat chested and mid-twenties. The last few ladies I have seen have all been in that mould. I have seen ladies who are different to this of course – with different jobs, expectations and hopes too. I have seen ladies making a few extra pounds (nurses, students, secretaries) and those who are professional escort too. I have had one or two come to my office and ‘see me’ and a few in my car and also join me for a business trip too. I have seen TS and TV escorts a few times – you should try most things once – which challenged my own sexuality.
What is next? Another threesome with a very well respected agency, with two ladies who ooze sexuality, confidence and beauty. I haven’t seen them before – I do not very often see the same one twice – but I have seen over 8 from this agency previously. Always great girls, always great fucks. I am not sure what scenario we will go through we may just see how things develop – but I am so looking forward to this one.
And what do I like to do. Most of my meetings are two hours and almost always the first thing is to hand offer the money (although more and more I pay in advance with my cc). Then a nice chat with a glass of something. It can take time to initiate action – with a kiss or an ‘I am just going to the bathroom’ break. But the first session is always oral – both ways – with, I hope a CIM or COF ending. After a while and recovery, a nice fuck – missionary – followed by a cum in the condom or again a CIM. I used to have greater stamina to have more and more fun – not any more.
I love the moment you open the door – and the lady is on the other side dressed as you want here to be – I like the whole sexy secretary thing (heel, stockings (not holdups), skirt, blouse, handbag and wicked lipsticked lips). I have, before now, asked a lady to turn up with just a coat – and no nonsense bend over the couch before we talk. This was a student escort – who I had seen a few times (contrary to my normal MO) – and she was told to make everything ready so she could take my cock. It also required some planning on my part to be ready….and about three pushes and I blew my load into her.
I think I will only stop doing this when I cannot get it up any more….so I hope not for a long time. If anyone else wants to share stories/experiences on escorts – get in touch!