Encouragement 2The night after my mom let me cum all over her I had a hard time sleeping. I guess I was still in a little bit of shock. Between the embarrassment of getting caught masturbating and the fact that it eventually lead to my mom helping me out had me in a blissful but confused state to say the least. Really all I could do was keeping picturing her standing in front of me in her bra and panties and of course the image of my jizz running down her face and body was something I would never forget. I kept getting massively horny and was debating in my head going into her room to either push my luck or at least get her to talk to me. In the end I decided against it and just tried to lay down and sleep. Eventually it overcame me, but of course I had dreams of her all night.I awoke to the sound of Mom rustling around in the kitchen. I slowly sat up and looked over to see her messing around with the coffee pot to get some ready. She was wearing a long pair of pajama pants and a tight fitting tank top. All I could do was stare at the curve of her ass. I got hard instantly. She filled up the pot with water and poured it into the machine to start it running. Once she was satisfied she turned around and noticed me.”Morning sweetie!” she said with a smile.”Uh, good morning Mom,” was all I could get out.”sleep well?””Yea more or less,” I mumbled. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She didn’t have a bra on underneath her top and her nipples were straining against the material. My cock pulsed underneath my sheets.”Well I’m making breakfast so if you want to use the shower or anything be quick. Should be ready in about 20 minutes.”I just sat there and stared. Being smooth in a situation was never one of my strengths. I wanted to say something or try and be normal but watching her move around all I could think about was how hot she looked and my cock was yelling at me to do something about it. The worst part was I had never put any pants on after last night and felt stuck with my raging hard-on underneath my sheets. After turning on the oven top Mom came over close to my bed/couch. I just watched her breasts bounce the slightest bit.”You look like you have no idea whats going on,” she said and laughed. “Come on sleepy head get up so you don’t waste the day.”She started to pick up some of the room around me. I was still just intent on watching her. She grabbed my discarded pants and underwear.”I thought I told you to clean up last night! Now get your ass moving mister!” She swatted me on the side with a magazine she had picked up.”Ok,” I said, shrugging. If not for her comment I might have convinced myself I had dreamt the entire event last night. Not knowing what else to do I got up, holding the sheets around me and started to walk towards the bathroom. “Not so fast! I need those cause I’m doing laundry.”With that she grabbed the sheets around me and yanked on them. Startled, I didn’t put up much of a fight and they came off right away. Now I was standing there in full glory in front of my mom. My hard on felt the cool air and pulsed with excitement. A little bit of pre-cum oozed out of me and dripped to the ground.”Jeez. I thought we took care of that already! Nice though,” exclaimed Mom staring right down at my cock. She swatted me again, this time on my ass. “Go get cleaned up and dressed already.”I was incredibly aroused and also embarrassed. So I shuffled along to the bathroom, stopping to get some clothes on the way. “And no touching yourself mister!”I just looked at her quick as she smiled and shooed me away with a hand motion. “What a weird day this already is,” I thought to myself as I got into the bathroom. I started the hot water and jumped in. My cock was still rock hard but I tried to focus on other things. Following her orders even though every feeling I had was screaming at me to take care of my rock hard cock. Eventually I calmed down enough to clean up. I got dressed in only a pair of shorts and headed for the kitchen. Mom was already there with her breakfast, sitting down and reading the paper. I grabbed some food off of the counter and sat down across the table from her. “So any big plans for today?” she asked me all casual.”Um, no escort rus kız not really. I thought maybe I’d go for a run or something.””Well you probably don’t remember but I’m going shopping with your Aunt Kate so I’m probably going to be gone for most of the day,” she said.”Oh yea right. Tell her I said hello.””If you aren’t too busy can you run and get groceries for me? I left a list on the fridge.””Yea sure. Shouldn’t be too hard.”It got silent for a bit then. We just both sat eating our breakfast. I of course couldn’t keep my eyes off of my Mom. Before too long I was rock hard again.”Mom can we talk about last night?” I finally squeaked out.”Sure baby,” she said matter of factly. “Did you not enjoy yourself?””Um, no quite the opposite,” I said. “I can’t stop thinking about it to be honest.”She put her paper down and took off her glasses. “I’ve been thinking about it too. Wondering if I went over the line or something.”I looked at her intently, not knowing what to say.She sighed. “Honestly I’m surprised something like this hadn’t happened earlier. To be honest I’ve know about you masturbating with my panties for some time. You don’t exactly clean up all of the evidence wonderfully,” she said. “Oh,” I paused. “Well I’m sorry about that. I guess I couldn’t ever help myself.””Its ok baby. I know you’re attracted to me. I’ve seen it in your eyes for years now. I guess I just felt it was harmless so I let it go. When I came back and caught you I wasn’t even that angry I just didn’t know how to handle the situation.””Well I can’t say that I hated how you handled it,” I grinned. “Maybe at first.””Baby if we are going to keep talking about this we need to set one ground rule. We have to be completely honest with each other, ok? Is that fair?””Sure Mom. I think I can handle that.””Ok sweetie. If I’m being completely honest with you I’ve always found the idea of you thinking about me while you jerk off insanely hot, and once I caught you I couldn’t really help myself. So you saw the result I guess.””You definitely caught me off guard,” I said. At this point I was so horny I thought my cock would rip through my shorts. ” But if I’m being honest, what you did last night was one of my biggest fantasies ever. You looked so incredibly hot wearing just your underwear.””Well I know my baby boy,” she said, smiling wide.” You always get my panties and have a lingerie catalog out, so I put two and two together. I know I’m no lingerie model. But I thought you might like it.””Mom you are so much hotter than the girls in the catalogs. Seeing you dressed in almost nothing was the greatest moment of my life.” I paused, ” well, maybe next to seeing you… you know. Covered in my stuff.”With that she laughed out loud suddenly. ” So you liked that huh?”I nodded. “Oh yes definitely.””Yea I thought you might. What man doesn’t right? To be honest that was as much for me as it was for you. I’ve always enjoyed feeling a man’s… stuff.. as you put it, land all over me. Gives me a rush to see the pleasure and, I dunno, just makes me feel really sexy. Jeez you must think I’m so weird.””Not at all Mom. In fact I think this is the coolest thing ever. Since we are being honest I am so horny right now all I can think about is doing it to you again.”She laughed. ” Well subtle you ain’t honey. Though in the future I would like it if you try not to be too vague. I like to hear what it is someone wants. Especially when its me.”Getting the hint I got a little bolder. “Mom, thinking about you and last night, and watching you all morning, and now talking about this all casual with you has given me a huge throbbing hard-on, and all I can think about now is cumming on you again.””Oh my,” she said, a little surprised I think. “All the blood has rushed to your little head, huh?””Yes Mom. I am so turned on by you.””Mmm that’s nice to hear baby. Why don’t you stand up and show me again.”I got up immediately and dropped my shorts. My cock jumped out and bobbed a little bit. There was a strand of pre-cum running the whole way from the tip of my cock down to the discarded pile on the floor.”Oh my, you weren’t k**ding. Why don’t you come over here and sit on the edge escort rus kızlar of the table?” she directed me while clearing off the stuff in front of her. She patted right on the edge and I happily took my place. My ass was just barely touching the edge of the table and i spread my legs a little bit. She was still sitting on her chair, but pulled up underneath me a little bit and looked up at me. “What a nice view baby. Your cock is so beautiful. Mommy likes it very much.”I blushed as my cock twitched right in front of her face. I was so turned on I was literally oozing precum out of my cock and down to the floor. Seeing this Mom reached out and put her hand underneath it and let it cascade over her fingers.”That is so hot baby. Look how turned on you are. You think about me and this is what happens?” she asked looking up at me, rubbing the precum between her fingers.”Yes Mommy. I look at your beautiful face, your perky breasts and hard little nipples, and of course your fantastic ass and my cock gets so fucking hard for you.””Mm baby that’s nice. But you haven’t even really seen them yet and you are still so hard,” she said smiling.”I know but I just stare at you and think about them and I can’t help myself.””Touch yourself baby. Touch yourself slightly. Hold on to that cock for Mommy.” I did as I was told. My cock twitched a little bit from the pressure. Mom moved her face in close to my cock to get a better look. Her breathing had gotten heavier. I moved my hand up and down a little bit.She leaned back on her chair and brought her hands up to her breasts and grabbed them. “Oh shit baby that is so gorgeous. I love watching you stroke that big thing for me. Pump it harder for Mommy.”I picked up the pace a little bit and watched her. She was staring at my cock in a trance. She started to rub and tweak at her nipples below me. They looked like they were trying to cut through her tank top. “Oh Mom,” I said. “Its so hot watching you do that. Can I see them? Can I see your hot little tits?”She pulled on her nipples some more. “Mmm not yet baby. How about a different little show?”All I could do was nod as she looked up and grinned at me. “Good baby. You keep slowly working up and down that shaft, ok?” And with that she stood up in front of me. Her hands fell from her breasts to her hips and she grabbed onto the sides of her pants. She gave me a little spin and pulled the left side down ever so slightly, showing me a little bit of a black strip of the pair of panties she was wearing. “How about these, Tiger? Want to see what else I’m wearing while you stroke that big cock of yours?”Without even thinking I started stroking harder. “Oh fuck yes, Mommy. Please show me your panties.”She just smiled at me and turned around and stuck her ass out towards me and shook it a little. Then she grabbed the sides of her pants and slowly started to pull them down. As her ass came into view I thought I was losing my mind. She kept bending over until eventually her pants were down past her ass, and her black panties hugged her magnificent ass tightly in place. She let her pants drop to the ground and stood up and kicked them to the side. Then she knelt on the seat of her chair and grabbed on the back while sticking her ass out towards my face.”There you go baby. This is what you’re always fantasizing about right?””Oh my god, yes!” was all I could exclaim. I was beating my cock furiously, leaning in to try and get as close as possible.She reached back behind her and pushed me back a little and laughed. “Easy baby, you don’t want to fall over and injure that thing.”She then turned around and reached down and grabbed my wrist to force me to stop stroking. I let go of my cock, didn’t say anything and just watched as she sat back down and spread her legs in front of me. She pulled her panties up tight against her pussy and then started rubbing the front of them. “Oh baby. Being the object of your lust and watching you work your cock gets me so turned on. Just sit there and watch me.”All I did was nod as she kept rubbing the front of her panties with her right hand. She worked it up and down furiously and then moved to circular motions rus escort kız and started moaning and moving her hips all around. To my surprise her left hand reached up and grabbed hold of my cock and just squeezed it tight. She instantly gave a little yell and started spasming as she fell into her orgasm, the movement of her body so intense that her hand started moving all over my cock and I was in heaven. I watched her convulse and ride the pleasure in pure lust wishing I was inside of her. Eventually her hand fell off of my cock and she slumpt against the chair, still slowly moving her hand all over her panty covered pussy. Her other hand reached back up and grabbed her breast and squeezed. She looked so sexy and satisfied that I didn’t even think and stood up and leaned down and kissed her right on the lips. She was surprised to say the least but didn’t fight me off. Her hands moved up to my chest and felt around a little as we lingered with our lips, then she pushed me away slightly.”Wow. Just wow,” was all she said. “That… phew. That was … I guess I got carried away.”I stood over her smiling, my raging hard on still pointing straight at her. “That was pretty awesome Mom. I hope it felt half as good as it looked.” I leaned back against the table and started stroking slightly again without even thinking about it, just needing it touched.Mom sat up and looked at me. ” That was so nice. Ive been needing that ever since last night.””Well I’m glad I got to see, Mom,” I said, grinning from ear to ear.”It looked good huh?”I just nodded.”Well where were we before I got carried away?””I was stroking my cock and you were showing me your panties I believe,” I told her, hoping to get things rolling again.”Mmm that’s right. My baby boy wants to cum on his Mommy. Isn’t that right?” she asked, looking up at me.”Yes Mommy. My cock is aching for you.”To my surprise she reached forward and ran a finger down the shaft of my cock. When she got to the base she lightly grabbed my balls and gave them a little squeeze. “Feels like you’ve got a lot of hot spunk built up in there baby. Mommy wants it. I want it all. From now on your jizz belongs to me ok? Whenever you need to get some out you just tell Mommy. I will always help you out baby.””God damn, Mom. That is incredible. Its all for you. Anytime you want it.” I started stroking furiously.”Good baby. I want some now. Jerk out that hot load for Mommy. Where do you want to shoot it baby? Mommy will take it wherever you want. All over my tits. All over my ass. All over my face. All over my pussy. I want it all. Empty those big balls for me!””Oh fuck, Mom,” I could hardly form words in my brain. “Your ass. Want your ass!”She quickly turned around and pushed herself back up against me. “That’s it baby. Stroke out that load for me. Cover Mommy’s ass in your hot spunk!”Over the edge I went. I exploded right behind her and started soaking her panties. Rope after rope of white landed on her backside. I couldn’t help myself and leaned into her ass, my cock spasming against it as I continued shooting spunk all over her. She arched her back and held me up as I fell back to earth. All I could do was stare down at the mess I had made on her. There was jizz the whole way up the back of her tank top and I even got some in her hair. The sight of her ass covered in her panties and my jizz all over the place was incredible. I stumbled back and had to sit down. With nothing nearby I just slumped on the ground. I looked up in a haze and saw Mom still leaning over the chair. She reached back and ran her fingers through some of my jizz.”Oh wow baby. You were so full,” was all she said. She then got up and stood over me. I could smell her pussy in my face. She reached down to offer to help me up. I got up slowly and stood next to her. She leaned in close and I put my arms around her. “That was nice, baby,” she said. She kissed me on the side of the chin and then pushed me away a little bit.”Phew, well I’m going to go get cleaned up again. Do you mind handling things in here?” she asked.I just nodded. “Yea, I got it.””Good, thanks baby,” she said as she walked out of the room. I got my shorts back on and started to clean up. Eventually Mom came out and was all dressed.”Well I’m going to go meet your aunt. Don’t forget about the groceries please!””Sure Mom, no problem,” I said.She came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.”Be good and maybe I’ll give you a reward later.”With that she gave me a wink and went out the door.