Driving Miss JulieIt was a Friday evening around 7.30 pm and I’d just finished work and was looking forward to going home and drinking that nice bottle of Sancerre that was chilling in the fridge. I was making my way across the car park when I heard a female voice calling my name, looking around and saw it was my new boss Julia, what the fuck have I done now I thought!I should explain that I work as a train driver and it’s very unusual to have a female boss a lot of my colleagues had a real problem with it. For me though on the few occasions that I’d met Julia I’d always found her to be easy to get on with, funny, intelligent and also very knowledgeable about the job…….. And did I mention the fact that she was extremely sexy too?She stood about 5-2 high with shoulder length dark curly hair, which was tied up and this particular evening she was wearing a tight fitting white blouse a grey pencil skirt and a pair of black patent peep toe heels.” You look worried Mr City.” She said with a mischievous smile on her face.” Well I’m waiting for you to tell me what I’ve done wrong this time” I answered.”Dont be silly, you’re one of my better drivers. I just wondered if you could give me a lift home, I see you live close to me”Julia had obviously been studying my personnel files to know that, cheeky bitch!!?”Sure” I replied”I’m parked over here”She followed me over to my car, which is a 22-year-old MX5 sports car, my pride and joy. I unlocked the door and got in and reached across and unlocked the passenger door. As Julia crouched down to get in her skirt rose up and I got a brief glimpse of her shapely tanned thighs.She settled herself into the seat and straightened her skirt, as I turned the key and started the engine. I was just about to drive off when she looked at me and said”For fucks sake it’s a lovely sunny evening, you’re driving a sports car and you’ve still got the hood up, come on get it down let’s enjoy the last of the sunshine””Ok if you want but I’m warning you it’s extremely noisy with it down”She just laughed. I reached across her to unzip the rear window and unfasten the catches on her side and as I did so I felt her firm breasts pushing into my side. I lowered the hood and started to drive as I did so Julia did that cliché thing of letting her hair down and shaking güvenilir bahis siteleri her head to let it fall free. She really was a good looking woman for a couple of minutes I let my mind wander thinking how good it was to have a attractive woman in the car with me, I was mentally undressing her. Then I came too and reminded myself that this was my boss and you don’t “shit on your own doorstep as it were.”We started chatting and Julia asked if we could go the long way round on the country lanes as she was really enjoying the ride. I was beginning to wonder if I should ask if she wanted to go for a drink.I was brought back to reality as I realized there was a sharp right hand bend coming up rapidly, I hit the brake and reached for the gearshift to change down into second, being an older car it’s got quite a stiff gear change and as I engaged the gear my hand slipped from the gearstick and ended up on Julia’s knee.I went to pull my hand away but was surprised when I felt her hand on mine.”Don’t worry that feels good, it’s been a while since I’ve been touched” She said.I carried on driving I had to ask for my hand back to change gear, after I’d done so she pulled my hand back encouraging me to reach further up her leg, which felt so smooth and soft to the touch.I needed no more encouragement and as I gently stroked her thighs I felt her hand move to my leg and she in turn started to stroke me. I could feel that tell tale bulge beginning to grow in my boxers. It wasn’t long before Julia’s hand was resting on my growing crotch and before I knew it she was wrestling with the zipper to release my rapidly stiffening cock.I could hardly believe this was happening things like this never happened to me! But as I stole a quick look downward sure enough Julia’s small well manicured hand was stroking up and down my shaft and she’d pulled my foreskin back and was staring intently at my swollen purple head.?“I think you’d better pull over before we have an accident so you can concentrate on me” She ordered.Luckily there was a farm entrance and by now we really were in the middle of nowhere there was even grass growing in the middle of the lane.I pulled over and turned the engine off all I could hear were the birds singing, the ticking of the cooling engine and the heavy breathing kaçak bahis of my boss who had just undone her safety belt.She leant over me and started to unfasten my belt and was in the process of freeing my ever-growing member from the restraints of my trousers.She took my shaft in her hands and slowly lowered her head and gently flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock, licking up the pre cum that was already seeping from it.?“mmmmm tasty” she murmured.Gently her hand cupped my balls and she licked the entire length of my shaft before placing the head in her mouth as she the started to gently bob her head up and down while simultaneously stroking it with her other hand.I couldn’t resist the urge and I started to rock my hips slowly fucking her pretty little mouth my hands tangled in her hair and my breathing quickening as I felt myself on the verge of my orgasm.She must have sensed I was close as she lifted her head and said?“Hey not just yet I want you to pleasure me before you cum.”With that she jumped from the car and made her way around to the back, I gathered up my trousers andwasted no time in following her. By the time id reached the boot of the car she had got her skirt hitched up and was stepping out of her sheer white panties.I was delighted to see that she was neatly trimmed and that I could already see her swollen clit and slick pussy lips protruding from her hairs.?“You better get those trousers off and come fuck me”Taking advantage of the sunny weather I striped naked and went over to her, my cock standing erect and proud in front of me.As I approached Julia she turned from me, placed her hands on the boot of the car and stood with her legs astride, wiggling her arse at me. What more of an invite did I need.I dropped to my knees and started lapping at the engorged clit that was inches from my face. My tongue flicked over her clit tasting her musky sweet juices, I licked all the way up her slit as far as her arse and the started to fuck her with my tongue. All the while she was pushing herself onto my face.I moved my attention back to her clit, rapidly licking it, then sucking it into my mouth and humming, my ears were now full of the sound of Julia moaning, accompanied by the occasional “fuck yes mmmmmmm”Within a couple of minutes of this assault on her clit illegal bahis I felt her body tense as an orgasm ripped through it and my face was covered with her juices.?“That was so good, come fuck me now I want to feel that cock of yours deep in me”I stood and moved closer I held her face in my hands and kissed her deeply letting her taste herself from my mouth. Then I placed both hands on her arse cheeks and gently parted them, looking at her pussy all pink and juicy and ready for me.Positioning myself between her parted thighs I eased my hips forward watching the head of my cock part her lips and slowly disappear into her as I penetrated her.She pushed herself back onto me she was so hot and wet that I slid easily into her. I held onto her arse and started to slowly fuck her, she met each of my thrusts and I went even deeper into her with each movement.?“Fuck me harder” she cried.And I increased my pace. I gathered her long curly hair into my hand and pulled her head, so her back was arched and her neck was elongated. I started to kiss her neck and nibble on her earlobes.?Her breathing was heavy in fact id say she was almost panting, I was covered in her juices and her moaning spurred me on to fuck her harder. I reached around and found her erect clit, I started to make circular rubbing movements on it.?“oh fuck yes, that’s sooo good I’m so close babe”I could feel her body beneath me becoming taught, by this time I was thrusting so hard that my thighs were slapping against your arse and sweat was dripping from me. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer when she cried.?“Oh fuck Babe cum in me fill me up, slap my arse!!!”As I felt my own orgasm surging through me I started to slap her arse leaving the red imprint of my hand on her peachy cheeks. My frantic thrusting and slapping sent her wild and soon I felt her pussy starting to contract around my cock. I could feel my balls begin to twitch and the thick vein on the underside of my penis starting to pulsate and in four squirts I had emptied my balls into her sopping pussy our juices combining.I slumped on her back my heart racing; I could feel my cock beginning to shrink until it finally fell from her.We both stood up, Julia adjusted her clothes and cooly said.?“You’d better get dressed, you can’t be seen driving naked and then you’d better take me home and finish what we’ve started. I’ve checked your rota and you’re not on duty again until Monday.”We got back in the car and all I could think of was how was I going to survive a weekend with the lovely Julia.