Dream loverThis is my latest installment on my Kyle fantasy, for those new to the story line, Kyle is the next door neighbors son, I’ve been his babysitter since he was 5 or so. He’s in his adolescent years and his hormones are absolutely raging, I’ve been as helpful as possible answering questions about his blossoming interest, sex. Kyle is the real deal, he’s my real next door neighbor, and my fantasies consist of real life experiences with him, I hope you enjoy my latest story.Kyle’s parents and mine have gone on another trip, they’re taking advantage of their son being out of school for the summer and I love spending time with young Kyle, personally I think he’s old enough to watch after himself at his age, but perhaps his parents are a tad over protective. So it’s Saturday afternoon and Kyle and I are into our favorite activity, gaming then more gaming! He just loves my Nintendo Wii, he sits and watches me bounce around, laughing as I make my way through the various games, I’m always dressed in shorts, wearing a tight, slightly transparent tank top, braless of course, my breasts bounce around and my nipples poke against the fabric of my blouse. I glance occasionally at Kyle, his eye’s are generally glued on my boobs, his hands buried between his legs, his mouth is open and he’s literally panting like a little puppy dog lol! When it’s his turn to play, it’s my turn to glance at his obvious boner, his little prick pokes up against the front of his shorts, begging to be sucked, I only wish I could. So on this particular afternoon I’m sitting with my legs crossed, my short shorts leave nothing to the imagination, my smoothly shavin pussy mound peeks out at Kyle, I glance down and adjust my legs to give him the clearest view of my private parts, the thought of having Kyle gaze upon my glistening sahabet güvenilirmi cunt is driving my crazy with lust! I feel my pussy hole yawn open and my vaginal secretions start to flow freely around my pussy lips and down my thighs, I pretend to be oblivious to my heightened state of arousal. When its my turn to play, the crotch of my shorts are clearly wet, and a slick film of pussy juice is making it’s way down my inner thighs, I can smell the aroma of warm vaginal secretions, it’s thick in the air, Kyle eye’s are glued to the spectacle I’ve created. Finally I collapse on the ground in front of Kyle, my legs spread wide apart, my short shorts stretch tight against my honey muffin, soaked wet with my sex juices, I glance at Kyle and notice he’s now tugging at the bulge in his shorts, most likely about to squirt spunky cum all over his shorts. I glance down at my crotch as if suddenly noticing the wetness that has erupted from my crotch, I casually pick up a towel and wipe away the secretions from my inner thighs, then place the towel down as if nothing has happened. This is all too much for Kyle at this point and he asks about the my wetness, he’s still tugging at his boner, seemingly in an absent minded fashion, I stare directly at his boner and start to explain what happens when girls get excited, how our vagina’s begin to secrete vaginal juices, in anticipation of sex, I tell him playing the game got me excited and it just naturally happened. Then still staring at what he’s doing with his dick, I ask directly if he’s going to cum in his shorts, he finally notices what he’s doing, blushes deeply and stops. It’s not my intention to embarrass him, and I reassure him he isn’t doing anything wrong, it’s just a normal reaction to what he finds sexually attractive, sahabet yeni giriş he smiles shyly as I reach for him, he snuggles his head against my breast, the tip of my nipple brushes against his mouth and just as he’s about to take it into his mouth I get up, taking hold of his hand I tell him, lets make lunch! So the afternoon turns into evening, and as the day stretches on the scent of my sex grows thicker in the air, I need a shower badly so I excuse myself and head for my bedroom bathroom leaving Kyle alone in the living room watching TV. Inside my restroom I quickly position my makeup mirror across from the main bathroom mirror, so that I can see the reflection of my bathroom door, which I’ve left halfway open, I think to myself, lets see if Kyle takes the bait and tries to sneak a peek of my shower activity. My shower has a clear glass door, and as I lather up my nude wet body, I catch a glimpse of Kyle through the reflection of my make up mirror, it’s time to put on a show he’ll never forget! My body is squirming with desire, the hot afternoon I enjoyed with Kyle has left me horny as hell, so I start to rub my breasts firmly, pinching at my stiff nipples, glancing again at the mirror I see the reflection of Kyle, he’s pulled down his shorts and is frantically tugging at his surprisingly large cock, I start to rub my soapy breasts against the shower stall as my fingers probe my hot pussy hole, one hand rubbing over my electric clit, while the other hand reaches around my ass and fingers my quivering asshole, I love ass play lol! This continues for about ten minutes, I occasionally glance at Kyle’s reflection, and can see he’s about to cum buckets, so I intensify my masturbation, what a sight to behold, I must have looked like a lurid bitch in heat, squirming sahabet giriş around my mouth agape, my fingers buried deep inside my wetness, and finally I explode squirting thick milky fluids down my fingers, glancing at Kyle I could see his cock squirting cum out onto the carpet, his mouth twisted with pleasure, we came together the two of us that evening. Wow what an evening, I lay on my bed watching the tube, Kyle is in his sleeping bag at the foot of my bed seemingly sleeping soundly, as I’d done in a previous story I pretended to be asleep, waiting for Kyle to leave his sleeping bag and explore my body, but after an hour of waiting, nothing happens, so I fall into a deep sleep. The dream comes to me quickly, I feel my dream lover hovering over my body, licking my breasts and sucking deeply on each nipple, his cock is probing at my pussy, gently pushing into position, he enters me slowly and my wet pussy grasps his cock tight, pulling him deeper inside my sweet wetness. Our bodies slap together, as my dream lover pounds into me, I pull my legs up so he can fuck me deeper, I feel my pussy contract as the most glorious orgasm rips through my body, I cry out with pleasure, grasping at my dream lovers ass, feeling his cock erupt deep inside my vagina we cum together. My lover collapses on top of me, I hug and kiss him gently until he rolls away and falls into a deep sleep. The dream feels so real, I can’t quite shake the feeling that it hasn’t really happened, and as I begin to awaken I fight to fall back asleep, to be with my dream lover for awhile longer, I don’t want to leave him, but I can’t help it, my eye’s start to open and as they do I realize I’m not alone in my bed, Kyle lays next to me, sleeping quietly like an angel, reaching down I feel my wetness, bringing my fingers up to my nose I smell my vaginal secretions along with Kyle’s musky cum.The impossible has happened, Kyle has fucked me as I sleep, as I lay still with his cum mingling with my pussy juice, deep inside my pussy, I wonder what tomorrow will bring, the thought excites me…The End.