Dom In Denial – a fantasy about dominating and preWe’ve been messaging each other for months, finding out more about the other, seeing what made us tick… what made us hard. We’ve finally met, in the bar of a hotel midway between the towns we both live in. We introduce ourselves to each other, aware of the strange feeling of meeting what is essentially a stranger that we already know. There will be another introduction later, of course – that’s why we’re here. That’s why both of us are shaking, ever so slightly. The tension is delicious.We finish our drinks and go to our room. Once we are in, my personality changes – I am in the scene.You look up at me from where you are sat on the bed, a slight smile on your lips. You reach a hand up to me – and I swat it away. You look a bit confused at that.”Don’t touch me, queer” I mutter. “Not until I touch you.”Your hands fall to your lap. You understand what’s about to happen. It’s the game – the game you wanted to play.Suddenly, shockingly, I lean down and grasp your jaw in a firm fingertip grip. I begin to snarl into your face – “You fucking homo. You know something, homo? Let me tell you how this is going to go. You’re a little gay bitchmeat cunt who’s going to do whatever I say, and take what I give you. You know why? Because you’re nothing but a pair of pussy holes. I’m not gay like you, don’t make the mistake of thinking I am. I’m not. I like pussy. And you’ve got two pussy holes for me to fuck – and I will fuck them both – so I can’t be gay. If I were gay, I’d be in here with another man, not some pussy fag like you. You’re basically a girl – don’t ever think otherwise, bitch. Now – get those fucking clothes off. You don’t deserve to wear clothes around me.”It’s weird. This is what you want, but it feels a bit frightening to be spoken to like that. You take solace in three facts. One: we were very open and honest about this meeting up front. I had been perfectly normal in the bar, and in fact, you could see my own nerves. I have given you a safeword too, so there’s really nothing to worry about. Two: Adrenaline is flooding your body, making you feel hot and tingly and very much alive. Three: your cock is hardening; the shaft is a bar of red heat, trapped between the fabric of your jeans and your upper thigh. Your stiff cock is a comfort to you. It guides your thoughts, your behaviour – if your cock is hard, then nothing can be wrong with this – that’s the reasoning. The reasoning of a man who desperately needs to fuck, and be fucked.Whilst this has been going through your mind, you’ve been half-heartedly tugging at your shirt buttons. WHAM! My open palm slaps across your face. “Hurry UP, you cunt! I said get those fucking clothes off!” You start tearing your clothes off in a hybrid state of panic and lust. I remove my own, and soon we are both naked. As I paw and feel your body, our hard dicks tap and rub against each other. On cue, they begin to glisten with pre-cum.I shove you back onto the bed, into a sitting position. “You pussy bitch. Sit there, shut your cock-hole and wait. I need something from my bag.” I turn and walk to the bathroom door where I have left a black holdall. I bend down and unzip it. In my mind’s eye I can see you looking at me – My thighs and legs, the crack of my arse and my hole; I can see you there, staring… cock starting to jerk around of it’s own volition, lips glistening with saliva as you nervously lick them with the tip of your pink tongue, your hand moving to your gleaming cockshaft and rubbing at it, nervously.I straighten up and you see that I have four lengths of silk rope, tied into loops at the ends. I Turn back to you, and you look into my eyes. I smile. “I want you to cooperate with me, you shitty little gayboy. And I can’t trust you not to move. So I’m going to make it so that you can’t, unless you’re a good boy.” To my delight, you nod. “Right. On your back, faggot”.You flop back onto the bed, scrambling up it so that you are spread-eagled. The sheet rucks up and rumples around your body as you pull it un-tucked in your unseemly haste to obey me. “Spread your arms and legs, boy” I say, and you do – you point each limb at each corner of the bed. I’m enjoying this – you’re being good. You’re cooperating. That said, I also want my fun – I want you to understand what this is. türbanlı balıkesir escort I’ll punish you if I want, simply because I want to. That stuff about cooperation is more about your humiliation than it is about being good and bad. I’m not interested in whether you’re good or bad, in fact – I just want your holes. I want to play with you. This is how I play, you see.With each loop of rope, I fold a cuff into it – you can learn a lot from YouTube videos about bondage ties – at each end, and loop one end around your wrist. The other cuff is looped around the post at the headboard. I’m in no rush – I crawl over to your other wrist and slowly perform the same, my naked body against yours, my heavy dick sliding round your throat and chin. I turn on all fours so that my knees are either side of your head. Instinctively, your mouth opens and your tongue snakes across my balls. I stop moving. “Yeah?” I mutter. You moan softly. “Yeah, bitch?” You exhale loudly, expelling tense breath. “Right then, you faggot. Have it, if you want it.”A bright light goes off in your head, behind your eyes – you’re getting what you want. Your lips clamp around my shaft and your tongue rolls around the straining tip of my dick as you begin to suckle. I’m enjoying the wet heat of your mouth intensely as I fashion another pair of silk ties for your legs. The pressure on my disk is fantastic as you eat me. My heavy balls begin to knock gently against your nose and upper lip as more of my shaft sinks into your mouth. Your head begins to nod as you try to get more of it in and I take this as a cue to begin pressing down with my pelvis. It is sublime – your mouth is so warm and wet, it feels like a pussy with a tongue in it.I’m enjoying your face as I reach down and grab your balls; I circle the area between the bollocks themselves and the base of your shaft in a ring made by my forefinger and thumb, grabbing the silky skin of your nutsack firmly. I squeeze so that your testicles are forced into the bottom of the bag, standing out against the smooth, capillary-laden flesh. I begin to tug, a wanking motion of your bollocks. You groan louder – the pain that having your nuts pulled on makes your dick even harder. You like the abuse. I clamp my lips over one of your trapped bollocks and suck – hard. It feels to you like you’re having your testicle ripped off and you yelp in pain – that’s exactly what I wanted, for your to scream. It opens the throat. Your yelp is cut off as I slam my pelvis down into your face with unkind force – the entirety of my cock is now jammed in your throat up to the root. I grunt in pleasure as I slowly fuck myself in and out of you, my other hand creeping over my buttocks and my fingertips rubbing gently at my anus. I’m letting you take my entire weight now, on your chest and upper legs as I seek my pleasure inside your mouth. My fingers slip into my arsehole and I lick and suck at your trapped bollocks with abandon.My precum is flowing freely into your mouth and I lift myself up. Your head tries to move with me, but eventually the head of my cock leaves your gaping mouth. You groan again, and this time it feels as though the groan contains disappointment. But I don’t want to come yet – I want to spin this out a bit longer. I loop the silk ropes around your ankles and leave them to dangle over the bottom of the bed.”That was good, cunt. I like that. You have a nice throat.” I slide off the bed and crouch at the bottom. Globs of saliva and froth are trickling down my hard dick and flowing over my balls and arsehole. Some of it drips onto the floor. “But now you’ve got me all turned on, and that means it’s time for me to hurt you.” The bed has no post at the bottom for me to attach the loops to, but I don’t want you to be able to close your legs, so I undo the cuffs and re-tie the loops around the stubby legs of the bed. this takes a few minutes that, for you, feel like hours. I get up and go back to my bag. Fro it I withdraw a crop – one end has black feathers, the other has a wide pink paddle with a picture of a woman wearing nothing but fishnets bent over on it. I lick at her exposed crotch as I step back to the bed.”You take twelve of these where I give them to you, and you thank me each time, and you get a nice türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan reward – does that sound good, faggot?” I say. You say yes – your voice is rough edged and hoarse as your throat tries to recover from it’s violation. “Good little pussy. Here we go.”The first two slaps are firm, but not overly hard swipes on the insides of your upper thighs. You thank me after each hit. The next two are really quite vicious blows to the outside edges of your buttocks, one on each side. I have to hit you hard there because I need you to feel it, and that area isn’t especially sensitive. I then rub the paddle of the crop on your cock, whilst you thank me again.The next two are quite hard blows on the soles of your feet, which – all credit to you – you take like a whore. I personally don’t like being hit on the soles of the feet at all, but you suck it up and accept it like a good little cunt. I don’t respect you for it, but it’s still nice to see. The next two are on your sides, just under the ribs. Firm slaps, not too hard – enough to sting but not even redden the skin. The next two are on your boytits, one on each nipple. You yelp, and I laugh happily. The last two are on the upper arms, harsh swipes that I give you whilst crouched over you, dangling my cock in your face. A glob of saliva and precum drops off of the end and lands on your lip, and – pussy fag that you are – your little girl’s tongue flicks out and sucks it into your hungry mouth.You have thanked me after each hit, and you’ve been a surprisingly good girl about it. “I’m going to suck your clit now, bitch. I want to see if I can get you to cum.” With that, I hold your dick at the base firmly – it’s bobbing around in time with your elevated heartbeat – and gape my mouth around it. You feel my hot breath running down the shaft and the sudden prickle of wet heat between your legs and on your balls. I lick the shaft with my mouth open, tapping the end of your dick against the back and roof of my mouth, causing me to make soft gagging sounds. Then I close my lips around your dick and begin to suck.I go steady, moving my head up and down on your cock in time with my in-out breathing, making sure that your big sissy clitty penetrates the back of my throat. I enjoy the power this gives me. My pleasure comes from the ability to give or withhold your pleasure. After a few minutes you begin to pant out short cries, your fingers bunching and clawing on the silk ties. My throat is nice and open now, and the tip of my tongue finds your heavy balls. They run with heat and saliva and I steadily throat you. I’m going to have trouble speaking clearly in the morning!You begin to make small bucking gestures with your hips, and I break the blowjob for a moment. Pumping your dick with my right hand, I run my left palm up your body to your mouth and poke two fingers into it, you moan and begin nursing on them. “are you going to come in my mouth, bitch?” I ask. You are still panting, and we are beginning to sweat – you just nod, eyes closed. You don’t see my wolfish grin. “Ok sissy fag; you can cum in my mouth when you want it. I’m a real man, not a pussy faggot like you – I can take it.” I return to my ministration of your spasming cock.The world seems to stop for you, and shatter with a bright flash of light – your whole body contracts wildly; the muscles in your arms and legs and belly clench and unclench. You’d avoided coming for three days, to ensure that you had a nice powerful cum when we met, and it is this potent blast that comes out of your cock and absolutely drenches the back of my mouth. I admit, I am surprised at how much thick cum there is. I savour it in my throat, hacking it into my mouth to I can coat your cock with it and suck it off. the tension begins to flood out of you as I noisily tuck into my favourite meal – a fresh, twitching, cum-covered cock.For a moment, you lay, catching your breath. I go to the sink and get a glass of water for myself. When I come back, you look up, smiling. I frown, and quickly go around the bed, untying you.”Fucking get on your hands and knees, bitch.” The smile drops from your face. You thought that I’d suck you, you’d suck me and then we’d go our separate ways. I smile. “Yeah, bitch – you’re my baby türbanlı escort balıkesir girl now. And I’m going to breed you like a pig.”You roll over and raise your lovely shaven arse up in the air for me. While I was getting the water, I was also lubing my cock with a pump dispenser from my bag. It shines in the lamplight – hard and hungry. It looks angry. I get behind you and rest the wet tip of my naked cock on your warm, puckered arsehole. Using my fingers I splay your hole open, looking at the soft pink fuckmeat inside. Yeah. That’s the hole I’m going to fuck. I finger fuck you for a little bit, just to wake your arse up a bit, and then I put my cock-head back there and begin to press.It’s that delicious moment every man enjoys: His cock pressing against a warm, yielding cavity. Whether it’s a pussy or an arsehole, it’s a sensation I love. The little moment of ‘change’ is the best bit – where it goes from being my cock outside the hole to suddenly being my cockhead inside the hole… my favourite thing. When that moment comes, you release a moan that could be equal parts pain and pleasure. I grip your hips and gently apply more pressure. My cock sinks slowly into the warm, welcoming sheath of your anus. I’m all the way down to the balls, and I haven’t bottomed out – I’m not huge, but I’m a good size. You must have a cavernous rectum that is well used to being bred like a fucking slutty pussy, I reason. This is good. It means I can be as brutal as I like without the risk of actually damaging you. You’re going to be a good pussyboy bitch!Your cock is hardening, the wet folds of skin drawing tight across it as it fills with blood, in answer to the incomparable turn-on of being penetrated. You move a hand down to stroke at it. My hands move from your hips, up your back – my cock is still stationary, lodged as deep as I can go inside you – and to your shoulders. They rub and pull at the muscles of your upper back and neck. Then my left hand strokes down your spine to the small of your back, while my right loops round and cups your throat. My cock begins to withdraw, and as it does, my hand squeezes, firmly but gently at your throat. Your hands fly to your cock and balls, and your mouth drops open as you hoarsely grunt the words “Fuck me… fuck me baby… fuck me daddy…”. Again, your closed eyes means you don’t see the smile of cruel joy on my face as I nod and then thrust back into you. You moan – almost a scream. My hands drop to your shoulders and take a firm grip.I begin to power into your slutty hole. My balls slap against yours and your cock is flying around free because you have braced yourself on your hands, the better to enjoy the ruthless anal assault. The sweat is pouring off us both – you are uttering harsh choking grunts, I am swearing and spitting insults about your gay body, your pussy holes, the way you live for cock because you’re a homo-fag… the abuse begins to tail off after a few minutes more as I start to feel my body get ready to seed you.It’s coming… my orgasm. I feel my world start to contract; every nerve in my body springs to life and shouts at me; my vision blurs and all I can see is a golden glow with dark edges, and in the middle of that frame, the back of your head, the sweat-sheen of your upper back… impulsively I lean down and lick a line from your shoulder to your ear…”I’m coming bitch… I’m going to come in you, you slut, are you ready for my cum you pussy boy bitch?” You grunt, nodding your head, panting wildly as you thrust back at me with renewed effort. As you do this, your own cock starts shooting madly – fine jets of silk-wet cum spray all over the bedclothes and your own chest. I feel your slick-warm anus contract wildly around my own madly bucking shaft and this triggers my own orgasm – jets of body heat cum rocket their way into your back passage as your arsehole milks me dry. I count eleven spasms as I slump down onto you, our wet bodies hot and humid, the room stinking of cum and lust, our hearts frantically hammering in our ribcages. Sweat trickles, tickling me, along the line of my spine and down my bollocks. After a few moments, my softening cock plops out of your arsehole with an audibly wet sound, and a few stray rivulets of my cum flow out of your battered ringpiece. Our breath starts to slow and our heartbeats start to calm, and as they do, you turn your head to look up at me. I look down at you, and smile. The scene is done for now. I lean down and put my tongue in your mouth.I am in denial when I dom. It gives me more room to insult my subject. We will doubtless explore your limits further… next time. For now, we kiss, long and hard and deep… just the way I like it.XXX