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Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL stptAfter this memorable afternoon Irene met her boyfriend the afternoon of the next day. Both were a bit reluctant and shy at first, as they were still captured in the turmoil of so many feelings. And by the fact, that Irene had given her body to his brother too.Irene was anxious that he wouldn’t love her anymore. But he assured her, that nothing had changed in his love and made sweet compliments to her that she was a ‘real woman’ now.[pic Irenes nasse Muschi wird herumgezeigt.jpg]These compliments calmed her reservations and made her proud and feeling loved.The boy behaved gently as in the time before, but one thing had changed: Besides kissing and softly hugging Irene, he started to touch her tits and even her cunt quite intrusively.Just a natural action, he had tasted blood and wanted more. And not to forget: the boy had no experience, how to handle a woman and cope with her feelings. At their meetings in the past, this fondling had always been more playful, innocent and tender step by step. More depending on how well he could arouse and seduce Irene to allow him more.Now he acted more demanding and a bit rough, at least that was what Irene felt about. For her this was something new and she missed a bit of the romantic and playful acting she was used to.She tried to escape his hands and instead to kiss and hug him tenderly. Her boyfriend felt her reluctance and he was hot and impatient. So he asked her, what was up. She explained to him, that she liked it more the romantic way that she was used to. But the boy wasn’t in the mood for wasting time in romantics and told her ‘You’re a woman now, don’t act silly!’They were disputing about this and finally Irene was nearly crying. She was mad at him and she was mad at herself at the same time. Of course he was right: she was a woman now. And she was proud of this.She wanted the romantic seduction and she wanted to be handled like a ‘real woman’, not like a c***d. Her feelings were in a turmoil. She wasn’t sure, what was right, so many of his arguments sounded right. But she didn’t want to give in too.They almost had a fight and finally they departed, both of them grumpy. Irene had to do some work at home and this was a welcome distraction. At least it should have been. But nevertheless, her thoughts about the discussion were in her mind all the time. And not to forget, she was longing for her boyfriend and wanted to be near him.Finally, in the early evening, she came to the conclusion, that her behavior had been silly, as he had said. So she went over tokat rus escort to him and told him, that she had thought about it and that she was sorry for her being snappy.Her boyfriend was still mad at her and rejected her efforts to hug him. Irene was in despair and told him, that it was of course his right to touch her body where and whenever he wanted. But that was to no avail. Finally she went home. She was sorry and felt, that she had spoiled it and lost his love. If she just could act a bit more relaxed…She went to bed and was weeping until she fell asleep.On the next day after school Irene went over to his house again and talked to him. How sorry she felt and how foolish she had been. Her boyfriend saw, that he had won and asked her to promise, that she would never again deny him anything.Irene promised and swore. She felt the life and happiness back in her body and clung to his arms. The sun had started shining again.Then her boyfriend said ‘Prove it!’. Irene wondered, what he meant to say, but she didn’t want another struggle. So she didn’t hesitate to follow him, when he took her by the hands and led her over to an old unused barn.There he told her ‘I want to make love to you. Now and here!’ If she hadn’t gotten through the hours of despair, she had surely left right that moment. But as she had come to the conclusion, that this was the duty of a woman, so she stayed.He pointed to an old stack of hay and said ‘lay down there!’And Irene did as she was told.He watched her pretty figure for some moments and seeing that he was in absolute command, doubled his joy. He decided, to push it one step up and said: ‘Open your skirt!’Irene was full of mixed emotions. She had never opened her clothes herself for him, it had always been a playful giving and taking. And she blushed at the thought of doing such a nasty thing. But one thought was above it all: She didn’t want to loose his love or make him mad again.So she hesitatingly started to nestle with the buttons of her skirt and finally her tiny tits were on display for her boyfriend.At that time her titties still were so small that there was no need to wear a bra. A handful of her own small hands at that time, half a handful of a grownup male’s hand.She felt a bit humiliated but on the other hand there was something tingling in the situation and her nipples got stiff. Recognizing this unwanted reaction, she blushed even more.Irene wondered, why he didn’t come to her and hug her, but she didn’t want to make him angry again and kept silent.The boy tokat rus escort bayan enjoyed the view and the power that he had on her. He just wanted to jump over and hug her, but he followed his plan and pushed another step up.‘Pull up your skirt!’ he demanded.Irene was shocked. She couldn’t do that. This would be so disgusting. That was nothing, any girl or woman could do.The boy saw, that she wasn’t following his command.‘Pull up your skirt now!’ he demanded again.But still no reaction from Irene. She had her eyes closed and was fighting with her own feelings.The boy turned around, made a step to the door and said ‘I’m leaving you’This woke Irene up from her stupor. ‘No! Wait!’ she said and was nearly crying.The boy turned to her again and could watch her slowly reaching for the hem of her skirt and then pulling it up until the lower part of her pants was visible.‘All the way!’ the boy demanded.Irene hesitated once more, but then she pulled it up all the way.She was wearing simple white cotton pants in plain girl’s style. Nothing sexy at all. But for the boy this was highly arousing. He could hardly keep from getting to her, but he wanted to go the last step to dominate Irene.‘Tear down your panties!’ he demanded.Irene froze. This was so .. , so .., she couldn’t name it.She felt degraded. And from all her education she knew for sure, that this was absolutely wrong.The boy saw no reaction and asked ‘Shall I leave now?’Irene couldn’t do it. But hadn’t he seen her bare vagina two days ago? And wasn’t this the duty of a woman? And hadn’t even his brother seen her bare? So how could she deny him this favor? She had gone so far now. Would all this be useless?No! She decided. She moved her ass up and pulled the pants down until they were around her ankles.In a reflex of modesty she held her hands in front of her cunt.‘hands away!’ hissed the boy.Irene was nearly crying. ‘Why do you make me do this?’ she asked.He didn’t answer at once. Then he said ‘You are so beautiful and I adore you. And this is what women are made for: to please the men’Irene still kept her hands blocking the view. She thought about his compliments about her beauty. But she still was anxious.Then the boy found the final key words ‘And I love you, you know. So there should be nothing false between us’This triggered Irene’s mind. He had said it. He loved her! And if it gave so much joy to him to see her, why not?She moved her hands to her sides and now her boyfriend had the delightful view of her almost hairless pubic area and rus escort tokat the upper part of her vagina.He moved over to her and knelt down beside her. After seconds of admiring her female charms, he grabbed her thighs and opened them to expose more of Irene’s vagina. She didn’t resist at all and was determined to allow him whatever he wanted. Because he loved her.And despite her former struggle, she felt good knowing that he could see all of her inner secrets.Until now she had mostly kept her eyes closed. But when she opened them and saw him staring intensely at her pussy, it made her proud, that her vaginal area was so attractive to him.Her nipples stiffened even more and her cunt was tingling.She didn’t have the experience to know, what was happening, but her boyfriend could see this clearly: The labia of her vagina had become red and puffy and there was a nice stream of juices flowing out of her slit.The boy watched this in amazement. ‘So this is, what happens, when a woman is hot and ready’ he guessed. But he wondered, that this could happen without having even touched her down below.Watching this miracle was great, but as a healthy 16 year old boy he could no longer stand the urge to empty his balls into this nice vagina. And so he pulled down his pants and moved between her legs. Because he was still very new to this and because Irene’s slit was well lubricated, but narrow, he had some trouble to enter her.Irene had no experience either, but the inborn female knowledge made her open her legs more and raise her hips to give him a better position to penetrate her. And she used one of her hands to guide his dick and insert it.As it was on the first two times, he didn’t last long. But these seconds were like being in heaven for him. Irene didn’t have an orgasm, but she was highly aroused and when he blew his sperm into her belly, this was the final proof, that he loved her.The both had another wonderful hour in the hay with hugging, kissing and exploring each others body. Irene had always been curious about the male genitals. Of course she had seen the dick of her little brother on some occasions. But that was just a limp meat. Now she had the time to explore every aspect of it.Meanwhile her boyfriend had ordered her to completely remove her dress and she had done so without any hesitation. (Not being asked to but being ordered to act as he wanted, was the normal way for her from then on)The past fear of having lost his love and a strange arousal from getting orders had broken her in. It can be taken for granted, that Irene has been submissive from her birth on. The submissiveness had only found new grounds now in the sexual area.But the other extraordinary side of her character, the exhibitionism, had only surfaced now. And this was a result of learning that she was rewarded when being exposed. Just the old method…All in all it was nature’s plan.