Dee Maple – The Principal Daughter – A
“Principle Jerroti will receive you know” looking sternly at me Rebecca the secretary pointed to the mahogany door with a opaque square window in the center, the initials G.M.Jerroti where inscribed on top. Gordon Mathew Jerroti was our dear principal and for some reason he arrange a meeting with me.
I was curious and scared, in 6 months we will graduate from and move on and this meeting was unexpected. I slowly opened the door “close it behind you” said Rebecca – Ok bitch i will i thought, didn’t like her attitude. The room was filled with sun light from the big open windows behind Jerroti desk, he sat there on his Manager leather chair, looking at me and smiling – He was a fine looking man in his mid 40th, with jet black hair and hooked nose, sharp eyes and big brows.
A typical manager what somehow went to manage a high school, he was a lawyer by education and had his diplomas all over the wall beside the desk and shelves filled with books.
On his desk was an open laptop, some papers and books, on the far right he had a big framed picture of his family, two young sons and a daughter, interestedly enough she looked different from the rest, while they had brownish and black hair, she was fair blonde with blue eyes, somewhat decent body, she didn’t look like her father & mother. I sat on one of the two guest chairs, crossing my legs, wearing my skinny jeans with holes around the thigh and knees showing off my beautiful smooth legs a bit.
Jerroti was eyeing me keenly and, raising his brows and lower his lips, his hand was scratching the side of the laptop and i noticed he was sweating a bit. “do you know why i called you here today?” i crossed my hands – “No sir i do don’t” – “Well Dee, its hard for me to do, but i feel i don’t have any choice on the matter, i have some very troubling data” – he voice went a bit weaker but he recovered and continued – “As you know we had some school theft and we installed some high end security cam to monitor specific places of interest – and once something happens we can trace back and find out.” – “Well Sir, i didn’t steal anything, if thats what you suggest!” I spoke quickly, not knowing what the hell was going on. “Dee its not about stealing i’m afraid” his hand clicked some buttons of the laptop and without any further delay he turned the screen towards me, what i saw disturbed me deeply and aroused me as well. It was one of my rough fucks with Mato the coach in his office, in this case I was clearly riding him on his big single seater sofa, one of my favorite positions with him, siting knees bend on his legs, ankles curved in and riding full length up and down his horse shaft while he pinch my nipples, slap my ass a lot and chock me, pulling my hair and slapping me from time to time.
There was no noise in the recording but the quality was kind of good and it was split into 2 feeds, 2 cameras filmed the room – the whole fuck scene was shown in the side and back view. How my perfect soft white ass was riding hard on his cock, how it plowed my asshole and i wanted this recording so bad, it showed how slut gorgeous I really was. Trying to stay calm – “Please mr Jerroti, It was in full consent, don’t punish us” He smiled and turned that laptop to him and turned it after a few seconds of silence, the probably jerked off to this a lot, its was pure hardcore porn, a work of art. Calmly he spoke, closing the laptop – “It depends, You will have to decide if this material will go out or not.” – Now i started to suspect what he wanted, it was clear he wanted to use this in order to fuck me. A real shame, cause i would fucked him without this tape. and had some crush on him since freshmen year.
“Oh mr jerroti, what do you offer then?” looking at him with alluring eyes and a devilish smile on my face. “So you will do anything i’ll ask you Dee, remember it’s your only way out, and if you will comply, I can and will help you further on, like pushing a request for scholarship and such, even financial help.” – I nodded “You saw what i do, and believe me i can a lot more then that” – “Ok then lets go to bustiness Dee, you see this girl in the picture, it’s my step daughter Samantha, Sam was the daughter of my second wife, the two boys are from the first which i divorced 4 years ago. Sam now entered college, she is a bit older then you.
As you can see, she is a hot little thing and the worst thing she tried many times to seduce me but i could not go for it fully, even though she is not my biological daughter it felt bad. but during these years my craving for her got stronger, and she left now – she also got cold feet and stoped her teasins, she probably getting fucked in college; thats what they do there right? fucking all day long.”
He continued, then confessed “When i saw how you handled Mato cock it clicked, you see Dee, hmm, I actually, we – sam and i did tried some stuff together, she tried so much to seduce me, and it worked at the end, but when she saw my cock it kind of turned her off – because Dee it was too big, i have a massive cock 12 inch and fat, Sam was totally turned off by it, and damn i thought woman loved big ones, but maybe not as big as mine, but you Dee seems to worship big cocks, it’s clear just by seeing the vids, nobody would believe it until seeing how your ass handle such enormous big cocks.”
After a few moments of silence “…thats my problem with my wife also, her pussy can’t take it for long and, i manage to put in half of it and it’s frustrating – Damn it! I want a woman to enjoy and take it all!” He raged! poor guy, denied the pleasures of full hot fucking – I felt for him and wished he would come to me long before seeing this vid.
“I want to see, now if it’s possible” I spoke softly and stood and walked around the table next to him. Jerroti pushed his chair back and revealed his raging erection, it was almost tore his pants, it seemed like a small hand was clawing it’s way between his legs. His very big cock made my ass wet.
“You are after all my principal an i would never want to disappoint you” i blushed a bit and set on the table in front of Jerroti. Lifting my legs up and balancing myself perfectly on my ass, i removed my shoes revealing my gorgeous feet, my toe nails painted hot red (like Mato loved to suck) and on the right ankle i had a silver chain a gift from Bob after another hot cleaning session. I used my feet to rub them on his cock – Jerroti then lifted one foot admiring it’s beauty “Oh god, those feet, dee” – and passionately started to suck my big toe his eyes boring on me with lust – “you can call me Sam, daddy” I said while making a cute face and biting my lower lip, his raging dick, jumped and raised my feet on it, the mere mention of Sam made him go wild with passion, his other hand quickly unbuttoned his pants and released the belt buckle and his massive cock as if released from prison jumped up raging to fuck me.
He growled like an a****l while my bare sole rubbed his cock up and down using the space between toes and big toe as a anchor, rubbing his backside, his cock was warm and filled with big veins, a full 12 inch cock and even fatter then Mato. My Ass wanted him inside me, and I trembled with excitement as I moved my feet up and wiggled my toes around his big cock head, it was wider then the base and almost round – Oh my god it was similar to one of my favorite dildos, a large rod with a sphere attached to it, but this was a real cock that would probably feel amazing inside my gut while it plowed me mercilessly. My mouth was open in amazement looking at this miracle of a cock “Oh dad, mommy is so stupid not to take it all in.” – He was biting my toes and licking them franticly – “No, Stop Sammy, i’m gonna cum right here” he pleaded weakly but I could tell he wanted me to continue – using my feet expertly i rubbed his cock up and down to his enormous balls and up again to the tip and playing around with my foot sole. My hands where expertly sliding slowly across from my buttocks up my legs to my knees and calfs, keeping my ass balanced on the table – Sexy as hell i moved my body like a cat and Jerroti was totally under my spell. Suddenly he came hard, his hot cum filling my bare foot, he shuddered and calling my name again and again, still holding my other foot in his mouth “Sammy baby, Sammy, ohhh my god” His cum was all over his pants and shirt, his cock was totally covered by a thick layer of white foamy cum, he kept pumping it out and the entire room smell like chlorine.
After a while his balls empty and convolutions ended, i grabbed with my foot a load of sticky cum as i could off his cock and bend my knee back and it by my hand and started to lick my toes and sole while looking at him with big sully eyes – “Daddy your cum tastes so good” I moaned while using my tongue to grab each and every drop. “Sammy honny, your body is so flexible” His hand still grabbed my other foot, his big hands covering my ankle and heel as he watched me, his eyes open with wonder. Nock nock, someone was at the door “Mr Jerroti..” Rebecca opened the door only to see Jerroti fumbling around his desk red faced – I manage to jump down and hide under the table, my head close to his erected cock, my hands on his thighs.
The sweet stench of his sweaty balls was strong, and i started to sniff them and lick the cum off them. “Where is mr Maple?” she looked around questionably. “Went to the bathroom” he answered briefly, “Oh i thought you never let anymore into your private loo” – “Well Rebecca it was some kind of emergency, some emotional stuff, you are interrupting this very sensitive meeting.” he made some strange voices while speaking as i was munching his balls and was all over his cock, cleaning and sucking the skin, biting it with whorish intent – I was mad – This cock should go into my ass right now” – Rebecca tried to keep her posture, “Well sir, Dr Gideon is waiting outside, we are 5m over due, i waited a bit but could hold him any longer.” – she smiled awkwardly.
“OK thank you, sorry for snapping – just let him wait few moments and i’ll close this session here” He weaved her out with his hand and she left and close the door. Damn! it was over for me, a total letdown, and crawled out of the table. Jerroti was trying to compose himself “Ok dee baby, you heard – quickly put your shoes on and we’ll be in touch, he stood and fixed his pants and buckle. “I’ll message you” is all he said when i left the office. I was too horny to do anything – my ass was tingling with hot juice and it madden me with lust. Mato was out today and Bob was doing his class, it was hopeless – so i went home playing sick from lunch.
When i got home, removed my cloths, except my g-string, went straight for my dildos and picked the one that reminded me Jerroti spherical cock head – and plunged it into my ass hard while massaging my groin, laid on my back knees stretched back my left hand under my buttock – pushing/pulling the dildo hard, fucking my self I imagined Jerroti my new dad fucking me, his black hair and sweaty forehead all over my breasts kissing my neck – I came hard on the dildo, my ass juice flowing out from my pulsing annus.
Pulling out the dildo I licked all the juice imagining it Jerroti hot cum which i eat today, his taste and smell and warmth. Only then I relaxed a bit from my cock craving ass and slept a bit, dreamy. A boop boop on my iphone woke me, a message from Jerroti – “come tomorrow to Plains view highs 9010, from 6PM, till 11PM, wife @ k**s out, leaving key under left red brick near door, enter code 302349# – I’ll come at 7PM, prepare yourself for me Sammy, you have all your cloths still in your room, love Dad”. I was so exited to read it, i really needed to up my game here, if i play my cards right Jerroti will fix me in collage for free, Satisfying his needs to the fullest was my first priority and i started to prepare.