Dear Summer Sapphira Bundie Neeley 1,
I “Hey Auntie Summer how have you and my uncle Robert been doing?” You “Well, we’ve been doing alright I guess, why do you ask?” I “Oh Just wondering.” I was just spending the summer with you guy’s, because I was doing really bad. Sleeping outside and inbetween things just on the upstart of starting my Independent Recordings company, BFO Recordings llc., So I let Paps come thru to hang out with me, Paps “Whats up cousin?” I “Just chillin’ at my Auntie and uncles house.” Paps “Where they stay at?” I “In the heights East Sacramento by the lightrail trolley, nowhere near Lampasas.” Paps”Alright I’ma come thru.” So Paps gets there and shoot some hoops just the boys Pudgee, Mir Mir, Paps, and Shawn. Later that day Paps went back home to his wife Miriam and son Devion. Amir also drove back out to San Jose, Ca. To his wife. Later on the next couple of days I talked to my blood uncle of African American descent Robert Neeley Jr. “So Pudge, how you enjoying your summer, besides being homeless, hahaha haha ha ha ha.” I “Happy ya’ll let me stay unc., I ain’t have nowhere else to go.” Rob “Well ya family,,, ya always welcomed here.” I “Thanks Unc.” The next morning he went to work, and you an I stayed at home. You “Hey Pudgee, ya gonna let me wash some of your clothes.” I “Yeah, but all my clothes are really dirty, and my underwear are filthy.” You “It’s O.K. you can call’em drawls, around me, and shoot I probably smelled worse.” So I brought you a bag of my dirty clothing including my underwear, I left the house back up the street to the basketball courts, and as i left u checked to make sure i was gone, so you could,,,, take my dirty drawls slowly brought them to your nose, and gave them a big sniff, “Nunnhhhahh, goodness his dirtyass smells good, what am i doing Im married to his uncle, for heavens sake, , chill Summer it’s just laundry.” After about an hour at the court, i come back to the house, decide to jump into the shower, you still feeling flustered, keep thinking about it, so you come in to take a peek at me, in the shower “Hey Pudge, do you mind passing me the shampoo in there, Gosh -lame Summer.” I “Uh, yeah sure.” As i lean out to pass you the shampoo, you snag a quick peek at my ass. “Oooh.” I “Huh?” You “Nothin,. Thanks.” Later on that day, my uncle comes home and you and him head to the master bedroom, i guess you were snooping thru my backpack, because you say to your husband “Hey, babe go ask pudge if we could check out one of his XL Girls Magazines.” Rob comes up “Ay Pudge let me see 1 of ya mags.” I “fa’sho.” ……….. I dont know what happened but the next morning you were alot more talkative. Rob goes to work, you “Your Uncle showed me your nudy magazine last night, you like’em chunky dontcha. Dang Pudge you can handle all that full figured women???” I “Yes, i prefer a challenge.” Today , had, to, come, real, ,,, and expose your true emotions. So 2hours later your hetting out of the shower drying off, and call me into the room… ; Body fully naked and exposed, bending over “Pudge come here.” Im walking up the hall, I get to the room “…..Yeah, aunit, ups, oh damn… Im sorry.” You “It’s O.K., can you hand me the baby lotion?” I “Yeah auntie.” You “Help your aunt Summer rub it into inner thighs.” I “O.K. , what if…..” You ” Pudge your uncle isn’t going to be home for hours, now rub it in there.” I “Oh, shit auntie.” I grabbed the back of your neck, pulled my drawls down. You “Take me, Pudgee!” I “Yeah bitch, gotta give you this young gangsta dick aunt, Awhhl!” You “Ooh, nigga dont stop fuck me, nigga fuck me – nigga please!” I “Uhhh, long fat black raw dick , uhh, ooh i want it so bad, bend that ass over nigga Awhhw!” I cum deep inside you, breeding you, you get dressed. I get dressed go to the front room and play video games, you come in the front room, and let me try your famous eggrolls with plum sauce. I taste a bite a bit drips in my lap, you “Sorry, take it out let me suck that black long juicy dick.” I “Yes, Auntie I’ve been wanting to fuck this pussy for years, awhlll fuck yes! I love you summer.” You “I love you Pudgee, Fuck me- God yes Fuck me, dick me long and hard daddy ooooh!” We fuck raw hard and rapidly on the floor next to the video games for 2 hours. Untill we climax in each others arms, and borh realize we have t o tell my blood unclee Robert Neelet Jr. Our secret and that you want a divorce and want to leave him for me.