DAUGHTER-IN-LAWDaughter-in-lawby Jenny (address withheld)Quick Edit by Ernest***A sexy young newly married woman accidentally sees her father-in-law’s huge cock. Before long they are enjoying each other’s bodies. (MMF, wife, inc, exh, oral, cuck)***Hi, My name is Jenny. I just have to tell someone the story about what happened that got me so hot, that I continue to try to act this out whenever I can. It happened 4 years ago, when I was just a 19 year old newly-wed.I’ve been told that I have a perfect body for cock teasing. It just doesn’t occur to me to walk or stand any differently, but guys of all ages react the same way whenever they see me. I like knowing that they are looking at me and thinking about how I would look naked. I always enjoyed the attention, but until this incident I had never gone past the teasing stage. I had been faithful to my husband. At the time this happened, my husband Jake was 24 years old. He was the only man I had ever been with sexually. He fucked me on our third date and I fell in love with him immediately.For a year or so, our sex life was very good. Jake would always tell me I was lucky to have a husband with a huge cock. I assumed his was bigger than normal. I still enjoyed the fact that other men would look at me, even when I was out with Jake. They’d try to hide their interest but it was obvious to me, though Jake just laughed it off.One afternoon we were visiting Jake’s parents. We were all in their swimming pool together. I had worn a pretty skimpy bikini and I had noticed Jake’s dad, Andy, staring at my body when he thought no one was looking. This was the first time I was aware he had that kind of interest. I felt a little embarrassed, this being my father in law, but like always it was exciting to have another man looking at me with that hunger in his eyes. As we were getting out of the pool Andy waited for me to climb the ladder, first, standing right behind me. I got nervous and slipped on the hand rail and he caught me as I fell back. I felt his big hands grabbing my thighs and then both breasts. I liked the feeling, even though it was just for a few seconds. Andy laughed and made a joke about me being sahabet güvenilirmi clumsy. I laughed too and pulled myself up the ladder. As I stood up, I looked back at Andy. He was trying to adjust the crotch area of his baggy trunks. The bulge down there looked like a cucumber! I just stared at it, I guess I had my mouth open. He said hurry up so he could get out, as he tried to hide his hard-on. I couldn’t believe how big it looked. “Wow”, I thought to myself, “Did I cause him to get so hard?” I even got a little “wet” thinking about him. But I decided it was just a coincidence and that there was no sexy feeling between Jake’s dad and me. I put it out of my mind for the moment.Later that night, Jake and I chose to stay at his folks’ house for the night, because we’d both had a little too much to drink. As we were all kicking back watching TV, Jake got up from the couch and said he was really tired. He leaned down, kissed me goodnight and went off to bed. Not long after that Jake’s mom also turned in for the night. It doesn’t take much beer to put her out. But Andy and I were still watching TV. Neither of us felt too tired, yet. I guess both of us were thinking about something else. We were watching an HBO “R” rated movie that showed some nudity, and we both seemed real interested in it. A scene came up where an older man and a younger woman were swimming together and started playing with each other. It reminded me so much of the afternoon when I saw Andy’s huge hard-on.I was wondering if Andy would be thinking the same thing. It seemed like he was. He was sneaking looks at my legs. I started getting excited again and decided to show him a little more to see if it was my imagination or not. I slowly slid down on the couch a little and let my short skirt hike up to just below my bikini underwear. Now Andy’s eyes were glued to my legs and I could see him carefully trying to adjust his swelling cock. I knew for sure he was enjoying this as much as I was.On the TV screen, the two people were making out and feeling each other up. It looked like the young girl was stroking the man’s crotch, although we couldn’t really see sahabet yeni giriş anything. Then the man slid his hand into her top and started to play with her hard nipples. Andy looked at me and said “I’ll bet your titties are better than hers.”I laughed, “Maybe…” Wow, I could see him stroking himself, now, and he wasn’t hiding it at all, just casually squeezing and stroking himself, like he was rubbing a sore arm or something. I moved closer to him and whispered that I thought he had a bigger cock than the man on the TV. He smiled and took my hand and moved it onto his big dick. I squeezed it gently. It felt so damn firm and hot, it made me think of pictures I had seen of a horse. Under my fingers it was getting longer!I said, “Andy, Jake told me his cock was really big and I was a lucky girl to have a husband with such a big one.” Andy chuckled. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, all 12 inches of it. Now I couldn’t take my eyes off of it at all.He said, “Well, Jake lied about his cock, but not about you being lucky.” He put my hand back on his naked hard-on. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I was so hot for him. I stroked him with my hand and heard him tell me that he had had a hard on many times since he met me and always wanted me to see it. He’d always hoped, just maybe I would like it and we could enjoy each other.By now all I wanted was to put my mouth on it. I bent over his middle and guided his cock over to my mouth. It was so big and smooth and hot, just like Jake’s only twice as big! I sucked it in a little at a time, pumping the shaft with my hand and taking as much of him as I could, while he lay back groaning with pleasure. It didn’t take him long to come in my mouth. I was so excited then that I came a little myself just taking care of this horse cock. Not only was it much bigger than Jake’s, Andy’s pole pulsed and jerked a lot more when he came, and there was a lot more come. I couldn’t swallow it all and half of it spilled down on him and the couch.When he could calm down Andy looked so happy and grateful. He said that was the best blow job he’d ever had and wanted me to know that he idolized me sahabet giriş for being so open with him. He put his arm around me and hugged me and said that after he recovered a little he wanted to give my pussy what it really needed. I told him that was fine with me! In about half an hour, he did just that.We stayed right on the couch, making out. In no time he had my top off so he could pay my titties a lot of attention, sucking and squeezing them until I thought my pussy would catch fire. I don’t know what we were thinking, if Jake or his mom had awakened and come out to the family room they’d have gotten a big surprise! But luckily both of them were passed out from too much beer. Before long my panties and skirt came off and joined my top on the coffee table. Andy had his fingers in my pussy as his cock started to stiffen and swell again. I was so wet and ready, I needed him inside me. I straddled him and held his big stiff cock against my slit and felt it slowly slide into me. Even as turned on as I was, it took a little while to ease that thing in, but once he was all the way in it felt so good. He said later that I rode his pole like a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco! The way he was built I got so much stimulation, I lost track of how many times I came. He filled me up with his come and I knew then just how lucky I was, like Jake had said but not for the reason he gave.Since that time Andy and I have sex pretty much all the time. I try to take advantage of every chance I get. Jake never seemed to be surprised that I would want to spend almost every weekend at the in-laws. Almost every Saturday we have a barbecue and pool party and a lot of beer. Jake likes to drink and he gets himself steadily plastered so that he doesn’t connect up all the horsing around between me and Andy. By the time it gets dark he’s lucky he can see well enough to find the guest room. And Jake’s mom never stays up past 9 o’clock at night, leaving Andy and me alone to keep each other company. The way I see it, everybody is getting what they need, especially me, and nobody is getting hurt.The other thing is that Jake’s brother, Jason, who is very well hung like his dad, found out what was going on. I suspect that Andy told him, but I don’t care because now both of them take care of my needs. I don’t mind that I have to pretend that I can feel Jake’s “little” cock in me and fake an orgasm, as long as his dad and brother keep me well fucked.