Dalia and the kingThe head of the king’s harem is a perfect whore and a perfect madonna, a perfect slave and a perfect mistress. Her name is Dalia and she is a loving, caring and mild tempered woman with great self-esteem and a great drive that comes from within her self. She is great in balancing care of her self and the harem and she is meticulous in everything that she does.She is gorgeous with her perfect smile and beautiful hair. She has a healthy feminine body that marsbahis güvenilirmi always smells great. She is always fresh-looking, with style adapting to every occasion. She has an insatiable sexual lust and appetite. She is self secure in bed and have few inhibitions but a great sexual curiosity. Her orgasms are amazing.She wakes up every morning before the king to make sure he is waken up with a blowjob, followed by a creative sexual surprise. marsbahis yeni giriş She runs a tight ship with every harem girl knowing her place in the kings morning treat. She hires musicians and makes sure the lighting is appropriate for thee king to have the perfect wake up sex. She also coordinates with the kitchen and serving staff so the kings morning experience is seamless from sex to morning bath and breakfast, in whichever order she decides marsbahis giriş for it to come. She genuinely loves the king end she knows he loves her too and that he likes to fuck her. She adores and idolize him and would do anything to get his appreciation. After the king is pleased with his morning routine she retires to the harem’s daily activities: planning, training and preparing. The kings pleasures are planned weeks ahead and often require extensive preparation of the girls, props, sound and light. The setting must be perfect and the girls beautiful and fresh. Everything must be coordinated and rehearsed and the girls must have the right skills. Thats why all harem girls practice both for planned events but also to improve their pleasuring skills.