Cougar Commando

Daddy and the Park WalkI had been told what to wear and where to go so there I was in the local park at 9.30pm it was dark but several street lights lit the path quite well and I had been told where to walk by my Daddy who was a right kinky bastard …. I had ‘dressed’ as ordered and teetered along the path in my 5” heels holding my skirt in both hands I raised it to my waist to expose my pantied cock framed by my stockings and suspenders… I clipped along the path my cock swayed lewdly infront of me hard and throbbing bouncing with each step I took ….I knew my Daddy was watching me from the bushes enjoying my humiliation of exposing myself like this. I heard footsteps but kept walking and around the next corner of the path a man appeared walking his dog…..he saw me fully erect and exposed dressed as a Sissy Schoolgirl with uniform and pigtails in my blonde wig….walking towards him holding my short pleated skirt up …. he stopped and looked around then satisfied there was no-one about he slid a hand inside his trousers and fondled his cock watching me ….. I was totally humiliated at this stage and blushed crimson red with shame but kept walking towards him ….. he was around 50 years old and was tall and balding wearing trousers polo shirt and pumps…..his dog was a small terrior and began to bark and yap like small dogs do. kars rus escort As I approuched the man he grabbed my arm and demanded to know just what the hell I was doing dressed like that and holding my skirt up so anyone could see my exposed cock erect and throbbing…. I blushed again and told him my Daddy wanted see what would happen if anyone caught me dressed like this ….. he smirked and asked where my Daddy was and I told him I didn’t know other than hiding in the bushes somewhere along the path. The guy pulled my hand down and pushed it inside his trousers until I could feel his erect cock I grasped it and fondled it for him making him moan slightly…..I knelt down and unzipped him releasing his cock it sprang up and bobbed inches from my face still holding it in my hand I began to wank the shaft up and down before dipping my head and opening my mouth to suck him off……he gasped and again quickly looked around nervously but no-one else was in view so he placed a hand on my head and encouraged me to suck him deeper…..he thrust his hips and drove his cock to the back of my throat making me gag alittle which I love and excepted his domination of me willingly…..he thrust deeper and twisted his hips forcing all of his cock length into my mouth and suddenly flooded my mouth with copious amounts kars rus escort bayan of spunk spurting 3-4 times hitting the back of my throat as he held my head tightly in both hands now ensuring I wasn’t going to back out of taking all his creamy spunk.I had been wanking my cock all the while I was sucking him and was very close to cumming so I licked my lips and stood up holding my skirt up with one hand and stroking my cock with the other ……the man tucked his spent cock away and again looked around satisfied no-one was there he slapped my hand away and took hold of my throbbing cock squeezing me lightly as he pumped his hand up and down my shaft making my knees tremble as he jacked me off without a word…..he spun me around and reached around me jacking me with one hand and fondling my balls with his other he told me to lean back and hold my skirt up with both hands again and increased his tempo until I shot my load spunking helplessly all over my stocking tops and down my legs…..he jacked me off and milked my balls until I was well and truly spent then he pushed me away from him and gave my bottom a good slap …..I was made to bend over and hold my skirt up over my bottom exposing my tight pantied as to him as the bushes infront of me parted and Daddy stepped out holding his enormous big rus kars escort cock in his hand he approuched me and forced his cock straight into my mouth telling the other man to spank me as he fucked my mouth …..the guy really went to town and standing just to the side of me spanked and slapped my arse with vigor making me moan and wimper as Daddy thrust his massive cock in my mouth……Daddy asked the man if he wanted another blow job and surprisingly he stroked his semi hard cock up to full erection again and said ”fuck yeh” so Daddy spun me around and pushed my head down onto the guy’s cock and told me to suck him off ….then Daddy pulled my ass cheeks apart and rammed his cock straight up my sissy cunt and holding my hips fucked me hard and fast…..with watching me earlier performing Daddy was soon ready to cum and he held my hips tightly as he thrust and ground his hips scewering me on his dick he dumped his load deep in my sissy arse I could feel his spunk filling me as he thrust deeper into me holding me in his vice like grip emptying his balls in my willing sissy cunt ….the other guy was hard enough but had trouble cumming again so soon but he kept fucking my mouth and groaning ……Daddy pulled out of me and asked the guy did he fancy some sissy cunt banging ……he immediately pulled out of my mouth and spinning me around slid straight up my well spunked hole and fucked me like a steam hammer plunging remorselessly into me as I moaned and wimpered with the humiliation of it all …..he shot off again spunking deep in my sissy cunt mixing his load with Daddies filling me up once again and breeding me like a sissy whore cum dump.