CYBER SEX MYSERIES: KEEP IT ON VIBRATEArden tapped her pen anxiously against the edge of table which garnered her some real nasty looks from her neighbor in the next desk If it was possible, todays lecture was even mre boring than mondays.Who the fuck cares about the inticacies of SOMETHING. Professor Kelling was a real bore, but was exceptionally easy on the eyes. She wasn’t in the front row drooling over his every word like her roomate, Kerry. If Dylan Rogers, soccer star and sex god hadn’t taken the class she’d have not even considered it. He sat two rows over and she tried not to stare at his floppy hair and the way he’d rolled out of bed and walked to class in those sexy sweatpants that sat low on his hips. She couldn’t help but imagine yanking them to the ground and licking a trail up his thigh to his… well rumor had it Dylan had “monster cock.” The guys on the team all teased him about having an elephant trunk between his legs. say that ** this just happened. Dylan was looking down at his phone now, but he always caught Arden staring at him. They spoke once at a party and ended bahis siteleri up wondering around campus for hours. He’d almost kissed her, but she’d unfortunately puked in the bushes before it got that far. Dr. Kelling started a film strip about __ and Arden took the opportunity to put her head down on the desk. She thought College would be a time to sleep in, and loathed these freshman 8 am classes. The room darkened as the film started and she considered ducking out the back door when her phone chirped. The text was from an anonymous number and it saidYou’re not paying attention.She fumbled through her bag to silence the ringer but earned a punishing glance from Kelling, who had his ass half hitched up on the desk. He was toying with his iPad, taking notes on the strip as we watched. Or slept. She looked around the room. There was only a dozen people on their phones, it could be anyone.Who is this? she responded.Be a good girl and put your phone on vibrate before I spank you.Arden scoured the room. No one was watching her, everyone was on their phones or had their laptops open canlı bahis and were live-tweeting their boredom. Umm, okay done. Who is this? Nevermind that. Do as I say and put the phone between your legs. Keep it on vibrate, Arden. WIthout responding she slid the phone between her thighs up against her clit through the thin fabric of her lazy morning yoga pants. She never wore underwear with them. Immediately t started vibrating, first with small short pulses. texts. Her clit sweeled and she felt her pussy dripping wet through the fabric of her pants as her cunt tightened, quickening. She experimented with putting her head down on the desk again but that seemed more obvious. She sat up straight and bit down on her bottom lip. It kept going and she was so close. Dylan was looking at her. Oh my god, it was him! It had to be, his phone was in his hand and he had that lazy, mischeveious smile pullng at his lips.She locked eyes with him as the vibations grew stronger. He was calling her so the vibes went on and on. As she began to cum in strong flutters of his clit, she kept her hooded canlı bahis siteleri eyes on Dylan’s who were entirely magnified with her. She bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood until the vibrations began to slow back into text messages. Her breathing had picked up. Dylan had one eyebrow raised in question but sh epulled her eyes form his. She turned of fher phone, drying off her wetness on the screen on the sleeve of her sweater. She slipped it into her bag and ducked out of the room. Fuck Professor Kelling, she just orgasmed while staring directly at her crush. She couldn’t bare the idea of running into Dylan after class. “Arden!” She heard her voice called out from behind her as she walked down the halway. Befoe she could turn around her arm was grabbed and she was flung up against the commuter’s lockers. Dylan’s lips came down on hers before she even registered it was him. He kissed her like he was starving, lapping up the blood on her lips. His arms came around her, molding his body to hers. He was warm and tasted like coffee and powdered donuts and now, blood. She finally pushed at him and he released her lips but held her close to him. His cock was hard. NO that couldnt be his cock it was… positively huge. WANT TO KEEP READING THIS STORY?!.. get the whole story right here: