Cum FetishOver the years I have had many sexual encounters. My first ones were pretty normal with several different girls that introduced me to the world of sex. The early encounters were basic finger jobs and hand jobs in the car at the drive-in. In those days most girls would jerk you off and let you finger fuck them till they came, but wouldn’t do much more. I always thought it was funny when ya shot your load all over their hand and they would squeal like crazy and fling it off all over the car.When I entered high school I was sent to a military Academy for being an unruly c***d. It wasn’t long till I was jerking off with my roommate and eventually we were sucking each other’s cock on a nightly basis. Over the four years I was in that hell hole I really formed a taste for cum. I got so I craved it and if I couldn’t suck someone off I would eat my own. That forms the basis of this story. I am old now and have gone through a long marriage that started out full of hot sex but now has ended up in separate bedrooms and no chance of anymore cunt or blow jobs.I have had to take care of my urges by myself. I am sure there are many that are reading this in the same boat. No chance of sex with anybody so self pleasure becomes an important part of life. I wanted to write this short story and describe the various methods I have come up with to help pass the long nights. I am doing this with the hope that some of the readers of this post will respond to me by e-mail and tell me their special ways of self pleasure. Sharing these methods can only improve all the lives involved. So……………..The first and easiest way to get release is of course a good jerk off. I have perfected my stroke to the point that I can cum in less than a minute or preferably after an hour or more of gentle pumping. I always start with my right hand . While I stroke slowly I use the other hand to massage my balls or finger fuck my ass. I am sure this is common and probably the way everyone at least starts. In the early years I would always start jerking with the intent and fantasy of Cumming in my hand and then lapping it up slowly. Of course everyone knows the urge to eat your own cum leaves immediately after Cumming so I needed to find a method of enjoying my loads without the immediate dip in libido.I have found if I jerk off on the floor in front of a couch or chair I can roll my legs up and back over my head and rest them on the chair while positioning my cock directly over my face. I have never found this uncomfortable that way and can leisurely stroke my cock adiosbet yeni giriş to shoot directly down into my mouth. That way the cum is still hot and fresh and I can savor its taste before losing my stronger sexual urges. After doing this for so long I have moved on to other fun things. I have found using an un-lubed condom to collect my cum for several days and keeping it in the fridge in-between, is pretty good. After shooting 4-6 loads I have about a full ounce or two. Then I tie the condom closed and form a little one inch or more bubble. Now I have a treat to enjoy as I jerk off the next time. I warm the bubble in hot water then pierce it with a pin in several places. As I jerk off I suck on the bubble and enjoy a constant flow of cum as I stroke to a great orgasm. This just starts the making of the next bubble. I never waste my cum in a Kleenex like so many guys do.Another fun thing is what I call ‘cum food’. I will often have a piece of buttered toast covered with a load of cum. Sipping cum from a spoon or shot glass is always nice but using it on different foods I have found the taste amazing in many cases. Cum yogurt is great. Cum in any kind of sandwich is good if you can save a few loads and have enough to cover the bread. I enjoy the aroma of the cum as I eat my toast or sandwich and often can jerk off as, well as I eat. Frozen cum has always sorta failed the test. The flavor of frozen cum is just not there. Cum tastes best warm. I will dip apple pieces or banana chucks in cum and be able to use all the cum I can give. With the advent of Viagra I can still often cum two or three times a night over 4 to 6 hours. Also recruiting donors is normally pretty easy in an adult book shop. After I explain what I want most guys are ready to go almost anywhere for their blowjob so all I have to do is remember my cup. Glory holes are a good source. On a good night I can half fill a paper cup and save it as a balloon for later enjoyment. I have really found stroking a guy slowly I can enjoy his beads of precum and often collect a bigger load than if I am inpatient and suck so hard the guys shoot fast.I am sure most guys reading this know what Bukake is. That’s when someone allows as many as 100 or more guys to shoot cum on them. I saw my first film of this many years ago and have been lucky enough to have been the ‘receiver’ in a Bukake several times. I know at first it sounds gross but if you are a cum lover it is just this side of heaven. The last one I was at had 79 guys there all ready to shoot their load on me. adiosbet giriş I normally like to lay on a table at just below waist height. This makes it so guys can jerk off on you anywhere they please. Some guys like to shoot right in your mouth. Others may want to shoot on your feet! By the time 79 guys have shot their load on you it is hard too find an area not covered in cum. Man….I love that! Often guys like it if I suck the tip of their cock as they shoot. Often they want to see the cum actually enter my mouth and watch as I swallow it with great pleasure. It is interesting to me how cum has so many flavors yet smells pretty much the same. One of the times I did a Bukake I sat partially up and allowed the cum to accumulate in a beer mug that I held below my chin. I would swallow a little but also spit some in the mug as 70 guys jerked off in my face. When everyone had shot his load I had a beer mug half filled with delicious cum. The guys seemed to enjoy watching me drink the mug down and even lick the glass clean. Often times it would get a few of the early shooters back to give me second load from each. These loads would be really thick and sort of bubble out of the cock.One time I did the Bukake with a girl companion. That was great because I got to lick her clean afterward and enjoy a delicious cream pie later that evening. The girl often would snowball me as guys shot their load in our faces as we kissed. It was really hot. The girl sucked me off too, with a parting snowball, so the night was complete.Eating other guys cum ,of course, is the easiest and quickest way to enjoy large quantities of cum, so another alternative is the normal public park or public restroom. I have sucked some of my best cocks in bathrooms at rest stops or parks. When you’re a cocksucker like me the main thing I always hope for is size and a normal shape of cock. You would be surprised to know how many guys are walking around with funny shaped cock heads or some other weird attribute like badly curved or unusually short and fat. I have found I prefer a normal cock with a roundish head, straight shaft and normal girth. Cut or uncut makes no difference other than I notice uncut guys cum a lot faster. You can never tell how much cum a guy has until it actually is shooting in your mouth. I have sucked small 4″cocks that shoot unbelievable amounts of thick white cum, and at the same time have sucked a 10″ monster that only dribbled a small amount of not so thick cum. Some guys have a lot of precum which is a real treat. I enjoy teasing adiosbet güvenilirmi these types and sipping the beads of precum for as long as they can stand it. The longer they hold off the more cum they eventually shoot.I mentioned cream pie before……that also is a treat I don’t get very often. You must try it before you make judgment. Cum from a dripping cunt is like fine wine to me. If I can get the girl to allow several guys to shoot their load in their cunt before I take my turn it is just absolutely great!!! As cum flows back out it mixes with the girls cunt juice and forms a taste unlike anything you can experience. If the girl knows what she’s doing she can hover over your face and allow cum to slowly drip from her cunt as she tenses and relaxes. God is it good!!! When you finally get to dig your tongue in and clean out the remaining cum it actually takes on a sweet taste like vanilla syrup. Of course everyone involved has to be clean and hygienic. I really hate smelly cock or cunt. That’s a real turnoff. I often get everyone to shower just before any activity and if possible use some type of bath powder. You should try this……you will be surprised at how wonderful a cunt full of cum can taste.Snowballs are good also, but I find most girls that will do that often want to swallow the cum too quickly. I like to trade it back and forth as much as possible before swallowing. I don’t enjoy snowballing with men too much…I just never got into gay activity of that type. I don’t like the feel of another guys whiskers on my chin. I know what I do is a gay activity but just never went into all the other relational things or anal play. I just like cum and to get what I want I have to suck cock….no big deal.Last but not least…..I have found adult bookshops with clean booths to be a good place to get cum. I mentioned before that glory holes are a good source. I prefer to be in the booth with the guy I am sucking so I can hold and control his cock as I suck. Some guys like to cum as I deep throat their cocks but that way doesn’t allow me to taste the cum very well. If the cock is fully into my throat it goes straight down and my tongue never gets to taste anything. Even so I normally don’t complain. Most guys that like that hold my face tight to their root with my nose smashed into their pubic hair as they shoot their load. So be it………..the next guy often wants to give me a facial or at least watch the cum shoot into my mouth or on my tongue. That seems to help them shoot just a bit more.Anyway….that’s about all I have to tell everyone. My love for cum is as strong today as it was back in high school so if anyone has another way of enjoying this wonder fluid please e-mail me. I would love to correspond with you. Maybe even meet up if you are close to the liverpool area. Happy eating!!!!!