cuckold lifestyle 57The Halloween party.Well Saturday evening we strated getting ready to go to Ann’s for her Halloween party. I had to shower first so my wife could pick out my costume. I was told to shave everything totaly bare. Guys I don’t know if you have ever shaved yourself totaly but I can tell you it’s not easy. I shaved from my legs all the way to my hair line on my head. After I finished ( a good hour ) I went into the bed room to get dressed. All I had to wear was a pair of old motorcycle boots , socks and my CB3000. I called out to my wife , she was showering in her bathroom. I said you forgot to lay out my costume. She told me no I didn’t that’s all you need. I put on my boots and CB3000 and sat in the den and waited on her to get out of the shower. I saw her bathroom door open and she came out wearing a towel and turned right into our room. I got up and followed her in. I sat on the bed and told her that I would be freezing wearing only this. She never turned around to face me but she started telling me that she had something for me to put on, but she said I’d have to wait on her to get dressed. then she dropped her towel and bent over to get something out of her bottom drawer . There right in my face was her beautiful taned ass cheeks and I could see the lips of her pussy peeking out from between them. Go set in the den so I can get dressed she told me.It took her over an hour to get dressed. But when she came in the den I couldn’t get over how hot she looked. She was wearing the dress we bought in Virginia Highlands and as she walked her right leg would show out of the slit. It was covered in black fish net and she had on a pair of knee high boots also in black. She went out into the garage and came back in carrying a bag. Here you big pussy she said as she tossed the bag to me. I asked what is it? She said she had bought it for me to wear but had changed her mind untill I started being a baby about not wearing anything. She said put it on. I pulled out something furry and soft, it was black and white. I held it up and asked what is it? She said it’s a pussy cat costume. What ? I can’t go as this I told her. She said you’ll go as this or stay home. I looked at the costume , it was made for a woman, the legs where cut very hight on the sides and there wasn’t very much between the legs to cover me up. I said well it will be warmer but my legs are going to freeze , you had me shave off all my hair. She said I thought of that too. She went into our room and returned with a pair of sheer to the waist black pantyhose. Oh no…no I can’t do that I protested. She said fine I’ll see when I get home. She acted as if she was about to leave. I said no, wait, I’ll wear it. She get dressed in front of me. I took off my boots and socks. I sat down on the couch and started rolling the first leg of the pantyhose up , she said I’m impressed, you know how to put on pantyhose. I said I’ve watched you a few hundred times. I pulled the nylon up my leg then rolled the other side up. I stood up and pulled the waist all the way up as far as I could. You could see my CB3000 behind the cotton panel. I pulled the costume up my legs and got my arms in the half sleeves I pulled it up over my shoulders. The high cut legs lotusbet güvenilirmi rode up over my hip bones. I looked down at my legs in the black nylon and looked kinna sexy. My wife said turn around so I can zip you. She zipped the back and said damn boy you have some sexy legs. Then slapped my ass. I said I feel like a queer. She said you look like one too. I hope non of the husbands ger drunk and try to fuck your ass. Oh I hope not too. She said here the zipper has a place for a lock , I’ll lock you in so you’ll be safe. We headed over to Ann’s across the back yard, I didn’t want the neighbors to see me dressed like this. Just before we went in my wife pulled a pair of little kitty ears out of her bag and told me to put them on. I felt so embarrassed. We walked into Ann’s kitchen , there was already a lot of folks there. All the ladies told me they loved my costume and some even pinched my ass. I went straight to the bar and mixed myself a strong drink. I was trying to get a bu zz going. Some older lady came up and started talking to me. She was dressed at a sexy maid. Fish nets short ruffled skirt and all. She asked why is your junk sticking out so far. I said excuse me? She asked again but this time she reached out and rubbed my CB3000. OH , she said , what is that? I told her it was a chastity device. She got all interested in what I was telling her. She said you mean you can’t fuck ? I told her yes, my wife doesn’t allow me to have sex. She said how does she cope with no sex? I said mam , I can’t have sex, she has sex with who ever she wishes. OH she said, I’ve heard of that’s called umm. I spoke up and said it’s called cuckolding. Yeah that’s it she said…Which lady is your wife she asked? I pointed out my wife , she was talking to two gentlemen and one was rubbing her stocking covered leg. OH ,she said I see she’s already trying to find someone to fuck her isn’t she? She turned to watch me answer. Yes mam , I think she is I answered. Well doesn’t that effect you at all she asked? Yes mam it does I answered. How do you feel she asked? Well mam , my cock is trying to get hard in my device. It is she said? Why ? does seeing you wife get felt up make you horny? Yes mam I answered, but not as horny as watching her have sex. You watch other guys with your wife she asked? I have I said. How many times she kept quizing me. I said I don’t know, I guess a few hundred. Oh my, she seemed shocked, a few hundred different guys she asked? Well yeah but several do her over and over , she has regulars I told her. She said I’m sorry about asking so many questions but I think talking about this is making my pussy wet. I didn’t respond. She asked if I wanted to finger her, no mam I’m not allowed I told her. Well you are just the cutest thing she told me, I thanked her and she walked off. My wife walked over to me and asked who my new friend was? I told her I had no idea who she was.She told me , how about getting me a drink. I said OK and went to the bar. I sat my empty glass down and made myself another stiff one. I was feeling a little bit more at ease by now. I made my wife a drink stiffer than I usually would . I handed it to her and asked what she wanted me to do. Go find someone lotusbet yeni giriş to talk to. I asked if she had any leads on a cock for tonight? She said yeah in a minute me and James are going to slip over to our house and have a little fun. James? I said I know that name. She said yeah he’s that tall black lover of mine. Where is he I asked her. She said he’s not at the party yet, he just called her and said be at our house in twenty minutes. I asked if I could come watch? She laughted and said dressed like that? Well I said , she butted in and said what if he wants you to suck his cock to get it hard? I said I think I’ll hang out here . She said I knew that would make you stay. She walked into the crowd of people just as my old friend came back with a friend in tow.The new friend looked to be about fourty. Hey honey she called out to me. This is Lisa, a friend of mine, I knoded toward her, mam I said. She went on to say I was telling her about how you have a device on your cock and your wife gets cock from anyone she wishes. I gave a sligh knod. The new lady said so it’s true? yes mam I answered. OH that’s so sexy she said, I think I feel myself getting wet. I looked at her costume , she was Little bro Peep. she had on a light blue dress with lots of pettycoats under it, her legs where covered in white hose and she had on Mary Jane shoes. She giggled like someone almost over served. She ran her hand up under all those petty coats and said yes I am wet. See, she stuck a shinny finger in my face. I took her hand and stuck the finger in my mouth. Yep, you taste very nice my dear I told her. OH that’s so hot they both said. But you said you can’t fuck my little lady friend said . I can’t , but I can eat pussy. They both giggled like school girls. Lisa said I want you to eat my pussy then she said. I told her I’d have to ask my wife first, so as to not make her mad. My little lady friend said well you can’t , I saw her slip out the back door about ten minutes ago. I said well OK let me go check to see if she’s OK then I’ll come find you. I stepped out back onto Ann’s deck, there where people every where. I was about to go down the steps when I heard Ann’s voice. Hey cucky she hollored. I turned around. She said you better not go over there and interrupt your wife , she’s over there with James getting her cunt serviced with big black cock. I looked at all the faces listening to what she just said. Some had mouths hanging open , others where smiling at me. I didn’t say anything back to her I just kept walking. I heard some drunk man yell , hey honey , your husband is coming to catch you..then he laughted. I heard a another voice tell him to shut the fuck up. I walked around to our bed room window. the light was on , I peeked inside, there was James setting on our bed butt assed naked. He was stroking his cock as he watched my wife taking off her dress. She let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. All she had on was a black corset and her stockings and boots. Her nipples where uncovered and sticking out nice and hard. She dropped to her knees and stared giving James a blow job. This only lasted two minutes at the most. He laid back on the bed and she climbed on top and sat lotusbet giriş on his big fat black shinny cock. Half went in right way, she had to come up and back down three times to set all the way to his balls. She sat dead still for a long time, they where talking but I couldn’t hear. Then all of a sudden he fliped her over and started hammering her very hard and fast, Her fishnet covered legs wrapped around his back and she locked her boots together.He fucked her non stop till he came, it took a good ten minutes . He rasied up off her and walked to her side of the dresser. He opened her panty drawer and pulled out a pair of black bikini panties. He tossed them to her and she pulled them up over her cum filled pussy, she stood up and he helped her dress. I ran back to Ann’s as fast as I could. My little lady friend was there waiting on me. She said I thought you had left us, we want you to eat out pussies cuckold boy. I said OK where can we do this ? She said Ann is my cousin and I asked her if I could use the spare room tonight. Great lets go now I said. The three of us went into one of Ann’s bedrooms and locked the door. As soon as I turned around from locking the door I saw both ladied bent over the footboard with their dresses over their heads. They both had sexy shaved pussies. I stuck my face into Lisa’s and started fingering the other lady. Lisa came very quickly and I started on Ann’s cousin. She too didn’t take but a few minutes to get off. My cock was rock hard in my cage. I smacked their asses and told them I had to go. Neither one moved. I walked into the main room to get a drink to hide the smell on my lips. There was my wife talking to James as if they where just meeting each other for the first time. I walked over after sipping my drink and making sure to get all the pussy smell off my face. My wife called to me to come talk with James. I put my hand out to shake his. He was very nice and shook my hand. I asked him if he had just gotten here? He said yeah at the party I just have, but I stopped by your house first to fuck you lovely wife before getting here. I looked at my wife she said he left you a big suprise in my pussy. A few over heard that and gave me a stare. That was the only time she was fucked during the party. It got late and every one stared leaving , we helped Ann clean up some before we headed to our house..we like in me ,my wife, and James. Once in the house my wife took a chair from the kitchen into our bedroom. she told me to set down in it. I did and she told James to tie my feet to the legs , I think he was a little uncomfortable touching my legs in the pantyhose. I sat there watching while they fucked all night. I fell asleep while they where fucking one time. That man can fuck all day I bet. My wife woke me up at ten the next morning. She was naked and said James had just left and she couldn’t hold his cum in her any longer. She fell back on the bed and I ate her very well used pussy till it was clean. She fell asleep and I didn’t want to bother her. I couldn’t get out of my costume because it was locked. I pulled on a pair of pants and a sweat shirt I put on my Crocs with no socks..just my black pantyhose and went to Kroger to pick up a few things. I felt kind of sceared to be dressed like that under my cloths. but no one could tell what I had on. My wife slept till eight that night. she woke up and made me fix dinner. I had to serve her in my costume, this wearing of women’s cloths is something new to our playing…I kind of enjoyed it…Life is good.