Big Dicks

creamy role play
For a long time I have had a crush on my friend Shane, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Kind, caring, same interests and he’s soo handsome! Not the handsome 6 pack. The handsome as in normal and doesn’t care what you look like. Shane’s 22 soon to be 23 with short dark hair and a couple of tattoos on his slim body. Myself Im 22 and a chunky girl. Not what I want to be but slowly changing that. All my life I’ve believed that big people should be with big and thin with thin, don’t as where this comes from because I have no idea, it’s always been in my head and scares me at times….until Shane. We had been friends for the past 4 years and could share anything with each other. His new flat was amazing, the sitting room was big and spacious and his bedroom was nice and cosy with a double bed fitting in it.

One night we were sitting chatting about Captain America: Civil War and what we thought of it, we had just been to the cinema to see it. To be honest all I could think of were his lips on mine kissing me passionately, but it would never happen. I wasn’t going to tell him how I really felt in case I lost him, has too good a friend to lose. I hadn’t heard a word he said when he shouted at me:
“You didn’t hear a word I just said did you?”
“Whets on your mind” He asked and before I even thought about it I said
“What it would be like to kiss you…..”
There has never been a more awkward silence between us both before. Normally we would just shrug it off and laugh about it but there was something different, something I couldn’t put my finger on.
Shane had been sitting on the couch opposite me but shifted slightly making me wonder if I had made him uncomfortable. ‘God sake, me and my big mouth’ is all I could think to myself. Returning my gaze to the TV trying to ignore the stare that was burning into my skull from Shane, the thought of him kissing me wasn’t far from my mind. Until I began to think about what it would be like to fuck him. I was still a virgin and didn’t know what it really felt like. Yeah I had used a bullet and a dildo before but I know they’re nothing compared to the real thing. At least that’s what my sister and friends had always told me. They also told me once you’ve had sex you want it all the time. Sorry but I was like that just now, so many people I wanted to fuck me but fear kept me grounded. Kept my morals in place…it wasn’t something I wanted to regret.
Shane got up from his sofa heading towards the kitchen that was adjacent to the sitting room; I thought he was going to get a coke or something, oh how wrong was I! He rounded the coffee table that was situated in the middle of the room and sat beside me on the couch.
“Was getting a breeze” he simply said to me. He must have thought I was stupid because there was nowhere over on the other couch that he could have got a breeze, there was no open fire place, and no open windows not even a door for there to be a draft coming through. My brain kicked into over drive wondering why he sat beside me, wondering if I should make a move and wondering if such a move would be welcome. We were watching ‘Game of Thrones’ the episode Garden of Bones from season 2. It was at the point where Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon were having sex on a table. Part of me was turned on by this, just the way that the scene was taking place. Being honest it resembled a quickie. I chuckled to myself and Shane seemed to have noticed.
“What’s going on in that filthy mind of yours?”
“Just thinking how this looks like a quickie. One, two, three fuck done and dusted. No foreplay or love just a shag. No point in that.”
“I don’t know, quickies can be fun” I knew Shane had sex before, he was a bit of a player when he was younger and it was known, the way he would talk about women and how he only would go back for sex. I blamed it on the crowd that he hung around with at the time and the amount of pot he smoked when he was younger; he was clean(er) now. Only now and then he would smoke one which turned me on. Before when he was younger he was the type of person who would repulse me, now he was grown up and maturing he was becoming the man I could love.
“Well once again I would know….tada” I comically said, he knew I was a virgin. It wasn’t something I hid from the friends closest to me, there was no point. One thing that annoyed me the most about still being a virgin was if people talked about fucking in front of me or what their boyfriend/partner does to them I couldn’t join in the conversation so I would openly tell them. Then everyone would be like ‘omg really? Why you keeping it? Why don’t you go have a one night stand?’ or on the rare occasion people would bloody congratulate you and say men appreciate a woman who Is a virgin. How the hell would they appreciate it? They’ve gotta pop someone’s cherry and the men I’ve known in the past have been repulsed at the idea of that worrying about me becoming too clingy. Lucky for me none of those men turned me on, not like Shane.
The scene was coming to an end and we were joking about what if someone walked in on them, it would be one awkward encounter with her tits hanging out and his junk pounding away at her. We could have a laugh like this; it’s what made us trust each other. We got onto the topic of who we would fuck out of game of thrones if we had the chance. I chose Khal Drogo because he looks Mauri and Im a sucker for men with tattoos. Shane chose Daenerys Targaryen. In the series they were married and he was the dominator for a while until she taught him to enjoy sex.
“Funny how we both pick the married couple in game of thrones when there’s all the other characters”
Shane was quiet which normally meant he was getting tired, I was about to say I was going to head home and let him get some sleep when he caught me off guard.
“I could be your drogo and you could be my Targaryen…..” I just looked at him suppressing a laugh not knowing if he was being serious or not. Laughing was my way of coping; I was terrible at accepting and identifying compliments or just genuine flirting. If a guy is flirting with me I Just think he’s being kind.
“Thanks…..what would drogo do if he lived in our lifetime, not the fantasy one like what skills would be bring?”
“Not sure about work skills but I know what he would do.”
“What’s that?” Shane was leaning in for a kiss; me being me was a bit taken back wondering why he would want to kiss me. Before I knew it his lips were locked with mine. He tasted amazing! Sweet yet smokey from the cigarette he had been smoking but it was more-ish. He began to lean in towards me pushing me into the arm on the couch. I pushed back with my lips ravishing each touch with him.
Shane took a breath and looked at me with shock on his face looking at what he had just done. He went to move away from me.
“And that’s what Drogo would do I think.” He was about to sit back down from leaning into me when I pushed him over and started kissing him back. Through parted kisses I said to him.
“And this is what Daenerys would do.” I let out a little laugh not being able to contain myself. It was all happening so fast; our clothes were being ripped off one another hungry for what would happen next.
Being licked out never appealed to me so I didn’t let him force his way onto me. His jeans were off him now it was only the boxers. Teasing him I reached for his cock through his boxers wanking him off whilst grinding him. It was something that I had seen in movies before and thought I would try it out. Moving down him he managed to slip his boxers off exposing his hard cock. It was bigger that what I ever imagined a little more than average I’d say. But oh my…the veins! It wasn’t a couple of veins it was covered! I could see him shifting in his seat trying to get a better view of his cock, smiling down at me. I lowered my lips onto his cock, it was salty. I didn’t know what to expect at all but it tasted good. Wondering how much I could get into my mouth I forced his cock down my throat, which cause him to groan loudly. I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing my mouth up and down on his cock. He was pushing too quick and it caused me to gag which seemed to please him even more. Bringing myself up from the couch my legs ached from being huddled up to him and the taste of his cock lingered in my mouth. Shane got up from the couch as well letting his cock hang. Looking at it from this angle looked even better. I had no idea what was going to happen next His hands caressed my hips making circles with his hands.
“Wanna take this to the bedroom?” he asked
“sure” did he really think that I was going to object?
Laying down on the bed I spread my legs letting him have a look at my soaking wet pussy; his cock seemed to twitch at this. Crawling onto the bed he lay between my legs his cock managing to find my pussy. He was a lot bigger than I had expected, wincing in pain his cock slowly managed to fit in me….but not all he was too big for my tight pussy. Kissing me he began to thrust in and out causing my pussy to squelch in pleasure. It was amazing. I could feel him inside me hitting my pussy with his balls. I thought this couldn’t get any better. Oh how wrong was I. Lowering one of his hands his finger began to play with my clit. Moaning with pleasure trying not to be too loud he was making me even wetter. There was a feeling beginning to grow within me, it felt like pressure was building up. Being honest it was really uncomfortable but what came next I never would have believed could happen. My whole body began to shake uncontrollably as if I were getting a tattoo but this was only pleasure. My breathing got quicker and I couldn’t stop moaning. Shane smiled at this and flipped me over so I was lying on my stomach. Grabbing both of my hips he just thrust into me without guiding his cock and pounded me as fast and as deep as he could. I knew he was trying to fit all of himself in me but it wasn’t happening. My pussy wanted more though. Shanes cock was beginning to pulse inside of me, I didn’t want this to end. I wanted to keep going.
“What?” he asked
“Lie down on your back”
I moved to quick for him to object. Grabbing his rock hard wet cock covered in my cum I forced myself onto him. I felt so full like there was no room for anymore. But I wanted it badly. Letting my weight do its work I managed to fit all of him in me, it was really painful but it felt soo much better. I’d never rode a guy before and it took me a while to find my rhythm, as soon as I found it there was no holding back. Bouncing up and down on his man sword he was groaning in sync with my moans. I laughed to myself wondering what the neighbours were thinking with all the noise we were both making.
“Aw god!” he was screaming
“cum in me” I wanted to know how it felt to be full of his hot cum
“what?” he was getting closer
“cum in me!” there was a little hesitation but then he grabbed a hold of my hips lifting me slightly up from his cock allowing him to pound me from this angle. Now he was all in me getting faster and faster until I felt a warm rush inside my pussy. He lowered me onto him and I could feel it wanting to drip out of my pussy. It was an unusual feeling but a good one. Shane admired his work staring at my pussy and his creamy cum seeping out. We lay beside each other naked not wanting to move, it was an experience I would never forget/