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Crazy Night In The LibraryIm just your normal guy. 5 feet 8 inches, skinny, nerdy, and I’ve never been to good with girls. Im one of two black guys in my school but everybody is cool. It was my 18th birthday, and while other people party and do crazy things, i spent my day doing nothing. I had a test to study for in two days so i decided to go to the library so i can study quietly. Not to many people come to library, the only time they do is when the want to get a blowjob or something in the last row of books. Tonight the only people here are me, 2 other students, and the librarian, Ms. Dobbs. Ms. Dobbs is crazy mean for no reason, but she has the most amazing ass. She is in her late 40’s early 50’s and it sort of shows. Her boobs sag a little and she’s not all the small, but her ass is just perfect. She looks like an older lisa ann except her boobs aren’t as big, but her hair is just the same, plus she wears glasses.So i was studying for my chemistry test and a girl comes up to me. She smells of weed and alcohol. “Hey baby.” I look at her weird because she seems off. “I wanna make a deal. I have to write this paper by tomorrow and I don’t want to do it. I heard you were pretty smart, so if you write it for me ill give you a blowjob right here.” My eyes lit up with excitement. “How long does it have to be?” I asked. “Just a page.” she replied. I had only gotten one blowjob my entire life and it was during 7 minutes of heaven in 11th grade, and im pretty sure it could have been better. Now I have this eighteen-year-old blonde girl telling she would give me one to write one page. “Sure, I’ll do it now. “ She smiled gave me the instructions then started to unzip my pants. I was surprised because I was expecting her to do it after I finished or at a different time, but she went right at it. I was nervous because Ms. Dobbs was at her desk and there was one more person in the library and I didn’t want to get caught.She unzipped my zipper and let out a loud gasp. “SHHHHHHHH.” Ms. Dobbs said, looking dead at me. The way we were angled, she could only see me and couldn’t see the girl on my right. I ankara escort asked her why she gasped and she said “because you have a nice dick.” I had always thought my dick was ok. Its seven inches long and sort of thick but nothing like the pornstars I see in videos. She took it out as I pulled down my pants a little so she could get more out. I was moving through the paper pretty well while she was jacking me off. Then all I felt was a warmth around my dick head. She began to put her mouth on it and bobbed up and down. My eyes rolled in the back of my head for a couple of seconds. She would take half of me in her mouth then come up and lick me like a lollipop. A couple more minutes went past and I finished the paper. “Im done.” She looked up at me and said “OK baby, I guess I should finish you off.” After that she took my whole dick she took my whole dick down her throat. I let out a quiet gasp as the pleasure took over me. I sat back and just relaxed and let her do her thing.She just kept taking me down her throat and started to make quiet gagging sounds. The feeling was so good that I got lost in my place. I couldn’t believe this girl was sucking me off in a public library and it felt this good. I kept my eyes closed and told her that I was about to cum. She pulled her mouth off and started to jack me off fast. In a few seconds I came and she put her mouth down and started to swallow it. My body tensed as I felt so much pleasure. Then when I opened my eyes all I saw was the angry Ms. Dobbs.“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” The girl looked up in fear, grabbed her laptop and ran out. I tried to get out but my pants were still down and I tripped up. Ms. Dobbs ran to the door and locked it before I could get there. “I’m sorry Ms. Dobbs, I…..uh….it isn’t what it looked like.”“Oh really? Because it looks like you were getting you penis sucked in the middle of my library. Now what I should do it call your parents, or maybe I could call the cops and get you arrested for public indecency.”“No Ms. Dobbs don’t do that. Ill do anything to make it up. Please.”She looked at me with disappointment. ankara escort bayan She looked me up and down. My pants were still down but my boxers were on. I saw her staring at my crotch and all of a sudden my dick jumped. A quick smile popped up on her face but was quickly replaced with a mean frown.“Was that your penis that I saw? Pull it out.”I didn’t know if she was serious or not. Why would she want me to pull out my dick? I pulled down my boxers to expose my semi hard cock.“Jerk it.” She licked her lips and tugged on her shirt while I was jerking off. I was starting to get hard because I thought that I was turning this older lady on. In my head I was picturing this milf naked in front of me begging to take my dick. I continued to stroke my cock while she watched. She started to touch her boobs and her ass. “Come into my office. Leave your pants clothes in here.” I took off all my clothes and followed her into her office all while staring at her perfect, plump ass.When I got into her office, she dropped her skirt and panties and sat on her desk. “Drop down and lick my pussy.” I eagerly obliged. I got down on my knees and stared at her pussy. The lips were so big and her clit was sticking out. It was all wet for me and I needed to taste it. I kissed on her thighs before diving into her pussy. I sucked the lips into my mouth gently and flicked them with my tongue. I had researched how to have sex on my computer, but I had never done it, but luckily my research payed off. Ms. Dobbs laid her head back in pleasure and began to moan. I sucked her clit and stuck my index and middle finger in her pussy. I had read that if you do this in a certain way you can make a woman squirt. So I arched my fingers up and began to move them in and out of her fast, all while sucking her clit. She raised her hair up and looked me in the eye. “Oh my god oh my god oh my god,” she screamed. I began to feel more moisture and I heard gushy sounds. After a few more seconds she began to squirt all over me. I tried to swallow some of it but some had gotten in my eye and I backed off, but I did go taste escort ankara her afterwards and she tasted so sweet.Ms. Dobbs grabbed my hair and threw me down. “Did I tell you to make me squirt? You only do what I want you to do. You hear me?”“Yes Ms. Dobbs.”She grabbed me by my hair again and pulled me up. She bent over the desk and told me to eat her ass. I began licking around the hole and then stuck my tongue inside but she stopped me.“Well you’re not that good at that. Lets see if you can put that nice dick to good use.”She sat me down in a chair and turned her back to me, the she grabbed my dick and sat down on it. Her pussy was so wet that it felt like I was in the ocean. I couldn’t believe that I had this woman with a perfect ass on my dick. She began to bounce on my dick harder. I reached around to her shirt to unbutton it so I could grab her boobs and she slapped my hands away.“You only do what I say. If you want to play with my boobs, you have to ask.”“Can I grab your boobs?” I desperately asked.“Beg for it. I need to know you want it.”I pleaded my heart out to grab her boobs and she finally opened her shirt and took off her bra and pulled my hands to them. They were sort of saggy but I didn’t mind it. I was in pure ecstasy with her bouncing on me. But then I wanted to do something unexpected. I had always wanted to take control so I was gonna see what I could get away with. I let go of her boobs and grabbed her hair with one hand and used my other one to take her to the ground. I had her in doggystyle position and began to pound away at her.“What are you doing? Oh my…Sto….oh my……youre so big….Fuck me.”She seemed like she didn’t want me to do it at first but her pleasure overcame her. I pushed her head to the ground while and got to handfuls of her ass and started fucking her fast and hard. Her pussy began to drip and eventually she erupted. Her body began to shake and I couldn’t control her. She ended up turning around on her back and I got on top of her and slid inside of her. She screamed for me to keep going while she was cumming and I did. I looked her in her eyes as I was plunging in and out of her. She grabbed my head and pulled me in to kiss her and I blew my load inside of her and collapsed on her. I rolled off of her and laid side by side. “I need to take you to go see my daughter.” She said.So much left to tell.