Counting To Three In FrenchHe’d met her at a dinner party, one of those half-business,half-pleasure things for the university that had filled toomuch of his time that summer. The night was hot andMidwest muggy, but for some reason they’d been ledoutside for after-dinner drinks in the bugs and theflickering light of the citronella torches. He first noticedher then, pretty, tall but rounded with light brown hair andhard green eyes, and he had watched her as she leanedalone against a column on the shadowed patio while hisfriends chattered around him about movies and healthclubs, watched until she had finally dipped into her purseand removed a sleek silver case. She’d popped it open andpulled out one slim dark cigarette, lit it and brought it upslowly to set between her full lips. Her eyes finally met histhen, steady over the glowing ember, but he’d madehimself look away. Kurt did triathlons. He didn’t dosmokers.Now he lay naked in darkness, silken rope wrappedround his wrists and ankles, a blindfold tight on his face.He lay on the floor of the ancient Parisian apartment andcould smell the layers, the generations, of smoke that hadsoaked into the wooden floor and thick plaster, the carpetsand battered furniture. Over that ancient scent was a freshcloud of harsh fume, drifting on the swell of Frenchchatter that came from the next room where Marie wastalking with her friends, telling them God knows what,preparing to bring them in here. In here to where he lay,helpless, alone, naked. Hard.The French had caused it. Kurt didn’t know a word, butits shape in Marie’s mellow alto had thrown him at thatparty. After he had looked away, after he thought he’drefused her, she’d walked up and spoken to one of hisfriends. He’d known she was asking about him by the wayher cool eyes slid over his face and body as she spoke, butwhat they said had been lost to him. Holding his drink inthe humid night air, surrounded by others but dreadfullyaware of her presence, that sudden sense of helplessignorance had made him lose track of his aversion tosmoky clothes and mouths that tasted of ash. When she’dfinally spoken to him in clear English, lightly layered withher native tongue, he heard sensuality and sureness, anddeep in it all, command. Later that night he was on hisknees in her apartment, mouth on her sex and handscupping the warm smooth skin of her buttocks, bringingher to climax as she stood and stared down at him past thered coal of her dark cigarette. She had waited untilmorning before she had finally smoked him, and he’dbrought her to orgasm twice more with his hands beforethat. That was how she wanted it, how she had ordered it,and so that was what he’d done. One night and she ownedhim, and he bent himself to her will, helpless in his hungerto please her, to bend himself to her desire.She had returned to Paris in the fall, had left him aloneand lost without her sex and loving disdain. Kurt had beendominated before, learning and experimenting with threedifferent women before Marie, but it was different withher. It was easy, nothing played at, just something that wasbetween them. Simple, complete, total. When he first hadthe chance, he had flown to her, to a smoky city that hehad never thought much of before, in a country he hadnever cared for. Two weeks with Marie, five days alreadygone, passed in sex, subjugation and cigarette smoke.Trapped in her city, gaziantep escort trapped by culture and language, hewas helpless in a way he had never been before, dependenton his lover for everything. Marie laughed at hisuselessness and made him pay for her help with histongue, his fingers, and his cock.In the other room, he heard chairs shuffle, floorboardscreak, the sound of the door clicking open. He heardMarie’s voice, low and darkly amused, mixed with thesounds of soft laughter and excited French. Kurt couldn’ttell how many, one, two, a thousand, they were cominginto the room and staring down at him, naked and helplessand blind, so hard and wanting he was already drippingwet warmth down onto his belly. Footsteps surroundedhim, soft pad of bare or stockinged feet intermixed withthe clatter of heels, then silence as they stopped. Kurtcould feel them staring down at him, staring with humourand disdain as they flicked the ash of their stinking Clovesand Marlboros over his bare skin, coating him in the greydust dandruff of their nicotine angels. Beside his head, theancient floorboards sighed and popped as someonestepped close to lean down and run a hand through hishair. In her beautiful accented whisper, Marie spoke tohim, ‘All here now, pet. I want us to play a game withyou. Each will have a turn, each will touch you threetimes, trying to make you mess yourself. You will try tocontain yourself, exhibit your control. You must proveyour mettle. Show some spine.’ Kurt nodded, excitementtwisting with dread, the best of feelings, and listened to therustle of whispers and clothes being shed. He wonderedwho was out there, if he had met them before in one of thecrowded coffee shops or clubs that Marie had pulled himthrough, foreign and mute, what they looked like…werethey all women, or had Marie included men in this? Hisjaw clenched, and he fought the urge to buck and twist, totry to pull free and see.Now in his extremity, someone came, and he heard asoft chorus chant out Un, then felt the hands. Warmfingers traced a feather touch on his lips, one parting themto stroke gently through and slip along teeth and tongue,then away. They came again and he sucked at them, hotand slim and long-nailed, and he could see in his mind thestain of ash and nicotine that must mark them. Deux camethe chant, and spider light the fingers traced circles aroundhis nipples before moving in to roll and tug them intohardness. Too light, a tickling torture that tormented as itpleased. Trois, and the hands lifted away, were gone, andthen settled down again on his cock. Like a startled bird, itjerked up at the touch, and Kurt gasped at the intensity,felt how close he was to coming just with these firstcaresses. He heard laughter, and his panic and desiretightened as he fought to keep himself from climaxing as ahand wrapped around his shaft, firmly squeezing asanother finger stroked the tip of his sex and spread thedroplet of slick liquid that clung there over its swollenhead. Kurt whined with the pleasure and felt himselfmove, hips fucking the hand even as he tried to reignhimself in. Then the touch was gone, and he was alone andtrembling on the floor.‘Don’t embarrass me, pet. At least try to pretend you’renot pathetic.’ Marie’s voice was still light, but there wasthe cold note of threat to it that Kurt knew well, a promiseof punishment if he were to disappoint. Listening to her,he didn’t notice the approach of the next person until theword Un cut through the air and he felt lips touch his ears,teeth bite light on the lobe. The sudden touch was morestartling than erotic. He managed to regain some controleven as he yelped at the contact. With Deux the mouthlifted and touched his throat, sucking and biting himlightly over the lines of his pulse, a sensation that alwayswent through him. His newly found control began to sliprapidly as teeth pressed into his skin, until he feltsomething new, a harsh scrub against his neck that madehis hands clench even before the word stubble could formitself in his head. A new twisting anxiousness broughtwith it another wave of lust, and he began to really feel itnow, the dizzy pull of separation that came over himduring an intense session of dominance, when he reallylost himself in what was happening and let go ofeverything but the experience. He missed the word Troisentirely, only knew distantly that it must have been spokenwhen he realized that the mouth was gone from his neck,that instead it had taken the tight knot of his balls into itswarmth. Pulling free, he floated in the sensation of thetongue that twined and lapped at him until it was gone.Distant soft laughter, scolding French as bodiesshuffled, a murmured Un, then hard soft against his lips anipple pressed, while the other breast’s heat brushedagainst the side of his face. He opened his mouth and let itin to suckle, nursed on sweat and nicotine until it waslifted away. He licked his lips after it had slipped fromthem, missing the comforting erotic touch of it in hismouth, then came the next count. With Deux he felt bothbreasts return, large and heavy, not Marie’s. They pressedagainst his chest, big nipples rubbing over his small ones,their heavy softness stroking across him, the silk of themburning trails across his skin. Trois, and down his chestand belly they stroked, finally brushing over his cock sothat he was cradled in the space between. She moved,pressed her breasts together; Kurt felt himself wrapped inthem, surrounded by their softness until she slowly pulledaway. Kurt lowered his hips, slowly realizing he hadraised them to thrust deeper into the cleavage whose heatstill ghosted on his skin. Outside of his head, out there, heheard more talking, the clink of glasses, and twistinganticipation and shame moved in slowly quickeningcurrents through him.Footsteps finally close again, and a whispered Unfollowed by heat and scent and suffocation as a cuntpressed against his mouth. His gasp flooded his mouthwith the taste of her, and he lapped at the soft flesh, notcaring that he could only barely breathe. The womanpushed herself down into his face as he pressed his tongueup into her, and he heard a distant moan muffled by herthighs and felt her legs tremble against him. With areluctant seeming slowness she moved then, pulling hersex away from his hungry mouth and went sliding downhim until he felt the hot wetness of her resting on the skinof his chest. Lost, Kurt licked her taste from his lips andwaited for what would come next. With Deux, her small,sweat slicked hand grasped his cock and pulled it up, andhe groaned through clenched teeth as his body arched,working desperately to help her sheathe the painfulhardness of his cock in her. Warm wet lips brushed him,then with one strong motion she rose up and then camedown on him, her cunt clenching his cock as tightly as herhand had. In his distant space, Kurt could feel the currentsof desire and torment begin to spin in him, to strengthenand turn in a growing gyre, a storm of release in whoseslowly shrinking eye he centred himself. Another moanfrom the woman who rode him echoed through the eye,and from some far place he heard Marie say something ina different language. The woman above him stopped herrocking, relaxed her body’s grip on him and stood, leavinghim wet and groaning in the storm. He could hear Marie’ssoft laughter somewhere above him, and he knew sheknew where he was.In a soft mutter he heard another order from her, thenTrois, and the woman returned, pressing down on himagain, naked skin warm against his chest, hair brushingacross his face, buttocks pressed against his hips. The tipof his cock brushed against the hollow sheltered betweenher soft cheeks and he pushed forward as she pusheddown, helping him sink onto her. He thrust hard, groaning,straining against the ropes that held him as the eye of hisstorm began to fray and collapse, all control lost as hefought to reach out to hold whoever it was down on him sohe could finish; sheathed in her flesh, and with a suddendesperate cry, he was slammed back into himself,sensation pouring through him as he shuddered and camein her.When he finally stilled, his body slowly relaxing backto the floor below him, he could feel that the womanabove him still moved and thrashed, her hands grippingtight on his forearms and her feet hooked around hiscalves. He pulled in his breath and listened to herwhimpers, began to wonder about them as his heartstopped pounding, then someone yanked the blindfoldaway from his eyes.On him, a woman, slim and small with short dark hairpanted, thrusting her hips up to Marie who stood over herand rubbed her stocking clad foot over the woman’s cunt.Marie flicked ash from her cigarette and stared down atKurt, then flicked her eyes to the woman that he wasburied in as she shuddered, groaned and stilled. Kurt felt139her ass pulse around him as she came, and a low wash ofpleasure went through him, making him close his eyes andsigh.‘Not so long then, my pet. Your control is lacking.’Kurt opened his eyes and stared up at his mistress, unableto cope with answering her. Behind her a couple stood, aheavy woman bare to the waist and a slim man with a thingraze of stubble. They spoke to each other in French, thenthe woman said something to Marie. She looked at the twoof them, her foot still pressing down on them both, andthen she nodded. The couple smiled, and without anotherword gathered up the woman’s shirt and bra anddisappeared out the door.When the sound of the apartment’s door clicking shutcame, Marie lifted her foot away, dropped the smoulderingbutt of her cigarette into a half empty glass of wine, andthen plucked a short length of chain from around her wristand snapped one end to the collar around Kurt’s neck, theother to the woman’s identical collar.‘She is Gretchen. She belongs to me now, like you. AGerman, and another fucking purist non-smoker. Youshould get along fine.’ Marie stepped back and stareddown at them. ‘Another thing in common, she doesn’tspeak French either. Or English. Bonne nuit, my pets.’Marie turned and stepped out of the room, snapping offthe light and closing the door, leaving Kurt and Gretchenbound together by flesh and chain on the floor in thesmoke and shadows.