Controlled Then CuckoldThe story I’m about to relate to you is 100% true, word for word. Only the names have been changed.MarieIt was a warm, June night and I was driving down the main street of town. A car coming in the opposite direction, beeped it’s horn and a guy waved me down. I pulled over to the curb and looking into my rear view mirror, I watched the car make a U turn and pull up behind me. It was my friend Ray who I worked with.He got out of his car and came up to mine saying, “hey Jack, what are you doing tonight?” I replied,”nothing, I’m just driving around to see what’s happening. What’s up?””Well, I got my girl friend in the car and we just want to go and be alone for a while. The problem is she has her friend with her and she doesn’t want to leave her alone. I thought maybe you could take her off our hands for a while. You know, entertain her, take her for a ride or something. Can you do me this favor, please?””Yeah, sure. Do I know this girl? What’s her name?”She’s Marie Capone. I don’t know if you know her or not. She says she knows you.””No. Never heard of her.””OK. Let me get her and introduce you two. And thanks man. I owe you one. We can meet back here at the Village Diner at eleven.”After the introductions, Marie slid into the seat next to me. She was fat, not obese but just fat. I thought to myself,”thank you Ray.” Her hair was light auburn, in a page cut and she really had a beautiful face with the most sensual mouth. Her lips were puffy and moist, giving her mouth a most sexual look. Added to this, she had very large tits.The next day, Ray commented to me about her mouth saying, “doesn’t she look like she was born to suck cocks.” I had to agree.I asked her if she wanted to take a ride to the beach where we could walk on the board walk. She agreed saying that she loved the beach. As I drove I said, “so Ray tells me that you know me.” She replied,” yes. I first saw you in school when I was a freshmen and I asked the girls, who is that good looking guy. Then I would sometimes see you at parties but you never noticed me. Why would you? I’m just a wall flower and besides, you were always with that girl Sandra.””Ahh, yes, Sandra. She’s one of the reasons I quit high school.””Quit school? That’s not too swift. Everybody says your a smart guy. Why would you do such a dumb thing like that?””When I first started school my parents told me that they could not afford to send me to college so I just kind of gave up. Then in my senior year all the guys had access to a car, nice clothes and spending money. I always worked after school but I just could not earn enough, so I quit. I was anxious to earn money. How about you? Are you going to college next year?””No. If I were a boy I would but my parents don’t believe in sending a girl to college. They say that they would spend all that money only to have me get married and stay at home having babies. I didn’t give up though, I mean I get high marks and I’m in the Honor Society. After I graduate I’ll probably get a job as a secretary. What else can I do.”We talked the night away and I discovered that we knew all the same people. We attended many of the same parties. I never noticed her but she knew me.She was a very engaging conversationalist and we had some lively debates. For a girl her age, she knew what was going on in the world. She read the editorial pages of the newspapers and was well opinionated.There was a movie coming out that we both wanted to see so I asked her if she wanted to see it with me. She agreed and one night the following week, we went. After the movie we got into my car and I asked her if she wanted to go someplace for a soda or something. She declined saying she would just as soon sit in the car and talk a little bit.While she was talking, I kept looking at her sexy mouth and sensual lips thinking what it would feel like to kiss them. In her mid sentence, I just leaned in and kissed her. It would be the mistake of my life. After we broke the kiss she reached up and supertoto yeni giriş placed her hand on the back of my neck. She pulled me to her and we kissed again. This time she forced her tongue into my mouth and I in turn, pushed mine into hers while I felt her breast with my hand.When we broke the kiss, she released her hand from my neck and while she was bringing it back to her side, she brushed it across the front of my pants bumping my erection. We kissed again and this time she placed her hand on my knee. She then slid her hand up the inside of my thigh and I felt her caress my hard member. She stroked it a few times and then she began to fumble with my fly. I helped her get my pants opened and I pushed them down to my knees. Holding my cock in her hand she whispered in my ear.”O my. This feels so nice. It has a lovely head. I like playing with the head. Does it feel good when I do this?” She had her finger tips dancing around the head of my cock. I could no longer concentrate on her tits. She then slid her hand down the shaft of it feeling my balls and whispering, “o these feel so nice. They are so big and heavy in my hand. I bet they have a lot of cum in them. O, let me feel the shaft of this cock again. Do you like when I give it these little squeezes? It’s so hard. Mmmm, the opening has all this pre-cum on it. Let me just smear it with my thumb. I’ll use it to massage this sweet spot just under the head, like this. Do you like when I do this? O yes. you do. I can tell.”There was nothing I could say. She didn’t give me a chance to answer her. She just kept whispering. “Ahhh, how about if I stroke it like this? The head is getting so big and it’s so hot. Do you like to be stroked? O, I like stroking you. Do you like being stroked by me? Am I doing it right? O, it’s really hot now and you’re shaking.”She brought her right hand up to her mouth saying, “here, let me wet my hand with some saliva. You’ll like it like this.” With her left hand she cupped the head of my cock.I was at the brink of ejaculating and all it took was two strokes with her moisten hand. My body stiffened up as if in a convulsion. I grunted, I moaned, my hips bolted up from the seat and I ejaculated a load of semen into her waiting hand. I fell back into my seat only to have another ejaculation bolt me up again. I was thrashing about, trying to push my cock up into the sky with still another ejaculation. All the while she continued her hand ministrations, playing me like some kind of a musical instrument. All of the while, whispering,”O! You’re cumming. That’s it. Cum, cum in my hands. Cum some more for me.My body gave a small shudder as she milked the last drops of semen from me.Holding her hands up and cupped together with all of my cum on them, she asked if I had a tissue? I was drained. I reached under my seat and handed her a towel that I use when my wind shield gets foggy. “O man, where did you ever learn to do that? That was fantastic. Unbelievable. Who taught you how to do that?””Last semester, there was this Jewish boy in one of my classes and we would study together. I would go to his house and we would study up in his room. He taught me how to jerk him off.””O. What else did he teach you?””Nothing else. He would play with my tits and I would jerk him off. That’s all we did.””You still seeing him?””No. His mother liked me at first, but then, she found out that I was a Catholic. Then she forbid him to see me.””I’m sorry.””Yeah, I liked him. He was a sweet guy.””Then you never went all the way with him?””No. I’m saving myself for when I get married. How about you? Are you still going with Sandra?””No. I had asked her out on a date, to go to the movies. Saturday night came and it was bitter cold, like ten below zero with strong biting winds. I walked the three miles to her house, met her parents and then we left for the movies. When we walked out of her house she huddled up close to me and asked,”where are you parked?”I told her that supertoto giriş we were taking the buss. We walked a mile to the buss stop and waited fifteen minutes in the freezing cold for the buss. Then we did the same thing coming home. I vowed I would never put her through that ordeal again so I never asked her out again.”Did you tell her why you never asked her out again?””No. Do you think I should have?””Well, yes. The poor girl probably thought that it was something she said or did.””O, I did not think of that. Sorry Sandra. Any way after I quit school, I had a car and money in my pocket but it was too late. She was going steady with Sal.””Did you and she ever, you know, do it.””Hey, I went to a Catholic grammar school. I was an alter boy. It was a sin to touch a girl inappropriately. It was a sin to touch myself inappropriately. I made out with a lot of girls but I never went all the way.””That’s good to know. Hey, it’s getting late. I have to be home before mid night. My dad says, nothing good ever happens after mid night. My family has a big lunch on Sunday afternoons around two. I would like for you to join us. Kind of pay you back for the movie.”” Hey, you paid me back. I don’t want to put your mother out.””Don’t be silly. She likes you. She asked me to ask you.””OK, I’ll be there.”The following day, Ray told me that Marie had confided in his girl friend, referring to me, “that this guy is so good looking, so smart and he is showing an interest in me, that I have got to go on a crash diet.”With in nine months she lost all of her over- weight but she kept all of her sexy curves. Her tummy was now flat and her tits remained the same beautiful large size. Her hips were rounded blending into her full rounded buttocks. The only word to describe her would be voluptuous. Men would stop and stare as she walked by. She liked the attention they gave her. I would get annoyed and wished she was fat. I was starting to feel for her.We dated for a year and on her graduation we got engaged. Her parents threw an engagement party for us and the following year we were to be married. Her parents planed a large formal wedding with all the extras.Upon graduation, she got a job at a local bank as a secretary working in the secretarial pool. Most days after work I was able to pick her up from work and drive her home.It was on this one particular day, four months before our wedding that I picked her up. She got in my car and she was so excited. The bank had hired a young executive and the president had taken him around, introducing him to everyone. She went on about how handsome and personable he was. He was a college graduate and how he must be from money because he was so refined, aristocratic and he was single.The following day I picked her up and she was bubbling over with excitement. “Guess What?” she exclaimed,”the new guy is going to manage his own department and the president picked me to be his personal secretary. His name is Warren Blackstone. Isn’t that cool.”I tried to share her enthusiasm and keep everything upbeat but I was dying inside. Up until this time I knew most of the men she worked with, older married guys. I never felt threatened by any of them but now, I could see and feel the excitement and enthusiasm in her face for another man.Why did the president pick her? The two other secretaries in the pool had more seniority, maybe by two or three years. Why pick my fiancee? He picked her because she was by far the best looking and sexiest woman in the whole place. Some of the older guys who worked there always expressed to me how much they appreciated just watching her walk by. How sexy she was. She did not wear sexy clothes. just a blouse or sweater and a skirt but she could fill out a sweater with her large pointed breasts. Her skirts accented her full rounded buttocks and hips. How she moved when she walked, her motions were so sexual.That’s why the president picked her but he picked her for another reason. You see, the supertoto güvenilirmi president had a secretary who was also his mistress. The vice president had a secretary, mistress. Having a secretary who was also your mistress was part of the perks. It was the early nineteen sixties and that is just the way it was. If a secretary did not want to be a mistress than she quietly left and found another job but most succumbed to the culture.When the following Saturday came around, my fiancee had me drive her the thirty miles to where her new boss lived with his parents. She just had to see where he lived. His house was in an exclusive area and Marie was most impressed. She was so excited about her new job and about her new, handsome, young manager. This was not good for me. I felt my days were numbered but I tried to keep upbeat about the situation. I was happy to see her happy. I just loved her so much and I wanted to share in her happiness.It would be a few days later that she introduced me to him. She was swooning all over him and he knew it. He was handsome in his suit and tie, me in my work clothes. His finger nails, manicured and polished. Mine, bitten and chewed. His teeth were all white and straight, mine crooked and discolored. He was a college graduate and I was a high school drop out. I shook his hand. He was taller than me and his hands were larger than mine. I knew that his other body parts had to be larger than mine. I felt that he was the superior male, like when your talking to your doctor. He was so self confident, the confidence a person gets from knowing they completed college. I had no self confidence at all and it bothered me to be at the station of life that I was at. He was the Alpha male. I tried to stay away from him so that she could not compare us side by side.Sooner or later he was going to take her. I could tell by her interactions with him that she was his already. It was just a matter of time. She was there by his side, five days a week, eight hours a day. She was so beautiful, in and out, so sensual and so sexual. The sound of her soft sensual voice and the aroma of her female hormones. How could he work so close to her and not feel that male arousal well up in his loins.I saw how other men looked at her. I didn’t like it but then I was proud of her. Such a sexy woman to be on my arm. I did not want another man looking at her much less fucking her. Another man caressing her and feeling her ass, pushing his cock up into her.I knew she was his whenever he decided to take her. I would give anything for him to go away but instead, I would go away and forget her. If I could. She was more interested in him and quite frankly, I could not blame her. Whenever we were together she would talk about him the whole time. I needed to end our engagement.One night we were setting up our newly rented apartment and I felt it was time to end it. I started to tell her how I felt. That it was not going to work out for us. That we needed to end it. She knew my feelings as she always did.Sitting next to me, she turned to me and started to tell me not to worry, that he was just her boss. As she spoke she unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and unzipped them. I felt her hand begin to fondle my penis and bring it to erection. Stroking my cock she went on.”Oh baby, I don’t mean anything to him. He has so many girlfriends. They are telephoning him all the time. Honey you are the most important person to me. I don’t want him and he doesn’t want me.”She continued,”in a couple of weeks we will be married. Then you will be able to put this peter of yours into me. I want so much to feel it in me. Don’t you?”Bringing her hand up to her mouth she filled her palm with saliva and then I felt her moist hand slide around the head of my cock. Her other hand cupped over it as I answered her question.”Yes, yes. I do. I love you so much. More than anything. Nothing you can do would make me stop loving you.””I know, I know. Warren is very handsome and very sexy. If he ever made a pass at me, I don’t know if I could resist his advances. I mean, if he fucked me would you still love me?””O God! I’m cumming! Yes. Yes. Ahhh, ooo, I love you no matter what.””O, so much cum. You came a lot. Now kiss me.”I sealed my fate and I would be married.