I love the nights when Dana and I hunker down at her place in pajamas or less, have a few drinks and watch a movie. We don’t always see all of it because good things usually happen. This night was no different, only better.

The movie was a lesbian romance and we were watching in the light of the screen and vanilla scented candles on the tables on each side of her sofa. Dana smiled slyly as she noticed the bulge in my blue sweatpants during a scene where the two main characters started making love.

“Getting hard, are we?” she said, kissing my cheek and giving me a playful squeeze. Her touch totally turned me on. I spread my legs as she rubbed my bulge and gave me a stimulating kiss on my neck. Tugging at the waistband, she pulled my sweatpants and briefs down far enough to reveal what she wanted.

“Well look at this,” she said. I had shaved off my pubic hair as a surprise. This was the first time she’d seen me bald. “I like it,” she said, kissing the smooth skin at the base of my penis. “It makes you look so big…not that you aren’t….mmmmm…” And her mouth hungrily engulfed my cock as I moaned.

Dana is a 48 year old divorcee who lives across the street. I’m 22 and fresh out of college. She’s been my neighbor since I was in high school, but we really got to know each other a lot better six months ago after her husband left her for another woman. She came over asking for help with stuff, so I started doing chores around her place, helping her move furniture and boxes, cutting her lawn, raking her leaves, whatever she asked for when I was around. My folks thought it was nice that I was being so helpful.

Dana and I spent so much time together that we started getting really comfortable with each other. I had broken up with my girlfriend and been alone for a couple of months. One night, while we sat in her kitchen drinking a few beers, we started talking about our relationships. I found myself pouring my heart out about the frustrations of it all. “Join the club,” she laughed. We talked for hours.

Not long after that I helped her clean out her attic, and she cooked me a really nice pasta dinner. While I was doing the dishes, she came up behind and started to gently squeeze my shoulders. I’d had a couple of beers and she’d had a few glasses of wine and she said, “You’re really nice” as she nuzzled my neck. “I can’t believe no one has you…”

I was shocked at first, but really turned on by the idea of a woman so much older wanting me. She was attractive because she had become my friend, but I loved her body. She’s about 5-2 with plump, firm thighs and the biggest, widest, roundest hips and ass I’ve ever seen. I mean, they’re massive but in a really sexy way. Her waist is narrow and her breasts seem small, but only in contrast to her hips. Her black sweater and jeans really complemented her figure and I like the weathered look around her eyes and mouth. I went with the flow…

I turned to her and we started kissing, easily, passionately. We ended up in her room, on her bed. Our excitement and desire kept rising by the second as we peeled each other’s clothes off while our hands roamed and we kissed, her tongue eagerly caressing mine with its taste of wine. The room was dark, but the light was streaming in from the hallway, and I was fascinated by her body. She had freckles on her chest and her round breasts were gorgeous, with their pink pointed nipples. As we hugged and I ran my hands all over her naked body, she felt so much bigger and plusher than anyone I’d ever slept with, especially from the waist down. Those hips! She was incredibly sexy.

Dana really made me horny with the intensity of her reaction. When she undid my jeans and unwrapped my cock, she whimpered with lust and moaned as she stroked it. I loved the way she appreciated me and what I was doing. I kissed her, licked and sucked her breasts, and went down on her, slowly kissing my way down her belly as she writhed.

One of my favorite parts of sex is experiencing a new lover’s pussy for the first time. It’s like unwrapping a Christmas present. Dana’s is a big flower with a triangle of soft strawberry blonde hair going a little gray, and thick pink lips flowing with tangy honey. Her sweet scent and the warmth of her thighs around my face fueled my lust and I stayed there, licking and drinking her nectar until she came. As I took my time pleasuring her, she cried out and rolled her head on her pillow in total ecstasy, her hands clutching my head, her fingers raking my hair and pulling my face into her sopping cunt. No lover had ever reacted to me like that.

I came up and slid my aching cock into her, burying my face against her neck. She felt so warm and it was so good to lie on those incredible, wide hips, kiss her and slowly move in and out. She kept moaning and whimpering, grabbing my ass and pulling me hard into her. It was great sex for a first time. After I was sure she’d come at least once, I let go in her as I kissed her, which she loved, cooing, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, let me have it baby oh yeah let me have it, aydın escort give me your come ohhhh….” Listening to her pleasure made my orgasm so intense and we spent the afterglow just lying there with me inside her, kissing and reassuring each other that what we’d done was okay. It obviously was because we started seeing each other for more than just chores.

Call me her boy toy, but we’re great together. We have fun doing all kinds of stuff. It’s really nice to make her feel desired after she was ignored for years by her husband and I like that she’s straightforward and doesn’t play games like the women my age I’ve been with. She loves that I find her so exciting that I can come for her two, sometimes three times during an afternoon when we’re supposed to be working at her place. We spend the time making love just about anywhere in her house. It’s so hot to be with a woman who really appreciates you, knows what she wants, isn’t afraid to be totally sexual and loves when you’re turned on and open. We share our deepest fantasies. It’s so cool.

Dana has shaved her pussy while I watched one afternoon. (I went down on her when she finished.) She wears garter belts and stockings (no panties) while we hang out, strips for me when I don’t expect it and cooked dinner for me one night wearing only high heels and a string of beads around those amazing hips. She sends me sexy texts and photos, loves going naked. We had sex on a nude beach in broad daylight and she’s always open to suggestion. Sometimes I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

We’ve been seeing each other for six months and our sexual intensity is still strong. My folks have started to wonder why I spend so much time with her, and we’re getting around to telling them. Well, maybe not the part our fantastic sex.

Anyway, Dana was making me crazy horny when she dropped her head as the movie played and I felt the soft, warm sensation of her mouth on my throbbing erection. “Mmmmmm,” she sighed as she sucked. I raised my hips and slid my sweatpants all the way down, kicking them off my feet and spreading my legs wide. She lovingly ran her hand under my t-shirt and over my stomach and chest.

“Did I tell you I love giving blowjobs?” she said softly, taking me back in her mouth and purring as she sucked. I slowly thrust my hips so I went deeper into that fantastic sensation as I let my fingertips play over her cheeks and into her shoulder-length auburn hair. As the candles flickered, I could feel her tongue swirling on my large cockhead, which she’d told me was the biggest and sexiest she’d ever seen.

“I do,” she said after she came up and smiled at me, firmly stroking my shaft and spreading her glistening saliva up and down the length of it. “My husband never did. Only guy I’ve been with who didn’t like having his dick sucked…it’s nice that you do because I love to suck cock…yours is gorgeous. Mmmm…”

She took me all the way in slowly, letting her mouth linger while the women on TV kissed and fondled each other’s naked bodies. All I could do was moan and fight not to come.

“You like that, huh?” Dana asked after slowly coming back up. She glanced back at the screen. “I love the taste of your dick…mmmm…” She gave it a long slow lick with her extended tongue and rubbed my stiff meat against her lips, nose and cheeks. “Mmm, smells good, too.”

Dana took it back in her mouth, sucked deeply and slowly ran the tip of her pointed tongue around the glistening head as she gazed into my eyes. “I love having you under my control…ready to burst…” Her hand pumped me hard and fast.

“That feels so good….” I gasped, squirming on the cool fabric of the sofa and catching sight of the naked woman on the TV.

“Does it? I’m glad.” She sucked me slow and deep yet again. Between gentle loving licks up and down the shaft, she said, “I love hearing my man moan…the sensation of your hot dick pulsing in my mouth when you come…it tastes so good…”

I moaned. She’s great. She really knows how to pleasure me. But this night she went over the top with the best blowjob I’ve ever received.

Dana stood up and slid her gray shorts down, a very sexy move that revealed her bald pussy. I wondered how in the world her husband could have ignored her. The sight of her bottomless always gets me going. Her huge round hips and the curves of her thighs and belly form a valley where her thick pink clit peeks out from the bulge of her mound when she’s turned on. She definitely was now.

Nude from the waist down and wearing only a black t-shirt, she tucked her hair behind her ears, slowly turned around and ran her hands over her wide, firm ass cheeks, spreading them and looking over her shoulder at me as I gazed hungrily at the dark circle of her anus. I love the forbidden mystery of a woman’s ass and had always wanted to have anal sex, but none of my girlfriends had been willing. Dana knew what I was thinking.

Winking, she turned and kneeled between my spread legs in the glow of the candles and TV. aydın escort bayan Her head dropped, and as she stroked, I felt her tongue teasing my asshole. No woman had ever done that to me and I was filled with a mix of panic and intense excitement. I hadn’t showered and didn’t know if I was funky down there, but she was totally into it, which made me almost crazy with lust. The soft sensation of her tongue was incredible.

“I like licking ass, too” she said, her voice husky with lust as she came up and our eyes met. Her tongue swirled on my cockhead with deliciously agonizing slowness. “Does that turn you on?”

“Oh, yeah…”

“I licked a woman’s ass,” she said with a wicked smile before taking my cock back in her mouth and moving her head rapidly up and down.

An electric bolt of excitement shot through me and I fought again to keep from coming. I’d always wanted to try analingus. The whole idea seemed so excitingly dirty, so taboo. The thought and sight of two women doing it to each other always makes me super horny.

“Did you?” I gasped, biting my lip.

“I’ll tell you about it,” she said softly, caressing my aching erection and looking at me with narrowed eyes. “But if you come before I finish my story, I won’t tell you how it turned out.”

“Okay…” I took a deep breath.

“I had sex with Tina…”

“Do tell,” I sighed, gently taking Dana’s head in my hands and softly stroking her hair. She sucked me deep and slow, teasing me. Her having sex with her best friend was news to me and I was intensely curious, and horny.

“Just before you started coming over to help…”

“Okay,” I sighed.

“We were in her pool, drinking wine one afternoon. It was so hot we took our bathing suits off…”

“Oh yeah?”

Another slow suck of my cock. “Yeah…She was wearing just a little patch of cloth on her pussy and a string in her ass…she looked sexy…”

Dana’s head dropped again and I felt her tongue drifting on my balls and then flicking around the crack of my ass. She came back up, lovingly stroking my cock. “She untied the knot on her hip and let the bottom fall…”

“And…?” I gasped, running my hands through her hair as her lips enclosed my cockhead. Dana’s freckled hand glided up and down my shaft.

“There was always sexual tension between us,” she said, casually tucking her hair behind her ears. “A long time between lays for both of us, divorced, naked, kinda drunk, we got horny, I guess….”

“Uh huh,” was all I could say.

“We started showing off…playful but we got turned on. The sight of a naked woman makes me hot…I like women’s bodies…does that make you jealous?” She looked at me and waited for my reply as she softly, slowly stroked.

“No…not at all. That’s so hot.” And as she took a long, slow suck, I moaned, “Keep going…tell me more…”

“I see you like this story….” Her tongue flicked away a big drop of clear precum that had leaked out of the slit in the swollen pink helmet of my cockhead. “We’d always said if we ever had sex with a woman, we’d do it with each other…”


“I felt so comfortable. Everything felt normal and right but we did get a little giggly…it is kind of weird getting sexual with a friend…”

“Oh yeah?” I said, my voice shuddering with excitement.

“I’d never been touched like Tina touched me,” Dana said as she gripped my cock with one hand and gently rubbed my thighs and belly with her other palm. “So soft and gentle. She just knew how my body should be touched.”

Dana’s mouth was on my cock again. She was purring and cooing with lust, and I was fighting another strong urge to come.

“I loved her kisses and the feel of another woman’s body,” she said, softly kissing my penis all over while she gazed into my eyes. “Her skin so soft, the curves of her hips and breasts, the scent of her pussy and ass, the whole experience was like I never had. My husband would die if he knew…”

“Then what?” I sighed, gazing down at my hard, shining penis sticking straight up from between my thighs and resting against her lips. Another big drop of precum formed on the head. Dana delicately licked it away purring, “Mmmmmm, salty…I like salty things…I want you to come in my mouth…but not until I finish my story…”

I wanted so much to let go, but I had to know what happened between her and her best friend. “Go ahead,” I sighed, taking another deep breath.

“It’s easier for women to be intimate with each other, you know.” She rested her head on my thigh and thoughtfully studied my penis. “You men are hung up about being that way with each other.” She squeezed, another drop of precum oozed out.


“I mean, me and Tina touched each other’s asshole. I put my tongue inside hers. Could you do that with your best male friend?”

“No..” I gasped, gazing at the ceiling and tryig to distract myself. I was just a breath away from coming.

“Would you like to suck a cock?” she asked, escort aydın gazing into my eyes.

“Most guys are probably curious…”

“Would you?”

“I don’t think I could be that intimate with a guy…”

“That’s where women are different…I always wondered what another women’s pussy would taste like…I’d only tasted my own….have you ever tasted your come?” She squeezed more precum out of the head onto her fingertip and licked it off.


“Did you like it?”

“It was kind of funky…”

“I like the taste of my pussy…and my asshole….”

“Your pussy is delicious,” I gasped, fighting off my onrushing orgasm by biting my tongue hard.

“Thank you…would you like to taste my ass?” She gave me a wickedly naughty look and all I could do was nod. “I never met a man who would…”

“I will,” I gasped, my heart pounding.

“I was always curious about it,” she said, giving my penis another kiss. “So one day when I was playing with myself I stuck my finger in my ass and licked it…” She squeezed my cock hard, her hands cupping my balls. I was delirious with lust.

“Did you like it?” I moaned, noticing that the curtains in the picture window were open. The neighbors had a great view if they were watching.

Dana gently ran her tongue under my balls and caressed my asshole. “It was kind of exciting…”

“How did you start having sex with Tina?”

“We went into the house to make drinks…margaritas…” her tongue licked my cockhead, “and we were parading around…nude….it felt so sexy…when we were talking I could see her looking at my pussy… I was looking at hers…wondering what she tasted like…”


“She put her hand on my ass and said she always thought I had a sexy tushy and nice pussy and she touched me there too…” Dana’s head descended, taking my cock fully into her mouth. Somehow I resisted an intense orgasm. This was turning into sexual torture.

“Tell me more…” “We were always comfortable with each other,” she said. “Once when we were in college, outside in the woods…we just got crazy and took our jeans off and watched each other pee in the leaves…it was so naughty and hot…I was attracted to her then…but we didn’t do anything… “

The head of my penis disappeared between her lips, but her eyes never left mine.

“That’s so hot,” I gasped as I held her head.

“That day at her house…when she touched me there… we started kissing and feeling each other up… we were a little nervous at first, but we got very horny.” She watched my face with my penis against her lips. “Our sex was slow and loving… We liked making each other feel good…”


“Kissing is the best way to start sex with a womanm you know… Tina’s kiss was very sensual…”

Dana lovingly kissed my cock up and down from my balls to the head and back. I took a deep breath.

“And?” I gasped.

“We went down on each other….”

“Did you like it?” I was so close to coming it was insane.

“I liked giving her pleasure…I liked the taste.” Her tongue slowly traced lines down the inside of my thighs as she held my cock. “We just went kind of crazy I guess…I licked her ass…she licked mine…”

“I want to lick your ass,” I moaned.

“Do you?” She took me into her mouth, sucked hard, and released me, looking me in the eyes, her expression all heavy-lidded lust.

I don’t know how I didn’t lose it right then and there, but I took another deep breath and asked, “Did you like licking Tina’s ass? I’ve never done that…licked a woman’s ass…”

“The scent of her heiny turned me on,” she said, sensing I was about to come and squeezing my cock, her hand still. “It was strange licking that part of my friend’s body but I wanted to taste her… a woman’s ass is very sexy…I got horny and stuck my tongue in her asshole.” A quick suck. “I loved how it felt when she licked mine…so good…so naughty that someone would taste you there and likes it …”

Dana started stroking my cock harder and faster. “We made each other come.”

“I want to lick your ass…” I moaned.

“Then lie down,” she said, slowly standing up and pushing me down. Her huge, wide round hips and bald pussy looked so sexy below the black of her t-shirt. I swung my legs up onto the sofa and settled back against the cushions on the arm as Dana turned around so her big round rear was to me. She slipped a leg over my chest and I could smell her bare foot as it slid under my arm. I reached up and slowly ran my hands along the outside of her thick, bare thighs. My heart was pounding. She was lowering that gorgeous, massive ass toward my face.

“Tell me more,” I said, palming her soft cheeks and parting them.

“We were a little embarrassed we got so carried away…but we did it again…” she said softly, her palms on my thighs.

“Oh yeah?” I asked, studying the wrinkled puckered slit of her anus. It was encircled by dark skin, and my heart raced at the thought of what it must taste like.

“Yeah…we got together for margaritas one night…and she brought out her lingerie….” Dana said, slowly moving her ass slowly from side to side and up and down as she held my cock. Her pussy left fragrant, warm juices on my chest. I could see her flower was open, her clit engorged.