College sexWalking with aching arms Laura heads into college for another boring day, little does she know it’s going to be a very different day. She gets into class to see her tutor isn’t in… AGAIN! She flops down in her chair, throws her folders onto her desk and blows upwards ruffling her fringe… how is she supposed to pass when Mr Bexley is constantly off? She looks up at the clock waiting for the 15 minute rule to pass. If a tutor hasn’t turned up and a sub isn’t there within 15 minutes the class go home as a sign that no one is available to cover the lesson. Just as everyone is packing up to go home a young looking lad bursts through the door, perhaps he’s lost? Yeah that must be it he’s probably in the wrong lesson. He stands there, catching his breath, signalling for everyone to take their seats… he couldn’t be? “Hi, my name is Mr Howard and I’m covering your class today, sorry I’m late my car broke down about… 2 miles away… had to run it” Laura looks at him, he’s kinda skinny and a little bit tall with dark hair that sticks up, he catches her staring and smiles. He looks only a year or two older than her, how can he be a tutor? She thinks. The lesson goes on and Laura can’t keep her eyes off of him. The class eventually ends and everyone stands to leave. “Excuse me? Laura is it?” Mr Howard says approaching her as the last of the students leave the room. “Um… hi… yes that’s me” “I noticed your attention was elsewhere today? I presume you’re not usually like that? Well Mr Bexley didn’t mention it” he says busying himself as he gathers batman rus escort his stuff “oh, erm… no no I’m fine” she stammers“Really? Because I noticed you might’ve been eyeing me up?”“how would you know unless you were eyeing me up to?” she says a little braver, this makes Mr Howard laugh. “Alright. You got me. I WAS eyeing you up, you’re so pretty”“I’m plain and boring I think you mean” “Do you think I’d kiss a plain and boring girl?” he says leaning in and gently pressing his lips against hers, one hand brushing the hair behind her ear. “Maybe…maybe not then?”“Definitely not. You know… I’ve not got a lesson for another hour” he says winking“well luckily I don’t have another lesson for an hour either” “So you gonna show me a good way to pass the time?”“ooh I’ve got one way in mind!” she says biting her lip. She leans back into Mr Howard and teasingly undoes his trousers before teasing his cock over the top of his boxers. He moans and she can feel his already massive cock getting bigger as it hardens. She takes his erection out of his boxers when she’s satisfied he’s been teased enough and takes him into her mouth. Luckily she’s not too bad at giving head and can deep throat him, stroking and caressing his balls in her hand as she plants kisses and little licks all over his cock. They hear footsteps, and Mr Howard grabs Laura’s hand as she grabs the clothes on the floor. “Quick! Under the table!” he says as she crawls under. Two students enter and start talking about some pointless boring subject batman rus escort that neither Mr Howard or Laura can focus on. She feels she may be there a while so she lifts up her top, pulls her boobs out of her bra and slides Mr Howard’s rock hard erection between her boobs, bobbing down to give it a suck here and a kiss there being so careful not to make a noise. She smiles hearing Mr Howard struggle to keep his composure but he somehow manages and the two students walk off none the wiser. Mr Howard takes Laura by the hand once more and gently helps her out from under the desk, then he helps her immediately on to the desk. She sits, skirt pulled up and breasts, now soaked in precum, still out. Mr Howard pulls her knickers to the side and enters her good and deep making her eyes widen and the breath catch in her throat. He starts fucking her hard making her gasp, moan and scream but she’s trying her hardest to keep it quiet which is incredibly difficult when a man with an 8 inch penis and very large helmet is slamming into her tight pussy again and again. Mr Howard starts fondling her breasts smiling as he feels her nipples become erect under the pressure. “Good girl” he purrs as he slams into her again and again. He sticks her left breast in his mouth and sucks the nipple whilst continuing to thrust into her and fondle the right breast, then he swaps over and run his hands through her hair as he does it.He pulls her off the table and turns her around and she obliges and bends over the table rus escort batman immediately and braces herself as he enters her from behind. He pulls her hair so her ear is in line with his mouth and whispers “Say my name, my beautiful little slut”“Well do you have a first name or do you want me saying Mr Howard?” she says sarcastically“It’s Luke” he says biting her beautiful neck. “I want to spank you” he says as Laura nods. He then strikes her arse and Laura’s orgasm ripples through her body, Luke having to hold her up as her knees go weak. “That was for the sarcasm Miss, Laura” he says smiling. A few moments later and Luke comes hard and deep into her bum.“I wish you could walk around with my cum inside of you all day” he says wistfully when he’s calmed down a little. “Actually…” Laura starts as she pulls her bag over and produces a small butt plug “Why…?” Luke goes to ask “It doesn’t matter just slide it in before your cum drips out” she rolls to the side so Luke again has full access to her beautiful perky arse and inserts it. They get dressed and clean up any excess liquids just as the bell signalling next lesson rings out. “So Miss, do you usually carry a butt plug to college?”“long story short, no I accidentally put it in my bag in a rush this morning” she says smiling as she feels his hot cum against the material. They share a quick kiss and agree to meet out the back of college after they’ve both finished before she flees to get to her next class and whilst Luke straightens himself out. More students pour in and take their seats but the seat where Laura had sat merely an hour before stayed empty and the thought of her beautiful butt resting on his desk was enough to make him grin and give him a semi. “I definitely need Laura to sort this out for me later” Mr Howard thought to himself looking at the clock, Just 3 hours 45 minutes left.