College life,9After hanging with Corey all day, Kris came busting into the room afterplaying golf. He threw off his shirt and sat on his bed.”Matt, I need the biggest favor ever tonight,” Kris said to me.”First… what is it before I agree,” I replied.”Would you and Corey like to come with Jess, Scott, Juan and me to thiskiller party?” Kris asked.I leaned back on my elbows, “Why is it such a fav… oh I get it now. I’mthe damn driver or Corey is.””Exactly!” Kris exclaimed. “Please! It’s just us guys tonight. Our girlshave some sorority stuff that they’ve got to do. Please!””I’ll go and make sure you get back here safe. You even touch somethingfunny, your ass will be left there to suffer the consequences,” I said.”Matt, you know me…””That’s what scares me,” I said.Kris ran out the room and down the hall.”It’ll be fun with us guys,” Corey told me.”It might be then it could be hell. You’ve seen them drunk and crazy,” Ireplied.”We’ll have fun. I’ll make damn sure we do,” Corey said with a kiss.Kris was back in the room in a flash. “Great, we’re set. We’re firstgoing to Jess’ friend’s house to warm up and then hit the party.””Warm up?” I asked.”You know, have a good buzz going. My ass is getting shit faced tonight,”Kris said. “Corey?””Well… maybe a little for me,” Corey replied with a wry smile.Now I could see this wasn’t my idea of a fun night just by hearing `shitfaced’. Kris was being his hyper self as usual if not more than usual. Iliked to see him have fun but this may be coming under my watch andescorting around a few drunken freshmen.We dressed and crammed into Jess’ SUV to start the night. I’ll admit myfriends had some great fashion sense about them and wore some nice killerclothes. We grabbed some burgers first and headed over to his friend’splace off campus. We went inside to this decently nice house. The firstthing I saw was a mass of every kind of alcohol imaginable. Kris grabbed aglass and started in earnest.”Hi I’m Vin,” he spoke to Corey and me. We introduced ourselves to him andhis housemate, Quinn. They were quite normal guys and told us to helpourselves. It was that long before the smell of marijuana hit mynose. Looking around a corner, there were Scott and Jess hitting one hugerolled blunt. They were started off the night right and passed along thestrong blunt. It headed my way so I took a hit before passing it to Corey.Quickly, I could feel it quickly but liked the feeling of the strong smokefilling my body. Kris put a glass of some mixed drink in Corey’s hand. Hetook one drink and almost coughed it up since it was so strong. I took itfrom his hand and downed it with one gulp.”What the fuck?” Jess asked me. “You’re the DD tonight.””What’s one drink going to hurt?” I shot back.Kris put his arm around me with the scent of strong booze flowing from hismouth, “Don’t fuck this up for all of us.””I won’t.””Hey Jess, who are the fags you been talking about that are your friends?”Vin stated while we sat around after getting high.Jess walked over and leaned over to his friend. It was evident Vin hadmade an ass out of himself and barely knew us. “They’re cool or would Ihang with them?” Jess stated.”We don’t have a problem with them as long as they don’t butt fuck here inthe living room,” Quinn laughed. “I don’t see you, Jess, as the type tohang with some homos.””I heard queers give the best head. Is it true guys? I know your friendshave sucked each of you off,” Vin laughed it up with Quinn but silenceeverywhere else. “I bet you guys don’t dare get in the shower near thesefags.””Yeah, I won’t be caught dead hanging around two fucking fags! Makes my asssick to think of the shit they do!” Quinn said in our face. “It makes allof you look like cock suckers!””I beg to differ. They’re actually cool guys,” Jess said in our defense.”Ha,” Quinn said. “I’ve yet to meet one cock sucking faggot who was cool.They’re just acting türbanlı escort cool around you guys so you’ll fuck their ass later!Ain’t that right, queers?””Let’s fucking go right now!” Kris stood up and was loud as ever. Now I waspissed too. This wasn’t my idea of a fun night with someone berating meand not even knowing me or Corey.”Chill dude!” Quinn said. “We’re just joking and having a good time.””NO! You fucking chill!” Kris said getting loud with Jess grabbing hisarm. “They haven’t said shit to you and you already fucking with thembecause they are gay!””OOO a sensitive queer, here too!” Quinn laughed. “Bet you’re all queer butdon’t have the nerve to admit it!””Quinn, I bet Kris is a big ole drag queen back at home and takes it up theass every night,” Vin stated.”OH Fuck!” Jess yelled with the tension filling the air instead of thestrong haze of smoke.It was all Jess and Scott to do to hold Kris back. Fire was coming fromhis head with Kris’ temper out of control. The two pulled Kris outsidealong with Corey’s strength as well with me trailing behind. “Fuck thosehomophobic assholes! Let’s go! Jess, you’re friends are total dicks!”Kris raged with the blood filling his face.”Corey, Matt, I’m totally sorry about this. I had no idea this wouldhappen. I’m really very embarrassed about this,” Jess said to us with Krisstill raging mad. “Let me see what I can do.” Jess left with his headdown.”Guys, just take Corey and me back to the dorm,” I said. “We’ll be finethere.””Hell no!” Scott said. “You are the chillingest guys here. That wasn’tcool at all to start in on you guys. We’re all in this together. Matterof fact, I’ll drive so you and Corey can get plastered.””I’ll drive,” Corey said. “I think I’ve had less than any of us.”Jess and Juan came out back. “Let’s just go and get the hell out ofhere. What some assholes!” Jess said with a strange smile on his face. “Ican’t believe them in there laughing it up like it was no big deal. Theywere cutting jokes left and right. I lost two guys who I just thought weremy friends tonight but fuck em. Corey and Matt are much better friends anyway.”The little stopover was finished. Jess pissed all over the side of Quinn’scar before we left.”Let’s just chill at the dorm,” Juan said and produced two big bottles ofVodka and JD.”Hell yeah,” Jess said and pulled out a bottle of gin to join in the party.”You actually ganked three bottles?” Kris asked.”Hell yeah, they won’t miss em,” Juan said. “These were in the back, soJess and I grabbed as parting gifts.” We all laughed it up back in thecar. We grabbed a few things to mix the alcohol with and headed to ourdorm.”You think Rick (our RA) will care?” I asked being sensible.”Of course he will care… that is if he catches us,” Kris laughed. “We’llhang in our room like normal and get hammered.””If he says anything, I got leverage,” Jess said. We looked at him anddidn’t know exactly the reason for his so called leverage. “I saw his girlslip out of his room really late twice already. We’ve got a pact, let’ssay.””Awesome!” Scott said. “We’ve got shit on our RA!”Discretely, we climbed the stairs and easily slipped into our corner roomjust off the stairs. Once inside our room, we put the bottles out of plainsight after each pouring a drink. We turned on the TV at our normal levelnot to call attention to us. The room was cramped but at the time none ofcared. I downed the first drink, Mountain Dew and Vodka, and grabbedanother to keep going.After a few more, everyone was feeling it. We did our best to keep thenoise down and had one or two interruptions but got rid of them quickly.With alcohol fueling us, the talk got nastier and more pointed. I didn’tshy away from the pointed questions about Corey and mine sex life. I knewnow the only one not to have a gay experience was Kris so it was nothingthey hadn’t done before.Corey türbanlı escort bayan was like me and feeling no pain, “Yeah Jess, I heard you might have athing going with Stephan.” I could have died right there and elbowed himhard.”Yeah, let’s just say I did so experimenting and seeing the other side,”Jess stated and seemed proud of it and unashamed. I looked at everyone’sfaces. We were tipsy to say the least but were able to digest what headmitted. “Hell, Juan and Scott have fucked around with guys. Kris, youneed to hit that shit and see what it’s like unless you and Matt have aside thang going.””I’ll leave that to the rest of you,” Kris laughed. “So you guys havefucked around?””Yeah, we have. I fucked a dude in high school and…,” Juan laughed andlooked at Scott.”Yeah, we were high as fuck one night and went at it. Sue us, alright.Juan here loves my fucking big dick now,” Scott laughed.”Get real,” Kris said.Scott dropped his shorts to expose his cock. The problem was we had seenit before. “See!” Scott grabbed it.”Damn Scott, we’ve all seen each other so there are no secrets here. Matthas us all beat,” Kris smiled.”Hell yeah I do,” I said and proudly showed off mine without shame andbeing a little drunk. I felt Corey’s hand.”This big fucker is all mine too,” Corey laughed with his hand holding mycock. “If you didn’t guess before, now you see why I love having sex withthis hot bitch.””Corey, how the fuck do you stand it up your ass?” Scott asked. He camefor a quick feel which I didn’t mind with Corey seeing it.”It hurts then feels so damn good,” Corey laughed and grabbed anotherdrink.I pulled up my shorts but was proud as ever to have a nice cock. Coreyreturned with us a drink. We kept talking and enjoyed being friends. Iended up being as drunk as I had ever been in my life. I don’t have a cluewhen the others left or what happened since I passed out with Corey in mybed.The next morning Sunday, I woke with Corey still with me and Kris in hisbed. My head was pounding like a drum. I grabbed some aspirin and downedthem to see if that would help cure the pain. I knew I needed to study butit was pointless with my head hurting. Kris wasn’t in much better shapethan I was but Corey didn’t appear to take it so rough.”Now I remember why I don’t drink a lot,” I said holding my temples.”You’re a damn rookie for one thing,” Corey laughed. “I can handle someliquor.””I didn’t know…” I started to say.”Matt, Kris, I have had my fair share of struggles with alcohol in the pastand have been exposed to it my entire life. My mom is an alcoholic butwon’t admit it,” Corey said.”I had no idea,” I said.”There’s lots of shit in me you don’t know,” Corey said.”Name another one,” Kris said.”I was m*****ed by a family friend when I was 12,” Corey divulged a deepsecret.”I’m sorry I asked,” Kris said. “Bad huh?””He felt me up and kissed me on the lips,” Corey said. “Mom only laughedabout it and told me he was drunk and having some fun with me.””That’s wrong on so many levels,” I said. “How did effect you?””I cried the next time I saw him but got my ass whooped by my stepfathersaying it wasn’t a big deal,” Corey said. “After that, I did everythingpossible to get back at him. I slashed his tires, broke out a window andjust juvenile shit like that.””I don’t blame you,” Kris said. “I would have gone ballistic on his asstoo.””I was mad at my parents too for taking up for him,” Corey said.”I see now why you have no intentions of going home,” I said.”That’s not the reason. I don’t want to go and hear them bitch at me andnot accept that I’m gay,” Corey said. “I’m paying for this shit out of mypocket thanks to some loans. That alone makes me strive to succeed and notwaste that cash.”Kris changed the subject, thankfully, “Was I drunk or did I hear Jess sayhe messed around with Stephan? Then did Scott and Juan admit escort türbanlı fucking,too?”Corey was able to laugh, “You heard right. I had no idea Scott and Juanhad.”I looked at Corey, “Someone told me secret. I heard them coming out of theshower a week or so ago. Someone promised to keep it quiet.””It just came out,” Corey said.”Good thing he admitted or else we would have some explaining to do,” Isaid.”I can’t believe they would really do that shit,” Kris shook his growingblond hair. “You two, I really get having sex but not them. They aren’tquite as straight as they say.””You’re next,” Corey laughed.”Hell no, Liz’s pussy suits me just fine,” Kris said with a big smile.We dressed and headed to grab something to eat together. I still wasn’tfeeling great and came back to the room to lie down as did Kris, which wasvery unusual.That night I was feeling better and buckled down to study. I didn’t haveto pressure Kris either to study as well. We spend a relatively quietnight in our room with few interruptions.Now we had some structure to our dorm life. Wake, go to class, work out,study and hang out with whoever was around. It was how I had envisionedcampus life in a dream world plus having Corey made it even sweeter. Thatweek we hardly saw each other. Either I was gone or he was which I hatedbut could live with. Thursday night, I searched high and low for him untilfinally reaching him on his cell. I really wanted him to go with home forthe weekend to surprise my mom. Unbeknownst to me, Corey was deep in apaper for one of his classes and wanted to continue working on it. Thatexplained his absence from me the entire week except for Tuesday night.After class that Friday here the first of October, I loaded my car up aloneand now dreaded the four hour drive. I begged Kris to come along but hewasn’t budging with a game in town. I occupied my time with some tunesdriving the long distance. Mom was at work when I arrived past 5. Thesurprise worked to a tee and had her almost in tears. She noticed I hadput on a few pounds thanks to Corey’s protein mix and working out. It wasencouraging to hear and have her notice. Naturally, she had to preparegood home cooked meals the entire weekend along with spoiling me with agreat shopping trip for some much needed fall clothes. We did get in a tonof quality time and talked a lot about my college life. It thrilled her tono end to hear how much I enjoyed it and that I was in love as well.Sunday, I woke early to leave since Mom was working and the need to studyback at college. She went all out again and had some great omelets,sausage and biscuits for me to pig out on before heading back. It was ashort, quick trip but well worth seeing her and spending quality time withher. The best part was she did my laundry and sent me back with newclothes and tons of home baked cookies.College never looked better when I drove in the parking lot of my dormright after noon. I unloaded my things and climbed the stairs.I opened the door to find Kris and Liz still in bed together. Liz almostsquealed when I opened the door and covered her naked body with the sheet.”You’re back early,” Kris said.”Yeah, sorry about that and intruding on you like this. Mom had to worktoday plus I wanted to surprise Corey along with doing some studying,” Ithrew my things down. “I’ll leave and go surprise him to let you two getup.”I headed down the hall. I spoke with Scott briefly out in the hall afterhe exited the shower with a towel loosely around his waist.”You missed a killer weekend,” Scott said.”Oh well, there will be others,” I replied. “I’m going to see Corey.””Yeah, we haven’t seen him all weekend with you gone,” Scott stated.”He said he had to work on a project,” I stated. “I know I’ll see yalater.”I walked briskly in anticipation of seeing my boyfriend. I knocked on thedoor and waited. I knocked again and could hear someone in there.”Damn!” Corey said and hid behind the door barely open. “I just woke up!””That’s fine,” I said. I pushed the door and felt resistance. “Stopplaying. I came back early to be…” The door opened wider and now it wasplain to see why Corey resisted.******************TO BE CONTINUED…*******************