Colleen by CandlelightLying there on soft sheets, her beautiful body slowly writhes in pleasure as her delicate hands glide sensually over smooth curves. The light of many candles flickers nearby, dancing over her sexy body like a lover’s careful touch, as if this light exists for her alone. She is absorbed in the rapture of her fantasy and the ecstasy of her hands, unaware of my presence and my hungry, lustful gaze. I know it’s wrong, I’m violating her; but I cannot turn my eyes away from this goddess of light and ecstasy. But no, I see the subtle smile at the corners of her lips and the almost imperceptible reflection of candlelight her blue eyes. She knows. She likes me watching… My greedy eyes follow her hands as they caress and knead and explore all of the warm and soft places that bring her pleasure. One hand deftly slides over the gentle swell of her breasts, as her practiced fingers stroke and gingerly pinch her excited nipples; while her right hand glides lower, down over her taut belly, toward the well-groomed bliss that waits between her smooth, silky legs.Occasionally a quiet, sensual moan escapes her lips; a gasp, a contented sigh, and each time my already eager manhood grows a bit harder, a bit thicker, as if to match the level of her desire. She pretends not to hear me as I move closer to her bedside, and not to feel the shifting weight when I sit beside her. With both hands now eagerly stroking and massaging between her thighs her extended arms push her breasts together, accentuating her physical virtues beautifully. Glancing at the several candles on this side of the bed, I pluck one from the far end of the collection, thick and red, with melted wax pooled around the burning wick. The candle hovers over her body, illuminating and revealing such exquisite beauty and detail in this living work of art. This carnal panorama. Paying more attention to her than the tipping candle allows a little hot wax to escape, dripping onto her stomach just above her belly button, and provoking an unexpected gasp of erotic pleasure. Encouraged now, her delicate hands continue their performance and she slowly licks her lips in anticipation.I have never been as completely absorbed in a moment as I am now. I am hyper aware of the sight siirt rus escort of her fingers, glistening with the moisture of her own pleasure; the feminine perfume of her pussy, intoxicating and exciting me; the sound of her intense breathing, lustful groaning and helpless whimpering make me long to indulge my other two senses. Not, yet…Slowly, carefully I suspend the leaning candle just where I want it and…drip! I’m rewarded with a quiet moan as she bites her lower lip. A little droplet of warm red wax adorns the inside of her left breast, quickly followed by two more drips on her inner thigh, and two more gasps of sensual pleasure. I can practically feel the tension building within her, as her hands work faster and her moans come louder and more often. Heat and passion radiate from her body in waves that cascade over me again and again, and I know that I may die if I don’t touch her soon.There is passionate desperation in the way her fingers dart in and out of her soaking wet pussy and dance in furious circles over her swollen clit. The penultimate moment is fast approaching as I begin to tip the candle for this grand finale. She bites hard on her lower lip as I dribble hot wax droplets in a line, first on her nipples and descending down her stomach to her hands. She cries out suddenly, with a voice so impossibly full of pleasure and pain and lust. Her hips rise off the bed and her head presses backward into the pillows, as if she is possessed by passion itself in her ecstasy. Her heavy, ragged breath comes in frantic gasps as the torrents of pure, erotic pleasure ebb and flow throughout her entire body. Shuddering and trembling, she slowly descends the heights of euphoria; exhausted, this goddess returns to Earth.After a few hushed moments, punctuated only by her contented sighs and steady breathing, she opens her pretty blue eyes to meet the hazel of mine. Neither of us feels the need to speak when I gently take her hand, guiding it to my face, and slide my tongue along her fingers one by one, savoring the sweet taste of her. A soft mmm… escapes her smiling lips as her eyes drift closed once more. Her long brown hair, windswept from her exertions, nevertheless frames her lovely features. siirt rus escort bayan She is altogether beautiful. She seems to tense slightly, surprised when our lips meet, but returns the kiss with passion. I feel her hands on my face as her lips gently part, inviting my tongue to explore the supple wetness of hers. I am overcome with desire for this woman, encouraged by the taste of her, and the way she sucks my lower lip as I pull away. Suddenly, this needful desire we share becomes desperately urgent, as if we somehow realize this could be a dream from which one or both of us might abruptly awaken at any moment. She pulls my face toward her, kissing me deeply, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her trembling body against mine. My hands are tangled in her long hair and caressing the smooth muscles along her back and down to her shapely ass. I feel the swell of her breasts against my chest and the steel hardness of my cock pressed against her belly. She feels it, too, and responds with an urgent moan, as one who suddenly identifies the source of a mysterious and long-held craving. Dropping one hand, her nimble fingers wrap around my thick manhood, impatiently squeezing and stroking. Finally, she breaks the silence, “Baby, I need you; to feel you inside me.” “I know, sweetheart…” I whisper reassuringly, “I know exactly what you need.” She lies back as my lips find her fragile, delicate throat and I softly kiss, lick, and bite a downward path, over her collar bone, to the neglected space between her well-formed breasts. My body works in concert; as my hands eagerly travel over her body, my mouth finds her sensitive nipples. Licking here, nibbling there, now sucking and flicking my tongue; all while the tip of my aching manhood slowly but forcefully spreads the delicate petals of her tight, pink pussy. Our lips and tongues meet again in that exciting dance, as her hands reach down to explore the length and thickness of my cock, and guide me gently inside. Pulling away from her luscious lips, I hold her gaze in this moment. She moans as I fill her completely with one long, slow thrust, and we become one body, one heart, one desire. She breathes my name as though it gives her rus siirt escort life, and it sounds like an angel’s voice must sound: soft and musical, and partly a question and an answer; because she is an angel, a goddess, a dream. She holds my adoring gaze as I slowly withdraw from her, inch by inch, focusing on every subtle change in sensation, while her expression reveals the depth of her pleasure. The act of withdrawing from her body completely is unthinkable, so I enter her again, faster this time and she voices her ecstasy once more. We quickly sink into an effortless rhythm and it feels perfect and natural for us. Her smooth legs caress my sides as she urges me deeper, harder, and I feel her velvety wetness grasping and stroking my cock with each thrust. Leaning into her, my body rubs against her clit as I thrust in and out, and I observe each erotic expression wash over her face as she alternately licks and bites her lower lip. Her nails dig into my arms and back, clutching and scratching like an eager victim. Occasionally, between kisses, she opens her pretty eyes to see if I’m watching her, and to enhance her pleasure because I always am.I place her ankles on my shoulders so she can feel me as deeply as possible, and the pure a****l sexuality of it turns us on even more. Holding her wrists over her head puts her completely at the mercy of my desire. As my body is pressed against her I can feel her urgency growing, building like a tidal wave, as it is in me. I kiss her sweet lips harder, thrust into her pussy deeper, bringing us both to the brink of ecstasy. “I’m almost there, baby,” she pleads. “I want to feel you cum with me!” Grabbing a fistful of her long hair I pull her head back, exposing her neck, and bite down as I thrust my thick cock into her harder and deeper and faster. She moans and gasps sensuously as I feel her wet pussy shuddering, trembling, squeezing tightly and my throbbing manhood suddenly erupts; filling her with my warm essence as hers washes over me.Holding her close to me, we roll over as one body and lay together, connected, inseparable. Sweat glistens on our naked bodies as the soft candlelight dances and flickers over us. Her weight on top of me is more comfort than burden as she sweetly kisses my face and neck, lazily shifting her body back and forth to draw every last ounce of pleasure from my decreasing size. Our breathing soon returns to normal as we hold each other, basking in the tide of sensual bliss washing over us, gently receding as it’s replaced by something deeper and more permanent.~ The End ~