Chuck and I…The freshman class was arriving and getting settled in, there was this cute little pudgy guy from the middle of the state. He was a long way from home and his first time being so far out of reach of his family.As I was heading for my room I noticed that he was entering one on my floor. I thought it strange that a freshman would be on the fourth floor of Grants Hall, I stopped and went to investigate. I introduced my self to him ‘Hi, I’m David, I’m in room 412. Are you sure you are on the correct floor, he looked at his paper and smiled, a very bright and genuine one, saying ‘yes, I’m here temporarily till permanent things are made’. We both broke out in laughter at his guffaw, I said to him ‘if you would like you could come down to my room. I have some orange juice and donuts if you would like’. He looked relieved and said ‘I’m Chuck and I just transferred fro a junior college and I need to make new friends.We went to my room and I produced the orange juice, unfortunate it was a bottle that was mixed with equal parts of Vodka. Pretty soon the two of us was giggling and laughing like k**s in high school.Chuck began to open up about his love life and to tell me about sahabet güvenilirmi a guy he had to leave behind and was worried that he was going to find a new lover and dump him. I tried to console Chuck but he was having none of that, he started to cry uncontrollably.Not knowing what to do I wrapped my arms around his shoulder, Chuck is some what heavier than I and sitting on the bed holding him proved to be my undoing. I was trying to hold him upright but he had other ideas, we ended up laying back on my bed with him in my arms, his head nestled in the crook of my neck and shoulder.Chuck started to talk about his lover, some where he transferred the thought process and thought that I was his lover “Trace”. He was saying, as he stroked my hair, ‘Trace, I don’t want to leave but I have to. I don’t love no body but you and want to be with you. You can come up and visit on week ends and I’ll come back on holidays. Mom and Dad will never ever find out about us’.Suddenly Chuck moved his leg over mine and started to grind his body across mine. To my surprise Chuck is very well endowed, I don’t know if it was the size of his cock that got me exited or if it sahabet yeni giriş was the screw drivers we had just consumed.Chuck was pawing me and kissing my neck whispering how much he wanted to ‘breed’ Trace one more time. I stopped trying to stop Chuck from exploring my body with his hands. Soon my shirt was pushed up to under my chin and Chuck was fiddling with my belt.I aided Chuck in loosening my belt, and Chuck started to kiss me along my chest. Sucking gently at my nipples and working his way down to my navel, where he tarried long enough to free my pants and slid my underwear and pants below my waist.My cock was exposed and starting to show signs of life, Chuck took hold of my cock and started to stroke my cock. With a move so swift my cock was captured in his mouth so quick I could do nothing but moan in ecstasy.Chuck was sucking my cock with suck determination I was caught up in the moment. I kicked off my pants and underwear, Chuck was out of his pants so fast for a chubby guy that before I could do anything he was between my legs trying to find a hole to place his cock.I found myself trapped beneath this heavier guy, my legs lifted to his sahabet giriş thighs, his cock exuding pre-cum as he rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my butt.Chuck was stronger than I thought and as his cock passed over my pucker bung hole the third time he lunged forwarded and sunk his cock head and a third of his penile shaft into my anal canal. I cried out in surprise, shook and desperation as Chuck entered my butt hole.Chuck kissed my opened mouth saying ‘yeah baby, just like the first time we had sex’. Chuck reached down and took hold of my buttocks and pulled them up and rammed the rest of his cock deep into my rectum.My hands were trapped between his arms and his upper body as he lunged powerfully in and out of my butt. I had not been attacked like this in a while, Chuck was passionate and considerate as he rammed back and forth in my body. I was panting and moaning as Chuck continued to work my butt hole.Chuck was saying ‘Oh Trace, I just wanted to breed you one more time before I go, I want to fill your boy cunt with my seed and leave you something to remember me with’. For thirty minutes Chuck worked my butt hole till he unloaded almost a cup of baby making fluid.Once he had emptied his reservoir of come in to my anal cavity, my anal sphincter muscle milking his throbbing cock, Chuck relaxed and drifted off into u*********sness, his cock still lodged up in my rectum. I cuddled Chuck in my arms and legs as he snored gently in my ear.