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Thank you for choosing my story. I really hope that you enjoy it and that it brings you a lot of pleasure. When I write my stories, I always like to include the last paragraph from the previous chapter. This is to refresh your memories. Please send me comments about what you think of this story. Hope you enjoy it. Now chapter 2 of Chris’s journey…

* * * * *

Chris slowly reaches down and pulls down her panties and lounge pants to just past her knees. She then lets her hand find its way down to her sweet dripping love center. She slowly parts her sweet lips and instinctively begins to rub her throbbing love button. Shocks run up and down her spine; she loves it. Once she is comfortable she decides to rub a little harder until she is rubbing it like a lucky rabbit’s foot. She can feel her body tense up as her first-self induced orgasm approaches. She continues to rub her sweet, sensitive clit as she inserts one finger into her soaking wet, tight love tunnel. As she slowly lets it go as deep as she can get it, she feels sweet release approaching. She bites her bottom lip as great waves of pleasure over take her body. She feels her tight pussy pulsate around her finger as she floods the sheets below her with her warm nectar. After she comes down from her high, she pulls her panties back up and leaves the lounge pants off. Her eyes close slowly as she returns to her land of sweet dreams; a big smile now on her face.

After a great nights rest Chris woke up to the morning sun pouring in through the blinds of the residence hall room. She smiled as she could still feel the dampness below her from her first self-satisfaction session from the night before. She looks over at Lisa’s bed and sees that Liz is still sharing it with her. This brings a sweet smile to Chris’s face. Chris then gets out of bed to get ready to go to her next college visit.

Liz and Lisa walk Chris over to the student center to meet her parents. They wish Chris good luck on the rest of her high school career and each gives her a hug. But these are no ordinary hugs; both girls seem to linger a little with Chris. Chris feels that their nipples are like little pencil erasers against her body. At first this feels weird, but then she realizes that it is quite enjoyable. Chris follows her parents to the car and off they go south to Illinois and their first of two college visits in the Land of Lincoln.

Chris looks out her window as her father drives south and sees all the beautiful trees and landscape. Her parents are deep into a conversation and this allows Chris’s mind to wander. She starts to think back to her adventures the previous evening and it makes her giggle a little; as a new, but familiar sensation begins to start throughout her body. As the trees and road markers continue to wiz by, she feels an ever-increasing antalya escort need to have a second round of self-induced pleasure; but her parents are right there in front of her in the front seat. She thinks hard and then remembers the blanket that is in the trunk. She decides that would hide things well for her. She asks her dad if he can stop at the next exit, so that she can get the blanket because she is cold. Her dad obliges and pulls off the toll way.

Once they are back no the road, Chris wraps the blanket around herself and lets her mind wander to last night and the hugs she got from the girls before they left. She slowly reaches down and undoes the button and zipper on her jeans. She then leads her hand on a sweet trail to paradise. She begins to rub her love center through her now soaked panties. She has to lightly bite down on her lip to prevent any sounds of pleasure coming from them. She slowly pulls her drenched panties aside and finds her throbbing love button. She rubs it up and down, side to side. Electric shocks of pleasure begin to travel through her body and this brings that usual smile to her face. She rubs harder now feeling the heat pouring out of her dripping love tunnel. She can feel her second orgasm in 24 hours approaching quick. She rubs her sensitive clit in circles as her whole body tenses up. Sweet release is upon her as her pussie pulsates with satisfaction. She then drifts off to a sweet nap and visions of what lies ahead.

They arrive at the college at about 9:30 and find their way to the admissions building. They go on the usual tour of campus and have all of their questions answered. During the tour they go by the athletic center and see the state of the art facilities there; including the women’s locker room. As they enter Chris sees young college women in all different levels of undress; women in towels, only in bras and panties, girls who are completely nude and some just beginning to undress. All of this female skin excites Chris as she feels a now familiar dampness between her legs. They finish the tour and they go to the cafeteria for lunch.

Chris’s mind begins to wander once again during the mid-day meal. She realizes that seeing and thinking about other women really turns her on. She does not understand why this keeps happening, but it does. Even at that moment she feels good all over looking at her peers in the cafeteria. They all finish their meal and then go and meet with professors and the cheerleading coach.

The coach takes Chris and her parents out to dinner in town and three current cheerleaders accompany them for the meal. There is Jessi who is a very attractive brunette with curves in all the right places. Then there is Mary, a petite blonde who looks like a little school girl and lastly there is Kim, antalya escort bayan a sultry red head with proportions very similar to Chris’s. During the meal Chris seats between Jessi and Kim and notices just how attractive they are. She also recognizes how her body responds again to all of this female beauty around her. At one point, little Mary excuses herself from the table as do the other girls to the washroom. Chris follows them a few minutes later.

Chris enters the bathroom to a strange sound, it sounds like kissing. This intrigues her and she decides to investigate. As she walks down to the last stall she sees something that drives her crazy with excitement; the three girls are enjoying each others company. Jessi and Kim are kissing each other as little Mary has her sweet mouth clamped onto Kim’s love nest. The girls look up and see Chris in their presence and ask if she would like to join them. Chris is a little hesitant since she has never done anything like this before, so she says that she will enjoy the view. After Chris locks the bathroom door the girls bring their show out of the stall where they have more room.

Chris then watches as Mary returns to her feast on young Kim. She Jessi’s hand as it finds its way under her skirt and she begins to rub herself like a lucky penny. This image before Chris’s eyes is too much to handle and she decides to join the girls. She sits down on the floor near them; she then discards her jeans and dripping wet panties. Just then Kim and Jessi break their kiss and Kim begins to moan with pleasure as sweet Mary is doing a number on her sweet pussie. Chris watches as Mary continues to bring Jessi closer and closer to sweet release. Suddenly Mary backs away from Jessi and she removes her jeans and wet panties. The two girls then proceed to get into a 69 position and each brings pleasure to the other.

In the mean time Chris has started bringing herself to the heights of pleasure with two fingers buried deep inside of herself and a thumb that is rubbing away at her engorged love button. She slides her two thick fingers in and out of her sweet love tunnel at an ever-increasing speed. While she is getting closer and closer to being in the throws of her third orgasm in a day, Jessi has gone into her purse and pulls out an 8-inch vibrator. Chris watches as Jessi turns the toy on and it begins to make a sweet, soft rumble. Jessi then rubs it up and down the whole length of her dripping love center as moans begin to leave her lips. This image intrigues Chris and brings her over the edge, her whole body tenses and sweet release is finally hers. She falls back on the floor and soaks in the glow of her accomplishment. She looks over at Kim and Mary as they both simultaneously reach their pleasure point together. Their sweet moans escort antalya are now music to Chris’s ears. They both collapse from their love making. Suddenly, Chris feels a cooling sensation between her legs; she looks up to see Jessi has come closer to her and she brought her toy along. Jessi smiles down at Chris and asks if she would like to try the pleasure stick. Chris having never used one before says that she would like to, but she is afraid that it will hurt a lot. Jessi says there is a first time for everything and promises to be gentle. Chris smiles back and says that she is willing to try as the need for release returns to her.

Jessi opens up Chris’s sweet lips and begins to rub the vibrator up and down her dripping slit. After a minute or two she turns the vibrator on low, this make Chris jump a little, but also makes her eyes roll back into her head as the sweet vibrations of the toy overtake her body. She has never felt this good before in her life as her sensitive, throbbing clit calls out for more. She tells Jessi to turn it up higher and she does as Chris wishes. Electric shocks of pleasure soar through her body as Jessi begins to slowly insert the toy into Chris’s dripping love entrance. Jessi goes nice and slow as not wanting to hurt Chris. Jessi is surprised that she feels no resistance from Chris as she dives the toy deeper and deeper into Chris’s womanhood. Just as Jessi gets it as deep as she can without hurting Chris, a new sensation comes to her.

Kim and Mary are now sitting on each side of Chris and they pull up her top revealing her silk-covered 40-Ds. They pull the entrapment aside and each takes a sensitive, throbbing, hard nipple into their mouths. This is a whole new sensation to Chris and she loves it. Jessi slowly begins to slide the vibrating toy in and out of Chris as those now familiar electric shocks return to Chris’s body. She feels that she can not take anymore pleasure from these three beauties, but she is wrong. Jessi slowly lowers her face to Chris’s throbbing love button and softly begins to lick it in circles. Chris is now crying out in pleasure as she feels sensations that she has never felt before.

The three cheerleaders are bringing Chris to new highs as they are all now bringing pleasure to themselves. Each girl has two to three fingers buried deep inside of themselves as they continue their assault on young Chris. Chris now feels herself reaching that wonderful moment of sweet satisfaction. Her body tenses up as she wraps her legs around Jessi and begins to shake with release.

She screams out “Yes!!! Yes!!! Ohhhhhh… Yes!!!” A feeling of release starts at her head and makes waves of pleasure travel down to where sweet Jessi lies. Chris pours her sweet nectar all over Jessi’s face and her toy of pleasure. The three girls then release their hold on Chris and they release their love all over the bathroom floor. After a few minutes to recover, they all sit back up and smile at one another. They each get dressed and clean up the site of their love making. They then return to the dinner table and each enjoys the other meal of the evening.

To be continued…