Cheryl Marriage made in HeavenMy wife, Cheryl, and I had been living together for over four years and during this time we had enjoyed what most peopled would consider an open relationship. That is, we had both agreed that we could date others. However I never really felt the urge to see other women while Cheryl frequently went out with other men. I was a virgin when Cheryl and I met and I had always been quite shy around women. Cheryl on the other hand had been quite promiscuous throughout her high school and college days and she saw no reason to alter her behavior just because she and I were living together. Cheryl is petite and with her long red hair, perky tits and vivacious personality she has always attracted scores of men and rarely did a week go by that Cheryl didn’t have a Friday or Saturday night date.At first I was rather jealous when Cheryl announced she had a date for the evening or was going away for the weekend with some new lover. However, Cheryl’s declarations of love coupled with the fact that our sex life was outstanding led me to become much more comfortable with the situation. In fact, when Cheryl was out enjoying the attentions of other men I would engage in some of the most incredible masturbation sessions sometimes coming three or four times in an evening. The next morning when Cheryl returned home I always begged her for all juicy details, but unfortunately, Cheryl would never even tell me the slightest detail of her trysts. So I was left with just imagining how beautiful Cheryl must have looked with a thick cock plunging into her sweet pussy.About a year ago I started to get the feeling that Cheryl was less than excited whenever we made love. In contrast to our lovemaking when we had first met, Cheryl rarely climaxed. In fact, while Cheryl continued to see other men on a regular basis, whenever she and I made love she acted rather indifferent to my efforts to bring her to orgasm. It was on one such night, after vainly trying to bring Cheryl to orgasm that I confronted her with the problem, saying, “Honey, I’m so sorry. I love you so much, but I’m afraid I’m going to lose you if I can’t make you come.”. Cheryl seemed touched by my concern but she didn’t spare my feelings as she responded, “I’m sorry Mike. Don’t take this the wrong way but I just can’t get turned on with you like I used to. I still love you, but I guess I just like to make love to bigger guys.”. I was heartbroken hearing this and tears started to form in my eyes as Cheryl took pity on me, holding me close and whispering, “Oh c’mon Mike, don’t take it so hard. I love you, too. I’m not planning on leaving you.”. Hearing these words I began to cheer up, looking Cheryl in the eyes and whispering, “Oh sweetheart, I love you so much. Don’t ever leave me, ever. I’m just glad that other men can make you come. I just want you to be happy.”. Since that night Cheryl and I became even closer as Cheryl began to freely discuss her sexual needs with me. In fact, Cheryl treated me as she would a close girlfriend, confiding all her secret desires and longings. I’d always suspected that Cheryl had a strong attraction to black men, but with her new, more candid attitude she freely admitted that the sexual prowess and dominant nature of her muscular black lovers had spoiled her to my attentions. I had never actually seen any of Cheryl’s lovers but the more I learned the more I realized Cheryl had been trying to protect my feelings by not bringing her dates around the house. I guess most men would have felt humiliated by their girlfriend’s infidelity, but I realized that with my smallish five inch cock and my slim build I could never compete with the likes of Cheryl’s ebony studs. During this time, I began to work on my skills at licking and sucking Cheryl’s juicy pussy until I got to the point where I was able to bring her to orgasm most every time we made love. For my own sexual release, I began to masturbate more and more, not only when Cheryl was out with one of her lovers but also while hearing the juicy details upon her return. Although Cheryl never actually refused me sex, it was clear that upon returning home after a passionate lovemaking session, she preferred me to lick her pussy clean while bringing myself off.Over time I began to have the urge to actually watch Cheryl make love to one of her lovers. Just imagining her look of rapture as her black stud moves up between her legs, inserting his thick ebony shaft deep inside her eager pussy, gave me an immediate erection. When I brought this up to Cheryl she said she would ask Bob, one of the men she was currently seeing, into letting me tag along on one of their dates. Bob was a guy she had met at her health club and they had been carrying on an affair for over three months. Cheryl had told me about several of their previous dates and it seemed that Bob really encouraged Cheryl’s exhibitionism, even going so far as to have her do a sexy strip tease in front of two of his envious friends.As a condition for letting me accompany them, Bob had requested that Cheryl abstain from sex for two weeks preceding their date. Cheryl told me that Bob wanted her to be extra horny, and as for me, well let’s just say that it took quite an effort not to masturbate while anticipating the upcoming event. At her suggestion, Cheryl and I spent the entire day before her date shopping for a sexy, new outfit. I’d always enjoyed accompanying Cheryl on her shopping sprees, but this time I took a special interest in helping her choose extremely provocative clothes. After deciding upon a tight black miniskirt and sheer white blouse, Cheryl must have spent almost two hours before finally deciding upon a pair of white fishnet stockings along with a lacy white garter belt and g-string panties. Next, Cheryl tried on dozens of shoes, finally choosing a sexy pair of black platform shoes with five inch heels. Throughout the day Cheryl continually teased me saying things such as, “I’m in the mood to really be fucked hard tonight. Wait till you see Bob’s cock, it’s huge.”.Later that night it was all I could do to keep from coming as I sat on the edge of the bed massaging my rigid member while watching Cheryl dress. It’s become onwin giriş something of a ritual for me to help Cheryl prepare for her dates and earlier that evening I had carefully shaved Cheryl’s sweet pussy until it was as smooth as silk. As she dresses for a date, Cheryl performs what I like to think of as a reverse strip tease, and I often end up jacking off. Tonight was no different and as I watched Cheryl bend over to fasten a delicate gold chain around her ankle, I began to masturbate furiously. In fact, I was quite close to orgasm when Cheryl noticed me in the mirror. “Oh Mike you are a naughty little boy, aren’t you? Don’t come yet, though. Wait until later, okay?” giggled Cheryl as she straightened the seams in her stockings. I reluctantly took her advice and tucked my erect cock back into my pants while Cheryl continued to primp. Cheryl had just put the finishing touches on her makeup when the doorbell rang and I quickly excused myself to answer the door. Cheryl said she would be about twenty minutes more and so I offered Bob a drink while waiting. I felt a sharp pang of jealousy as I saw that he was extremely handsome, well over 6 feet tall with a strong, muscular physique. At the same time my cock stiffened as I imagined Cheryl making love to this black adonis. Bob wasn’t paying too much attention to me as he surveyed the living room from his seat on the couch. In fact, it was clear from the way he looked at me that he considered me a nuisance and so I resolved to be as inconspicuous as possible throughout the evening. Nevertheless, I tried to start up a conversation by remarking, “You know, Cheryl says that you and her have had a lot of fun over the past couple of months.”. Bob laughed upon hearing this as he arrogantly responded, “Yeah, man, you could say that. Your woman sure does like to fuck. That’s for sure.”. I was about to respond when I was interrupted by Cheryl bouncing down the stairs to greet Bob with a lingering french kiss. On the way to the restaurant, I drove Bob’s Lincoln Continental while Cheryl and Bob made out in the backseat of the car.After a quiet dinner, Bob and Cheryl spent an hour dancing at a local nightclub. Throughout the evening, Cheryl had been like a bitch in heat and as she and Bob danced, I could see her grinding her pussy against his crotch. Watching Cheryl’s blatant seduction of Bob, I had developed a raging erection and it was all I could do to keep from jacking off right there in the nightclub. After a particularly sexy dance, Bob and Cheryl returned to our table and Bob said, “C’mon boy, let’s go. It’s 10:00 and your girlfriend says she needs my big black pole.”. “I have to go to the ladies room, I’ll meet you guys at the car, okay.”, giggled Cheryl as Bob and I exited the bar.While walking to the car, Bob told me how he planned on fucking Cheryl on the way to his house, but that he didn’t want me hanging around after that. Although I was quite disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to watch their entire session, just the thought that my beautiful girlfriend would soon be spreading her legs for this black stud had my cock straining in my pants. When we reached the car, Bob climbed in the backseat, while I got behind the wheel. It was only a couple of minutes before Cheryl joined Bob in the backseat and we were soon on our way.As soon as I had driven out of the parking lot, Bob unzipped his pants to unleash his hard cock. “Suck it baby.”, he growled as Cheryl immediately leaned over and began to suck his swollen rod. Hearing this I glanced into the back and saw a sight I’ll never forget. Cheryl was kissing the head of an absolutely enormous black cock. It must have been at least ten or eleven inches long and was over three times as thick as my slender rod. My cock had formed a tent in my pants as I frantically tried to find a secluded spot to observe Cheryl and Bob. It took me about five minutes, but I soon found a deserted street and I quickly pulled the car over to the side of the road. By this time Bob was lying somewhat uncomfortably across the backseat and Cheryl was on top of him, straddling his huge cock. Her blouse was unbuttoned to expose her firm tits and her skirt was bunched up around her waist. I immediately pulled out my cock and began to stroke it. It so happens that earlier that day I had purchased a diamond engagement ring and I had hoped to ask Cheryl to marry me the following week while on our annual vacation. However, the beautiful sight of Cheryl impaled on Bob’s massive black pole inspired me to ask Cheryl to marry me then and there. When Cheryl heard my proposal, she just giggled, “Of course I’ll marry you, Mike. I love you.”. Hearing these words I was ecstatic and I immediately pulled out the diamond engagement ring I had recently purchased. Cheryl didn’t even miss a beat as she continued to rock back and forth on Bob’s dick while allowing me to place the diamond ring on her finger. “It’s beautiful, sweetheart. I love you.”, declared Cheryl once again while leaning over to give me a kiss. When Cheryl leaned forward to kiss me, Bob’s cock slipped out of her pussy and so our kiss was abruptly ended by Bob pulling Cheryl back towards him while furiously roaring, “What the fuck is going on. I thought I told you I don’t want his wimpy white ass anywhere near you tonight!”. Cheryl immediately turned her attention back to Bob as she cooed, “Oh Bob, I’m so sorry. He won’t get in the way anymore, I promise. C’mon you get on top. I want you to fuck me hard.”. She then lay back on the seat while Bob positioned himself between her luscious thighs.All the while I continued to stroke my dick when suddenly I noticed Cheryl’s diamond engagement ring sparkling in the moonlight as she reached between her legs to insert Bob’s swollen black rod. The lust and pride I felt when I saw her ring made me truly appreciate the fact that we were to be married. It was a truly incredible sight as I watched my fiance with a muscular black stud between her legs, her platform shoes d****d over his broad shoulders with his ebony manhood pistoning in and out of her soaking pussy. The car was rocking back and forth with Bob’s thrusts and Cheryl’s moans and whimpers of orgasm onwin yeni giriş created a fabulous symphony of lust.As I watched Cheryl and Bob, I felt an incredible craving to feel, taste and even smell my wife-to-be’s delicious body. However, just remembering the angry tone of Bob’s earlier remarks and I quickly realized, that for tonight at least, Cheryl was to be Bob’s alone. Grasping about for some method of enjoying all the beautiful sensations of my fiance, I finally reached over the seat and grabbed Cheryl’s discarded g- string. Clutching them in my hand, I immediately brought them up to my nose and savored the delicate smell of her perfume mingled with the musky scent of her juicy pussy. As I watched Bob thrust in and out of Cheryl’s cunt, I slipped the silky panties over my hard cock and began to masturbate in time to their lovemaking. It was only a matter of minutes before Cheryl’s cries of pleasure triggered my orgasm as I squirted my pent-up sperm all over the tiny white triangle of her panties. “Oooh, yes, yes. Fuck me harder!.”, moaned Cheryl as Bob brought her to yet another climax with his driving penis. Meanwhile, even a stud like Bob had his limit as Cheryl’s skillful caresses coupled with her luscious pussy pushed Bob to the limit as he threw his head back and growled, “I’m coming baby!”, while unloading his seed into the depths of her eager pussy. After Cheryl and Bob had straightened up, I drove them over to Bob’s house. “Would it be alright if came in for awhile?”, I asked, as I carefully parked Bob’s car out front. “No way! I promised Cheryl I’d let you watch us once, but I’m not going to have you hanging around my house. You can get the bus down at the corner.”, responded Bob as he began to open the car door. Cheryl noticed that I was very disappointed and so before Bob had left the car, she said, “Just a minute, Bob. I’ve got an idea. Mike, why don’t you take out your dick and play with yourself for me.”. I wasn’t sure what to do, but one look at Cheryl leaning forward with a mischievous grin and I immediately unzipped my pants to free my soft prick. “C’mon Mike, stroke it. Make it hard.”, urged my fiance as I began to slowly stroke my cock with my right hand while fondling my balls with my left. “You liked watching me fuck Bob, didn’t you Mike?”, teased Cheryl as her eyes never left mine. “Did you see how many times I came? His cock is so big I just can’t get enough of it. It feels so good when he’s inside me I just want to fuck forever.”, cooed Cheryl while giving Bob a sexy smile and reaching over to run her hand over his crotch. I was quite close to coming for the second time that evening when Cheryl reached down between her legs and scooped up some of the copious semen leaking out from her pussy. She then brought her fingers to my lips so that I could smell and taste the remnants of their coupling. “That’s it Mike, lick it up.”, whispered Cheryl while I licked and sucked her fingers clean, savoring the delicious taste of Cheryl’s juices coupled with Bob’s tangy semen. Bob, meanwhile, was chuckling softly as he found the whole situation quite amusing. I ignored him completely, however, as I continued to stroke my manhood. Cheryl’s sexy teasing soon brought me to another tremendous orgasm as I spurted semen all over my hand. As soon as I had finished spilling my load, Bob ordered me out of the car and I stood there, come dripping off my hand as I watched Cheryl and Bob walk up the steps to the door. I longed for another opportunity to observe their passionate lovemaking, but tonight it was not to be. As I learned later, Bob and Cheryl spent the remainder of the evening in a fabulous session of lusty sex. I, meanwhile, took almost an hour to get home where I ended up masturbating to one more tremendous orgasm while just imagining Bob and Cheryl engaging in all manner of erotic escapades.Cheryl and I were married last September in a beautiful small chapel in the mountains, followed by a reception at a local restaurant. We had planned on spending our honeymoon at a nearby hotel and so after saying our goodbyes to the guests, we drove off to the resort. What I didn’t know, however, was that Cheryl had planned a surprise for me when we finally reached our hotel later that night. It was almost ten o-clock when we reached the hotel and as is the custom, I lifted Cheryl up and carried her through the threshold and into our suite. As soon as I had closed the door, however, out came three enormous black men from the bedroom. All three of the guys were well over six feet tall and as I learned later, they played for a local semi-pro basketball team. “Congratulations Mike, my name is Larry and that’s Bill and Jim. Let me be the first to kiss the bride.”, laughed one of the guys as he took Cheryl from my arms and gave her a wet french kiss. I guess I must have looked pretty shocked as Cheryl giggled, “Surprise, Honey. I thought you might want our wedding night to be extra special, so I invited some friends. Why don’t you pour us some champagne to celebrate while we get comfortable in the bedroom.”. In Larry’s arms Cheryl looked like a tiny doll and as he walked into the bedroom my cock stiffened at the thought of these massive men making love to my bride. I wasn’t about to miss a minute of this and so I quickly poured five glasses of champagne while shedding my clothes. As I entered the bedroom, I noticed that even in her five inch heels, Cheryl was over a foot shorter than any of the guys. Two of the guys had sandwiched Cheryl between them and while Larry was kissing my wife, Bill was intent on unzipping her dress. It wasn’t long before Bill had unzipped my wife’s wedding dress, tugging it down over her hips and tossing it unceremoniously into a corner of the room. Cheryl’s bra and panties didn’t last long either, leaving my lovely bride wearing a white lace garter belt, sheer white stockings and white satin heels. My cock was near bursting as I watched Cheryl slowly unbutton Larry’s shirt to expose his muscular torso. She covered his chest in kisses, slowly working her way down towards his crotch. Cheryl then undid Larry’s belt and unzipped his slacks, pulling them down around his onwin güvenilirmi ankles. Cheryl repeated her actions with Bill and Jim until all three men were standing in their underwear. With a naughty little smile over at me, Cheryl knelt down in front of them and slowly tugged down first Bill’s and then Larry’s and then Jim’s underwear to reveal their semi-hard cocks. “Oh god, I love your big black cocks.”, moaned Cheryl as she began licking and sucking Larry’s large rod until it grew to at least ten inches! Next, Cheryl turned her attention to Bill and within a couple of minutes his prick was also fully erect. Bill and Larry had by far the largest cocks I had ever seen, but when Cheryl had finished with Jim I was shocked to see that his manhood was almost as big as my forearm! As I learned later, Cheryl had contacted them through a local swingers magazine and she had carefully culled the ads looking for a group of well endowed black men. My pretty bride was absolutely fascinated with their cocks as she alternated between each of them, kissing and licking up and down the entire length of their shafts. After about ten minutes of enjoying my wife’s oral worship of his cock, Bill lifted Cheryl up and placed her on the bed. He immediately moved up between her outstretched legs and began to rub his giant ebony cockhead between Cheryl’s juicy pussy lips. Just the touch of his prick on her clit so excited my wife that I saw Cheryl shudder in what looked to be her first orgasm of the night. I wasn’t sure if it would fit in my wife’s tight pussy, but with her copious juices easing the way, his cock was soon buried balls deep in my beautiful wife.I couldn’t have imagined a more incredible wedding night as I softly rubbed my throbbing penis. Larry was standing near me sipping his champagne as he chuckled, “Man, I couldn’t believe it when your wife said she wanted us to fuck her on her wedding night. But shit, it sure looks like you are enjoying yourself.”. “Yeah, she’s the greatest.”, I responded and I couldn’t help but bless the luck that had brought Cheryl and I together. From my vantage point at the foot of the bed all I could clearly see of my wife was her clean shaven pussy stretched wide around an immense ebony cock, the soft creamy globes of her ass cheeks resting on the bed and her high heels kicking wildly in the air. Jim was seated on the bed next to my wife and he was running his hands all over Cheryl’s firm tits, pulling and teasing her erect nipples. I was furiously stroking my cock when Jim, reached back with one hand and began to toy with Cheryl’s pink asshole. This in itself was enough to give me a tremendous climax as I spurted semen all over my wife’s moist panties. Bill continued to fuck my bride for almost thirty minutes, with Cheryl experiencing numerous orgasms. Larry and Jim were becoming somewhat impatient as they awaited their turns and so as Bill fucked my wife doggie style, they both stood at the edge of the bed so that Cheryl could suck their massive rods. I, meanwhile, continued to masturbate to the sexy scene before me. Since I had previously brought myself off, I was able to hold back, timing myself so that at the same instant Bill threw back his head and grunted, “I’m coming.”, I too, came, shooting my cream for the second time all over Cheryl’s panties. When Bill pulled out of my wife, he got up off the bed and invited Larry to take his place. Larry immediately mounted my wife, his large cock filling her completely and as soon as he started thrusting into Cheryl, she began to climax once again. “Baby, you’ve got one hot little pussy. I’m going to make sure you don’t ever forget this night, that’s for sure.”. Hearing this Cheryl glanced over at me and sighed, “I love you, Mike. So far this has been the best day of my life.”. Cheryl’s attention was soon diverted by the pleasurable sensations emanating from her saturated love canal. Larry fucked my wife for at least thirty minutes until he, too, came in her clasping pussy. He was quickly replaced by Jim, and as Jim eased his enormous rod into my wife, Cheryl sighed in pleasure. Cheryl and Jim made love for almost twenty minutes while I masturbated to another incredible orgasm. When Jim finally pulled his cock from my wife, I immediately leapt onto the bed and began to kiss and caress my sexy wife. I knew there was no way my cock could compare with the three massive members that had recently entered my pretty bride. So, rather than fucking my sweet bride, I decided to lap up the juices oozing from her well fucked opening. Cheryl’s pussy was so loose from Bill, Jim and Larry’s huge cocks that my tongue immediately slipped deep inside her and gobs of tasty semen flooded my mouth. “Oh Mike, that’s it. Suck the come from my pussy.”, moaned Cheryl as she rolled over on top of me grinding her creamy snatch into my face. For the next ten minutes I licked and sucked every drop of juice from Cheryl’s pussy while at the same time she sucked my throbbing erection. During this time, Cheryl climaxed once and after about fifteen minutes I came, pumping what little sperm remained in my balls into my wife’s silky mouth. Even after I had come, I remained so engrossed with licking and sucking Cheryl’s pussy so that I didn’t even notice that Cheryl had begun sucking Bill’s cock. Before long I felt Cheryl’s hands on my head as she pushed me away so that Bill could move up between her legs. The two of them began to passionately screw and before long they were joined on the bed by Larry and Jim. By this time I decided to give the four of them a little privacy and so I quietly left the bedroom and promptly fell asleep on the small couch in the other room.It was almost three o-clock in the morning when I awoke to find Cheryl’s lips on mine. “Oh sweetheart, I love you.”, whispered my wife while taking my hand and leading me into the bedroom. The guys had just recently left and the room still had the musky aroma of semen mixed with Cheryl’s pussy juices. Cheryl was exhausted from her sexual marathon with the three guys and so we both instantly fell asleep in each others arms.Since our wedding, Cheryl and I couldn’t be happier. Cheryl has a small group of lovers to choose from and about twice a month she will invite one or more of them over to our house for a wild session of fucking and sucking. On these occasions, I’ll sit quietly nearby, masturbating to one orgasm after another. I can’t imagine a more perfect marriage.