Chapter 5 Derek Enjoys Chrissie to the FullestChapter 5Derek Enjoys Chrissie to the FullestI gathered up my clothes and shoes and silently went in search of thebathroom to freshen up, as I was ordered to do by my wife’s best friendand my doctor, Helen. I couldn’t quite believe I had just given head toDerek, who I had only met less than an hour ago and who I suspected wasless than a reputable figure although I had to acknowledge he had a cockworthy of worship. It was the first time I had done that in my life and Ifound the experience both humiliating and deeply erotic. Truth to betold, the humiliation factor weighed large in my mind. I was once aheterosexual man, albeit a willing cuckold. Now I had evolved into asissy cocksucker. The acknowledgement of that brought shame to me. Thehumiliation of being thought of as a pansy, a faggot or a girly boy wasan emotion which was strangely erotic to me. My little prick, which wasnow rendered useless by the hormone treatment I had been under for threeyears, occasionally showed a spark of life and twitched involuntarilywhen I thought of the superiority Derek must have felt over me as he sawthe top of my head bobbing up and down over his cock.It made all the difference that I was told to do it by Helen who was thewoman most responsible for my transformation from a cuckolded husband toa full blown sissy. She was the one who originally chemically castratedme and then reversed the process and she is the doctor who has seeminglymade me addicted to the hormonal surges that wrack my body. Helen couldsense my devotion to her which was, in many ways, greater than thedevotion I felt for my wife. She knew I would obey her when she told meto drop to my knees in front of Derek, take his prick lovingly in myhands and lick and suck him until he exploded in my mouth. She probablyalso knew that, like any sissy who has given himself to a man for thefirst time, will always have that experience imprinted on his mind. Itwill be the experience I will judge all successors by and nobody willever really give me the experience that Derek did. The prick I firstworshipped will be the cock I will always long to please.I couldn’t stop myself from listening to Helen and Derek’s conversationafter I rounded the corner. I stopped and silently tried to hear whatthey were saying. I was more than curious as they were obviouslydiscussing my future. I couldn’t make out their hushed conversation but Idid pick up some words and phrases like when Derek said I had “a girlnext door look” and “the punters will love her”. I could hear Helen aswell as she said “no other trannies” and “that South African slut”. Thelatter comment made me freeze because it was an obvious reference to mywife who Helen was purportedly friendly with. It was said with contemptand answered with a laugh from Derek who added, “no wonder she’s such aslut”. I decided not to push my luck and quickly found my way to thebathroom. I washed my face, reapplied my makeup, brushed my hair and tooksome toothpaste out of a tube and brushed my teeth with my finger to makesure the lingering scent of cum was gone from my breath.I made my way back to the living room, making sure I made just enoughnoise so I didn’t surprise Helen and Derek. Not knowing what to do andnot wanting to appear presumptuous, rather than taking a seat, Iapproached Helen and stood in front of her waiting for instructions.”Isn’t he beautiful?” Helen asked Derek rhetorically, giving me asideways glance. “He’s standing there waiting for me to tell him what todo just like the submissive sissy I have made him.””I am having gender identity issues with Chrissie,” Derek replied with alaugh. “I don’t know if he is a he, or a her. If he is a he, he iscertainly no credit to the male gender. He is genetically incapable ofbeing a woman but he looks the part and certainly can suck a cock betterthan any slut I have come across.””You should thank Derek for the compliment,” Helen said with a smile,staring me in the face. “There is no shortage of women who would givetheir left arm to have his cock between their lips.””Thank you, Derek,” I stammered, blushing deeply. “I feel honoured thatyou let me do that for you.”Both of them chuckled at my response and Helen motioned with her hand toa chair which I assumed was an instruction to take a seat. I sat down,smoothed the dress I was wearing and waited to be told what was next. Iwas more than a bit concerned about the length of conversations the twohad been having about me and I was simultaneously ığdır rus escort worried that my wife,Heidi, might be waking soon and I wouldn’t be there to serve her coffeeand breakfast, as she expects each morning. That could put her in a badmood for the entire day. If she had plans for a lover to visit today shewould expect the house to look spotless, the sheets to be changed and abottle of chilled wine waiting for her in the refrigerator. When I hadimpetuously called Helen early in the morning and asked to meet forcoffee I hadn’t bothered to pick up at all before I left and I didn’texpect our morning together to stretch on for so long.”There are going to be some changes in your life,” Helen said to me.”First of all I have called the surgeon and we moved your operation up toMonday at 9:00 pm. He has emailed you all the instructions you have tofollow. Secondly, Derek is quite taken with you and has decided to putyou in his stable. You should be honoured by that because he hasn’t everchosen a sissy boy to work for him. The work will be mostly in theevenings and he has assured me that he will thoroughly vet the clients.Thirdly, and most importantly, I am taking over from Heidi. She doesn’tknow this yet and won’t until it happens and you are not to say a wordabout this to her. I don’t love you in a romantic way but I love who youare and I want to protect you from things. She can’t do that. I will bethe one in charge of you from now on.””Finally, you are a beautiful creation and you have to realise that. Youare not to be given away for free anymore. You aren’t going to be atemporary kink for Heidi’s lovers while she is gone. If a man is going toenjoy you he is going to pay top dollar. Derek will be the facilitatorfor that and he will take a well deserved cut. That’s the price that hasto be paid for his protection. If someone is stupid enough to try to takeadvantage of you then you must tell Derek. He will sort it outimmediately. Since I am taking over for Heidi I will handle your financesand make sure that you have a good allowance. Derek will pay whatevermoney you earn into my account.”I was too stunned to reply. My marriage with Heidi had lasted for overfive years, two years of being her cuckold and three years beingfeminised. I know she often considered me an irritant and I knew that, inmany ways, I was just a chequebook for her. Nevertheless, the news thatHelen was taking control of my life still shocked me to the core. I feltthe colour drain out of my face as I considered all the upheaval thiswould cause in my life. The next news Helen gave me made me almost faint.”You’re so unobservant,” said Helen, with a certain sharpness in hervoice. “Rob has knocked her up and he’s leaving his wife for Heidi. Hedoesn’t even know that she has three or four other lovers. All he knowsis that his wife can’t have c***dren and Heidi is three months down theline with his c***d. The idiot has asked his wife for a divorce and isplanning on marrying Heidi. She is going to have papers served on youwhen she returns from our holiday. I’m sorry that I had to be the one totell you this but she is going to dump you one way or the other.”I felt betrayed and hurt beyond belief and, although I tried to resistit, tears started streaming down my face. I just found out that my wifeof five years was leaving me and my future was going to entail having sexwith strangers for money.”You’re well shot of that slut,” said Derek in a gruff voice. “Helen hasmore class than that South African whore has brain cells. What did sheever do for you except cuckold you? I wouldn’t fuck Heidi with abargepole and if that baby she is carrying inherits her intelligence thanI pity him or her. I also pity the stupid fuck who knocked her up and isgetting married to her.”Helen rose from the sofa and took me in her arms to comfort me and Ibegan to realise that, if I was being betrayed by my wife, who once toldme she never wanted c***dren, and I was being traded like chattel betweentwo domineering women, I was actually the lucky one to have ended up withHelen. She was an intelligent woman who understood who she hadtransformed far better than the woman I had married five years ago. Helenwas taller than me, more elegant and understood me far better than Heidi.I could never aspire to being the woman that Helen was but I could serveher and try to please her. If she and Derek had decided that I was goingto pimped out like he did his other whores and Helen ığdır rus escort bayan was going to reapthe financial benefits of that, whilst she provided me with whateverallowance she deemed appropriate, then I should accept her choices for mein life. I felt more secure when she hugged me than I had for years. Ineeded someone strong in my life to guide me and Helen seemed to be thatperson and, when I thought about it further, I realised my mother wouldfar prefer that I was under Helen’s wing than being Heidi’s husband.”Thank you for telling me this,” I said to Helen as I wiped the tearsfrom my eyes. “I was just worried about getting home and making breakfastfor Heidi a few minutes ago. I should have realised when I saw her tummyswelling that she was pregnant. It just never entered my mind. I don’tunderstand what she sees in Rob.””What she sees in Rob is dollar signs,” said Helen as she patted my backand smoothed my hair. “He’s rich. But we are going to be far better offnow. You can do your freelance work in the daytime, I have my salary as adoctor and, every night you go out to see one of Derek’s clients, that’sanother £500 for us. And there’s more. He thinks you could be in a fewsissy films. We are going to get you an agent for that. If you get aglobal reputation, then rich men will pay a lot to be with you. Derek iscovering all the expenses for your boob job and he’s given me £1,000 fora signing bonus for you. We can use that to get your mother up here totake care of you while you recover from the op.””Didn’t you sleep with Rob last night?” I whispered to her, as I didn’twant to embarrass her in front to Derek.”Yes, I did,” replied Helen, keeping her voice low. “I did it to find outwhat his plans are and I guess part of me wanted to get back at Heidi forbetraying you. Also, to be honest, he’s got a big cock and he certainlyknows how to use it and I needed a hard cock last night.””He also told me you did a cleanup job on him yesterday,” she added, witha giggle. “I guess you and I have one more thing in common now.””Now go in the bathroom and clean yourself up,” Helen said cheerfully, ina louder voice. “There’s a little caveat to our new relationship and Iwant to be part of that. I want you to look your sexiest and best forit.””What’s that?” I asked.”Derek is going to take what he deserves,” Helen replied with a wickedgrin. “He’s going to bury his big cock inside you and take you like agirl and I am going to be there to see you submit to a real man. I don’tthink you get how much that will turn me on. I am getting wet justthinking about it. That’s the difference between Heidi and me. Turningyou into a sissy was just a means to an end for Heidi whereas I get offon it. I love to see the hormones work through your body. I love to seeyou break out into a sweat. I love your hot flashes. I love how youbecome more submissive by the day. I destroyed the man in you and madeyou who you are. Heidi didn’t do that.””Most of all, I love how I will own you, how you will do whatever I wantand just devote yourself solely to me.”Helen seemed to push all the right emotional buttons in me at the sametime. It was almost overwhelming and made me want to make myself perfectfor her. I felt a rush of affection run through my body. I looked overand saw Derek on the sofa looking at us together and taking in the powerexchange that was going on. I allowed myself to go through my ownpersonal Damascus conversion and let all my defences down and commitmyself to serving Helen and Derek, which meant that I was going tosurrender my body and be Derek’s next conquest and allow him to be my newpimp and to serve his clients as best I could.. It felt right and thatknowledge empowered me to release myself from Helen’s arms and to walkover to Derek, kneel down, unzip his trousers and take his manhood in myhands.I was in a dreamlike trance as I lovingly licked the helmet of Derek’scock. Helen lifted my dress and lowered my panties in preparation for theultimate violation I was about to experience. She was the one who pushedmy head away from his cock and put the lube on his member and shepositioned me on the floor on my hands and knees and guided his pricktowards my hole. I could barely comprehend her instructions to Derek asshe told him to take me hard and slow and to be very gentle at first. Ionly concentrated on relaxing myself to accommodate my new lover’s girth.The pain was intense and brought on waves of hormonal rushes thatoverwhelmed rus escort ığdır me. I lost consciousness briefly and when I recovered thepain had transformed itself into pleasure as I realised that Derek’s hardcock had fully penetrated me and gone where no man had gone before. Icould see out of the corner of my eye Helen’s splayed legs on the sofaand her hand, which was slowly playing with her clit, while Derek wastaking my virginity.There were no harsh commands from Derek, just a silent acknowledgementthat he was taking what he deserved and, in so doing, concentratingsolely on pleasuring himself and, by virtue of that, Helen. For the firsttime in my life I felt like I was a fully owned piece of property and thefeeling was deeply erotic. I met thrust for thrust as he began toviolently take me. His hand slaps to my ass only brought more pleasureand made me feel more submissive. He reached up and squeezed my nippleshard as he buried his prick in my ass. The intensity of the sensationmade my little prick twitch and, as I looked down, I could see a thinktrickle of something like sissy cum emit from it. I was drenched in sweatwhen I heard Derek moan and thrust his prick to the hilt inside me. Iwished I could feel his cum spurt from his cockhead as he enjoyed theultimate manly pleasure that I could no longer enjoy but at least couldprovoke. I silently thanked Helen for turning me into the feminised sissyI am as I found myself fully submitting to Derek’s superior will andbecoming another one of his cum sluts.He left me spent on the floor as he got up behind me and made his way tothe bathroom to clean up. I felt like a fucked out slut for the firsttime in my life as the cum slowly leaked from my hole. Helen got to herknees and gently stroked my forehead. She lifted my legs to put mypanties back on and readjusted my bra, making sure the silicon fillerswere in properly. She lifted me up and slipped the sundress over my headand gathered my handbag and led me out the door. All of this happened ina daze. I found it hard to walk straight and I felt an emptiness insideme where Derek’s cock had violated me only moments before. It was only inthe lift that I began to come to my senses. Helen had the most dazzlingsmile on her face and she seemed to glow with pleasure. For my part, Icould see my reflection in the mirror and I looked like I had been wellfucked only moments before and I could smell sex on me emanating fromevery pore. It was not an altogether unattractive look. Some of myinnocence seemed to have disappeared replaced by a certain sexualmaturity. I looked more like a woman than a virginal sissy.I held Helen’s hand as she guided me out into the street. We walked for abit just to recover and allow me to fully come to my senses and finallycame to a bench and sat down. There was so much I wanted to say but whenI turned to face Helen I was speechless and waited for her to initiatethe conversation. Something inside me made me feel presumptuous to speakbefore being spoken to so we sat in silence for a few minutes while Isoaked in the glow that Helen gave off. She finally turned to face me andspeak.”Do we have an agreement?” Helen asked me. “Do I own you and are youmine? Do you now live solely to make me happy, to serve me in any way Iwish? Will you do anything I ask?””Yes,” I responded. “I will do anything for you. I am just here only tomake you happy and I am thankful beyond belief for you turning me intowho I am now. My purpose in life is only to serve you and do anything youwish. I will be the best whore in Derek’s stable and make more money foryou than you can imagine. You will control me emotionally, financiallyand physically from this day until you decide you are tired of me. Eventhe freelance money I make will go into your account. I only need apittance to get by every day. Serving you is my only purpose in life.””Good,” Helen said with a laugh. “Now take my phone and call your mommyand have her come up here to take care of you after the operation.”My mother’s voice was the best thing I had heard in months and she agreedto catch the next flight to London, which would land on Monday morning. Itold her about my upcoming operation, about Helen and about my new lifeand she seemed thrilled at the prospect of seeing her new son, the newlyborn sissy c***d she had once played with and dressed. I also told herthat my little prick was no longer the working tool it once was and wewould not be able to play together like we used to but she assured methat it was no great loss and it had never provided her the pleasure myuncles had given her. She just looked forward to seeing the sissy thatshe knew was deep inside me all along and meeting the woman who hadfinally brought it out in me. Now she could have the daughter that shealways longed for and a new sister in Helen.