Cave CreaturesWhen the small double engine plane finally touched on the grass runway before bouncing a few times and slowing down, Sarah took a deep breath, relieved that the difficult and bumpy flight to the remote location of amazon rainforest in Peru near the Brazilian border was finally over and even though she had several hours of driving left in some of the most dangerous mountain roads, she was glad the flight part of this expedition was over. She waited as the door was opened from outside by a dark native man. He reached for her hand and helped her off the plane before grabbing her large mustard color bag pack and directed her away from the plane and towards his old truck. By the time she had walked up to the truck she looked back as the plane took off as fast as it had landed. Once the deafening sound of engine noise had quieted down she turned to the native man and introduced herself to him. He seemed to not know any English and she, other than the basic Spanish she had taken in high school and early college, did not know much Spanish. The knowledge of Spanish language would not be much of a help anyways since most natives spoke a dialect closer to Mayan than Spanish or Portuguese.After a few awkward nodes and smiles he introduced himself as Ake. He looked like he could be a native of Indonesia or Philippines, she was thinking to herself. He had dark skin, with dark straight hair that covered his forehead. He had grabbed her heavy bag pack and was about to put it in the back of his truck before she stopped him and took the bag pack inside the truck with her. She could not risk losing the bag pack in these bumpy roads and some of the electronics she had in there were not water, or impact resistant. Once they were on the road she had realized driving was not going to be any better than the scary flight she was just in. The dirt roads were narrow and dangerous. Her body was tense for the first thirty minutes as she tried to ignore looking outside and down the rocky cliffs that were covered with tropical trees at the very bottom and instead focus on the dangling voodoo doll hanging from the mirror.She was excited to have finally made it. When she was a c***d she had only seen documentaries of scientists and archeologist going on dangerous and interesting expeditions where they would find remains of ancient civilizations, come across natives who had no interaction with outsiders, or find new a****l species that they would get to name before introducing it to the rest of the world. Even when she was in graduation school seeking her master’s in microbiology she only imagined herself in a laboratory where she would perform tests on subjects that were sent by scientists on the field but never imagined she would one day be able to join an expedition. She couldn’t wait to join Professor George Erikssen and Professor Laura Martinez for the remaining of the expedition. She had worked so hard to be able to gain their attention and trust during her time in school and she knew this would help her with her goal of getting her own PhD in her field.Last time she had communicated with any of the professors was almost three weeks ago when professor Erikssen had sent her schedule, flight information, necessary equipment they needed and all instructions she needed, via e-mail. Both in their late thirties, were extremely professional while very easy going and fun to be around and that’s what she liked the most about them. She wasn’t sure if more people would be there or perhaps joining them later but that was not something she cared about. She was only proud and extremely excited to join the professors at the end of today and feel like a true scientist.The road seemed to be a constant downward spiral and to keep herself from worrying too much about the bad conditions of the roads and the dangerous cliffs, she started to read some of the emails she had received from both professors regarding the research that was being done in the field. Even though there was a great chance they would come across something new during their expedition this voyage was specifically funded by the university because it was part of a global attempt to find natural antibiotics to fight the super bacteria that had become a serious twenty first century problem.She looked up again when she realized they had managed to drive down the mountain and into the rain forests. It was absolutely beautiful. The vegetation was so congested that it felt like they were driving through a green tunnel and even though it was perfectly sunny and there were no clouds in sky, it was dark and misty inside the forest. “Amazonica.” Ake said while waving his hand around, introducing the forest to her. She took her camera out and rolled her window to snap a few pictures. The wind was warm and the inside of the car felt damp as the humidity made its way in. She took a few pictures before rolling the window up and let the A/C cool down the cabin as they drove towards their destination.They drove for another hour before she could see a bright light at the end of the road were it seemed like there were fewer trees. Once Ake slowed down and stopped the truck she got out and looked around the almost prefect circle that was made by trees that were surrounding the gigantic black rock surface that seemed to be the entrance to a vertical cave. Ake grabbed her bag pack and walked towards a few colorful flags that were placed on the edge of the entrance. She paused for a second and breathed the air thinking this probably was the best quality air on the planet. Closing her eyes she listened to the noises around them and though it felt quiet at first once she paid attention to all the noises she realized it sounded busier than standing in the middle of Time Square but the natural noises were not harsh to her ear and unlike when she was in New York City she felt peaceful and relaxed. She smiled, opened her eyes and followed Ake to the edge of the cave.She looked down inside and noticed the size of the cave entrance was much larger than she thought. Inside the rock surrounded large lake that perhaps was made by the seasonal rains. It looked like a large coliseum. She turned around when Ake started to talk. He was showing the ropes to her indicating that they would be going down. He handed her what seemed to be a thick leather climbing harness that she had to wear before he passed a rope from the three metal loops around her. He sent the bag pack down as she watched him land it on the wet ground by the lake. She could see a few items that probably belonged to others but there were no sight of others any were around the lake. She only realized Ake would not be coming down with her when he stood in front of her, waiting, while holding the ropes in his hand. She was dumb founded for a second but quickly got to the edge of the rock. It was too scary to just let go and she kept looking back at Ake for confirmation. Ake had passed the rope through another metal hook that was patched to the rocks body and was going to use it to slowly lower her to the bottom of the cave.She gradually slid off the edge and suspended in the air for a while, her heart beat speeding up as she breathed deeply. Ake slowly lowered her down. She was slowly rotating as she quickly took a look around the walls of the cave that were covered in algae. As she went lower and lower she started to hear the noises of water running inside the cave and the sound of droplets echoing as they fell onto the rock surface. When her boots touched the ground she gained control and undid the harness. Ake pulled the harness back and waved at her pointing to her right and into the cave that started a few feet away. She located the entrance of the smaller cave and nodded. Once Ake’s head disappeared she felt alone and an uncomfortable feeling took over her for a few seconds. She put on her bag pack and walked to the second entrance. The size of the cave was big enough for her to be able to stand up straight and move freely, in fact it looked more like a tunnel than a cave and even though there were no signs of unnatural cutting on the rock surface, the tunnel almost had a circular shape. She quickly looked in her one of the several pockets of her baggie kırşehir rus escort pants to find a flash light before turning it on and examining the cave. She realized she was not going to need it for long as few yards ahead there seemed to be a dim fire light that had lid up the cave with a yellow orange light.She walked to the light hoping she would not need to walk long before finding everyone else. She was a bit afraid. She had not been in many caves and was not very fond of cave creatures such as bats and bugs but was not very sensitive about them either. The only thing she didn’t like was their surprising way of popping out of nowhere and scaring even the bravest cave explorers. Once she was by the light she realized it was a bowl that was hanging from the edge of the cave using thin fiber ropes. Inside, a single string of wick, barely hanging out of what seemed to be oil, was burning. The light was placed on a bend and once she made the turn she saw several other oil lamps that had created a beautiful view from where she was standing. She turned off the flash light and walked, more confidently, through the tunnel in search of her colleagues.The temperature seemed to be dropping as she walked down the cave. She felt a breeze against her skin and was getting close to the end of the tunnel. Once she walked out she was in a larger hall. The ceiling was completely covered with stalactite and water dripped from each into a small pull of water that was in the middle of the hall shaped cave. The oil lamps continued around the pool and the yellow and orange reflection of light showed off the white, orange and red colors of flowstones that surrounded them. While looking around she noticed a red camping tent on the other side and she smiled walking towards the tent. “Hello?” she called while walking towards the tint. She looked inside the tent and knew this definitely belonged to her colleagues. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. There were two sleeping bags inside with one bag pack but there was no sign of any of the professors. She stood in front of the tint looking around the cave and called for them again. “Professor?” Her voice echoed around, traveling through the tunnels of the cave before leaving her there waiting for a reply.She stood there for what seemed to be minutes, waiting, and decided to look more closely for any other tunnels that might have continued down the cave but before she could take her first step her foot quickly slipped over the wet rocks that had been shaved and smoothed for millions of years by the running water. She screamed and fell into the pull. Before she could gain ground she was in water to her chest. She gasped for air and quickly tried to get out of the pool but the smooth surface of the rock kept her from getting out as fast as she wanted. She was wet from head to toe but that didn’t seem to be her main issue. She quickly took off her bag pack. It had gotten wet and water was running down and coming out from the bottom of her bag pack. “No, no, no!” she whined as she hurriedly opened the bag and emptied the content next to the tent. All her clothing was already wet but most importantly the three pieces of electronics seemed to have been completely soaked. She hit her forehead with the palm of her hand and closed her eyes in pain. She didn’t attempt to turn on the electronics and didn’t know what she was going to tell her colleagues. She was going to be an instant disappointment to them she thought to herself.She sat there for a while waiting for anyone to come back but it was getting late. She had been there for at least an hour now. It was getting colder and sitting there in wet clothes was not helping. She quickly took off her clothes, standing there in her underwear before she went into the tint to look for a few dry pieces of clothing. There was nothing around and all there was in the bag pack was already wet and damp. She was still going to wear what she found but after seeing molded spots on the clothing she wasn’t sure if she could wear them. She decided the best thing she could do is to get into one of the sleeping bags to keep her warm and surely the professors would get back here sooner or later. She took a quick look at her watch as she took it off her wrist. It was exactly three in the afternoon and she was starting to feel hungry. Luckily the packaging of food had kept them from getting wet. She found a snickers bar and attempted to open it before she heard echoing noise around her. She smiled instantly and was glad someone was finally coming back.She put the candy bar down and examined her surrounding, looking for the source of the echoing noise. Her bare feet touching the cold wet rocks as she walked back to the oil lamps. A dim light dancing from behind the rocks indicated there was another oil lamp behind it. She was sure the noise was coming from down the tunnel. She waited for them to perhaps get to her but they were taking too long. She wanted to walk to them but she was not in the best attire to do so having only her black underwear and bra on. She was starting to feel cold and was starting to shake. She took a few more steps into the cave, this one a little shorter and tighter. An unusually warm wind was coming from down the cave. It felt great against her cold skin and she knew even if she wasn’t going to go look for the professors she was definitely going to wait for them here.She felt relaxed and warm again but the noises seemed to come and go from down the cave. She called a few times and did not hear any replies. She was feeling anxious and did not know what to do. After all she could not wait here all night. She walked a little further into the cave. It wasn’t dark and the lamps seemed to continue along the cave wall. She had walked several yards and the tunnel seemed to continue even further. She was contemplating to whether she should continue or go back. Before she could make a decision she detected a strange scent. It was a pleasant aroma that smelt almost sweet and warm. She inhaled deeply, trying to recognize the smell. She was a bit surprised because she never thought she would be smelling such perfume in a cave. The scent of what felt like sweet clove mixed with cinnamon and gingerbread. She almost couldn’t believe what she smelled. She continued down the tunnel to find the source of the fragrance that seemed to get stronger as she walked forward.She noticed it was getting warmer and she was starting to sweat while she was getting close to the last oil lamp visible. It was over a bend again and once she turned she noticed another hall like cave, this one dry and was definitely human made. There was no sign of uneven ground and floor was pleasantly warm. The scent was much stronger here and she felt almost light headed. “Hello? Anyone here?” she called again. The air was thick and warm. The oil lamps seemed to continue around the rectangular hall and in to several different tunnels. She examined the walls and could see the walls seemed to have been tempered with, perhaps by an ancient civilization but other than that there was no sign of ruins that clearly showed architectural work. She was confused and was trying hard to listen for any kind of noise. She was tired and hungry. Finding a flat rock on the side of the wall she sat to rest while deciding what she wanted to do. The rock was pleasantly warm and made her close her eyes as she felt the heat under her legs and buttocks. Once she opened her eyes she could see a slug slowly climbing the wall of the cave. She suddenly got up and walked up to the a****l that was slowly trying to climb its way up, leaving a trail behind it. It had more tentacles than the slugs she had seen before. While it had a pair on what seemed to be its head, there was another pair at its tail. Its back was covered in neon blue and black colors. She got closer to the a****l to study it a little more. She smelt it to see if it was the source of perfume in the air but it didn’t have a smell. She wished she had her camera with her so she could take a picture of this amazing creature. She was still looking to see which tentacles were its optical tentacles but perhaps she had gotten too kırşehir rus escort bayan close to the slow creature. Suddenly she was sprayed with a quick mist of a liquid in her face causing her to step back as she wiped her face. She was worried it might have been poisonous and stood there trying to see if there was any reaction. She looked at the slug and it was continuing its slow trip to the ceiling.She wanted to walk back to the pool of water in the previous hall and wash her face before this possibly poisonous liquid could affect her. She turned to walk back but she was getting dizzy and nauseated. She started to breathe deeply and instantly felt anxious. She kneeled down in fear thinking this might be her last moments. It took a few minutes before she relaxed a little. She still felt anxious but she was starting to like the feeling. A tingling sensation was running through her stomach, to her thighs and down to her knees. She closed her eyes, smiled and took a deep breath. She was enjoying the aroma around her more than ever. She had never felt this way before. She stood up again and looked all around the hall. The lights seemed brighter and all the colors had intensified. She felt warm and cozy and suddenly there were no worries. Her senses had become stronger than ever. She felt her body with her fingertips, running them against her moist skin, causing a tingling sensation.When she turned around she realized she was not the only one in the hall. She could not believe her eyes. Surly this was a hallucination caused by the liquid sprayed on her by the slug. She paused to see if the images of the two larger creatures would vanish but they did not disappear. They moved closer to her. She was not scared of the huge monsters that were walking towards her. Instead she was intrigued and interested. She reached with her hands almost impatiently to feel their skin with her sensitive fingertips. She ran her hands against their smooth abs and up to their chest as they stood close to her. They felt very smooth but hard. Their man like bodies looked hairless and their skin almost greenish gray; much larger than any human she had seen they had heads that looked more like a bat than man. While their bald head and forehead and the location of their eyes, nose and ears seemed to resemble a humans head, the organs themselves looked as though they belonged to a large bat but she did not seem to be scared at all. They did not look scary.The two muscular monsters studied her, feeling her with their hands as she did the same to them. As they ran their hands on her neck and arms she got even closer to them almost touching them with her body. She dropped her hands and felt their legs. She slowly touched what seemed to be very large sexual organs. She looked down at both monsters, their large penises dangling in between their legs, she found herself in awe of the sizes of their organs. Each as long as her arm they seemed to be almost as thick as her arms as well. She ran her fingers on the base of their penises down to the tip of each while two almost identical creatures stood there watching. The shape resembled a man’s sexual organ too but the resemblance stopped there. There are no men this large, she thought to herself. Their touches, on the other hand, were not curiosity driven. They caressed her as though comforting her. Other than a few scars that seemed to be in darker shade of the skin color there wasn’t any visible difference between the two. When she was close to their lower chest she finally realized what the source of the scent in the air was. It was these creatures. She instantly salivated at the thought of the perfume. She wanted to lick them and taste them. She looked up at them, smiling, as though asking for permission to test the flavor of her newly discovered species. She moved her head to the left and touched its chest with her lips kissing the monster with scars. Slowly she tasted her lips. They were as delicious as they smelt. They did not taste strong but she could taste the scent she had been smelling on her lips.She turned and kissed the monster on the right, this time with more courage she touched its skin with her tongue. She exhaled and almost lost control. It was too good to be true she thought to herself. She still believed this must have been the effect of the poison. A psychedelic chemical that caused hallucinations perhaps? But this seemed too real to be a hallucination. She could feel them, smell and taste them. If this were just a hallucination she had a completely wrong understanding of “hallucination”. As thoughts of possible explanations for everything were running through her head she was snapped out of all that by the touch of a wet and soft object against her ears and neck. She did not react or jump. Instead she froze as she felt the object again on her ear, this time continuously running over her ear and neck. She wanted to look and see what the object was but the pleasant sensation it was causing made her close her eyes. She felt the large hands of one of the monsters lifting her from behind causing her to open her eyes. She saw the pink, long tongue of the monster in front of her. It retreated in his mouth before extending again and softly touching her lips. She realized what the object on her eyes and neck was. It was tasting her like she had tasted them.The second tongue was now running over her lower back. She was now close to its face, supporting herself by putting her arms on his large chest and around his neck while her hips were lifted up to the second monsters face as he ran his tongue on her back and legs. With the invasion of her mouth by the monsters tongue she was surprised by the taste. It had much stronger taste than their skin. She sucked on its tongue and swallowed the tasty saliva. She felt an instant feeling of ecstasy. She closed her eyes sucking on his invading tongue while the second monster ran his tongue between her legs and buttocks. She gasped as the tongue brushed against her anus and down to her lips. She moaned on the tongue in her mouth continuing to suck the tasty fluids. As the tongue of the monster behind her moved cross her privates she moved her hips in his hands. The tongue softly tickled her clitoris as it moved towards her wet entrance. The tongue in her mouth had slowly forced its way down past her tongue; her throat muscles already trying to swallow the wet long delicious intruder.She moaned again as the monster behind her had also started to invade her body by pushing his tongue deep inside her. She completely lost herself in pleasure. Her bra strap was snapped by the pulling force of the monster in front of her. Her breast dangled in the air while her panties had suffered the same fate. She was completely nude now as both monsters licked her insides while she moved her body between them. The tongue in her throat now seemed to be getting ticker as it moved down her throat. Her lips slowly stretching by the thickening tongue she could feel the tongue almost reaching to her stomach. Once she felt the tongue in her pussy thicken and invade more of her and started to wiggle she experienced what could be described as an intense orgasm. She shook and jolted as waves of intense sensations ran over her body. She could feel the sensations start in her uterus and travel all around her body. She moaned as both monsters removed their tongue and lowered her to the ground again. She had her eyes closed and felt almost sleepy but once she opened her eyes she felt as though she had been asleep for hours. She was on the ground with both monsters standing by her. She looked at their large feet and muscular legs. Looking up she saw them standing over her with their large penises looking down on her. She slowly raised her body and felt their large manhoods. She placed her hand under their heads lifting them up. Both heads almost fully covered her hands. She examined the tip that was now dripping a gooey colorless liquid. She reached with her tongue to taste, touching the tip of the large organ. The taste was unlike anything she had tasted before. She instantly craved more and turned her head to the second organ before licking rus kırşehir escort the entire head all over.Both monsters were breathing deeply and groaning in pleasure. She noticed the reaction and wanted to continue pleasing the new species. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the large head in her mouth, instantly salivating excessively. She could hardly fit the monstrous head in her mouth. She suckled on the head, her lips stretch, she couldn’t control her saliva leaving her body. She could not even imagine being able to take more than the head in her mouth. Her lips were stretch around the manhood as she used her tongue to lick the gigantic lollipop. She moved her head back and forth a few times looking up to see their reaction. The monster seemed to be enjoying her actions. She turned to the other manhood and tried the same thing. Both penises were getting harder and moving up and away from her as she seemed to be pleasing the monster. Only after both monsters were fully erect with their monstrous cocks pointing straight forward she saw the large melon size testicles that were hanging in between their legs. She was instantly drawn to them as she rested the monsters balls on her hand. She almost instinctively licked his testicles, salivating and drooling over them as his penis rested over her face. The monster groaned again and she knew she was doing a good job.She turned around and took the head of the second monster back into her mouth, sucking harder now while still holding the other monsters testicles in her hand. She felt a pair of hands caressing her head. She was slowly forced down the large organ. It was hard to take him passed a few inches. She could hardly breathe and her jaw did not seem to be able to open wider. The great taste of both cocks were causing her to excessively salivate and drool over herself, she could feel the cold saliva landing on her breasts. The hands on her head slowly pushed her down the cock in her throat. She tried to stop the monster from possibly killing her by putting her hands on his legs and push back but there was the monster seemed to continue. She felt her throat stretch and her body convulse making involuntarily noises of gagging. She closed her eyes and seemed to blackout for a second. Her hands slowly dropping to the ground she kept still as the monster pressed passed her throat, making her swallow the long snake. Her almost u*********s body held by the head as the monster bent over her and push himself all the way in. She didn’t cough but convulsed a few times as her muscles adjusted to the thick long manhood in her body. The a****l pushed his cock till his large balls were resting on her chin and throat and slowly pulled back out of her. Her body making involuntarily noises before she gasped for air as the penis left her mouth; Tears running down her face as she tried to swallow the excessive saliva in her mouth. She was turned by the other monster. Once the tip of his penis passed her lips she knew he was going to do the same thing. She wanted to stop him before he was pushing himself inside her mouth. She banged on his knees, again no reaction from the monster. She couldn’t breathe again with her body jerking as she felt his cock in her chest. This time she convulsed less she could feel the cock head in her stomach. He let go of her and she was forced to take them deep inside her throat one after the other each time one of the monsters holding her head and forcing her to swallow them for longer periods of time. She could hardly breathe though she had managed to breathe through her noise and take deep breaths when she could. She tried to pull back once the monster didn’t seem to be taking his cock out of her. She had only managed to take him out halfway before she was pushed down the large manhood. The a****l, as though had found a new pleasure, pushed her head back before he pushed himself into her this time faster and more violently. She placed her hands on his large legs while the a****l continued to fuck her throat.She was pushed away from the monstrous cock that was now completely covered in saliva and was lifted to her feet with the monster behind her holding both her hands in his grip above her head. She stood there for a second in confusion as the monsters seemed to be studying her. The monster holding her arms knelt behind her placing his throbbing cock in-between her legs. She arched her back trying to find the mushroom head. She knew what was going to happen. They were going to fuck her and she would almost reach another orgasm just by the thought of being shared by the two monsters she had found; her small vulnerable body being dominated and used by the large, muscular cave creatures. She let out a loud moan as the head stretched her entrance. She wasn’t sure her body could take the monster cock. She could feel him slowly pushing himself in her. Her wet lips stretching to their limits before they could take its head. She was lowered down on him, almost squatting on the cock, her back arched as her arms were still held over her head. She felt every inch entering her body, pushing other organs aside to find space for his throbbing cock. Almost splitting her in half, he was now passing her cervix. She felt an instant feeling of pleasure once she had managed to take him fully and rest on his testicles. She was held for a few seconds by the monster so perhaps she could adjust to the large organ in her frame. She could feel his pulse in her body almost synching with her hear beat.She was finally moved up by a pull on her arms before being made to sit back on the cock. With every touch of his balls against her clit she shook in his lap. She was lifted and pushed back again, this time faster and more aggressively. The pain was being replaced by pleasure and she was starting to love every inch of him inside her. The motion was now faster and she knew she was not going to last much longer. Every time she was lifted she was excited about how she was going to be slammed back onto him. As the slamming of her body against him got harder she moaned loudly and almost screamed in pleasure causing her to tighten her pussy around his cock. He did not seem to have slowed down and continued to lift and slam her. She closed her eyes and continued to moan as the monster continued. She was forced to open her eyes with the touch of the manhood against her lips. She looked up to see the scarred monster standing in front of her, with his cock touching her lips asking to be sucked. She opened her mouth as the monster pushed his cock with no hesitation passed her throat. She, to her surprise, did not convulse and continued to swallow. Her body pushed to its limit between the monsters she never thought she was capable of achieving what she had.She was now in between the monster, her hands were let go off but not for long as the monster behind her held her hands again this time behind her back as he used them to pull her body back to him. The other monster stood in front of her holding her small head in his large hands while he slammed his balls against her chin, pushing his cock all the way down her throat. The two large cocks almost reaching each other inside her body. Both monsters were moaning and groaning loudly. She felt full as both monsters dominated her and were pushing into her at the same time. They had gotten faster and more forceful now. With no care for her they slammed their bodies at both ends of her. Her hands tightly held behind her back she had no way of stopping them and she did not want to. Both monster cocks twitched and suddenly she felt a warm liquid filling her body. It felt as though hot lava was poured into her. She shook and almost fainted as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. Both monsters continued to pound her before slowing down while she kept cuming. Once they both withdrew their organs out of her body the warm liquid gushed out of her. She tasted the leftover of the liquid in her mouth. It was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. She wanted to swallow more but she could not seem to be able to control her deep breathing, still gasping for air.She was lowered to the ground as her body continued to shake. Waves of electricity seemed to echo inside her body and her orgasm continued causing her to moan and scream. She opened her eyes, still experiencing the endless orgasm. Her vision had completely changed. The colors had intensified to the point she was not cable of seeing images, rather she was only seeing colors before it all went black and she fainted.