CaughtHi I wont say my real name for obvious reasons but lets just call me Quailman. This story is about how I got caught jerking off by my girlfriend and she turned it into sex. Well, for starters Im a real pervert in the sense I love porn and am always thinking about sex with women I know or some chick I find attractive and so on. Although I have a girlfriend and love her dearly I still think about fucking other girls although I would never cheat on her. Anyway on a normal day I’d wake up watch porn then jerk off and shower and continue my day. So on this one specific day I woke and starting looking for porn to watch.Normally if I cant find a good porn vid I look at this folder I have on my computer with pictures of things I call my “Fap material”,it’d have pictures of known or unknown pornstars or simply girls topless,titfucking,giving blowjobs etc. Besides that I also have photos of girls I know in poses that are sexy klasbahis yeni giriş to me. So I was looking at my folder of pics and started jerking off like crazy one hand on my penis and the other on the keyboard going through the pics. SO eventually I got up to a pic of a close friend of mine I got off her facebook and continued jerking my dick until I heard a “Oh, hell no!”. Scared shitless I realized I didnt lock my door or even close it right. But as scared as I was I was also really turned on that I got caught. But yea I kept staying at my girlfriends pissed off face as she stared at my touching myself.Turns out she didnt have classes and came over to see me. She closed and locked my door asking me what the hell was I doing. Already caught I told her the truth and then she was even more pissed as she saw my friend on my screen and said “TO HER OF ALL PEOPLE?!?”, “AM I NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU!?”. klasbahis giriş I tried to help understand and she didnt want to hear it and said “And your still hard? Really?” And went on to grab my dick which turned me on more.She then told me she can forgive me if I simply got rid of my “Fap Material” and only focused on her which I quickly agreed with. She then said “well its already out so…” then put my penis in her mouth and started to give me a real awesome blowjob and as she bopped her head up and down I heard her pretty much say, “I bet She (My friend) cant do this better than me and I nearly came but held out because I wanted her to continue with this oral pleasure I barely get. After a while she stops and removes her shirt and bra revealing her beautiful breasts that I love so much I then started sucking on them like crazy,they arent really big but they are no way small. As I was sucking klasbahis güvenilirmi on them she stops me and pushes me to lay down. After that she then put my dick between her tits and gave me an unbelievable titfuck(My first ever to be honest. She also sucked on my penis head as it reached her mouth every time. I couldnt believe my luck. She then stopped and told me to get completely naked as she started undressing herself. After I put on a condom we went at it like a****ls doggystyle missionary 69 and so forth. she was so wet I slipped inside her like nothing was gonna stop my dick from entering her insides. after we both came and after we showered she told me that better be the last time she catches me jerking off to pics of any other girls. I lied and said yes in exchange for another blowjob to which she said “I was gonna do it anyway I surprisingly love doing it to you”.I am sad to report I simply didnt keep my promise since I still kept my folder and even added more pics to it and of course I am apart of this site. So anyway hoped you enjoyed and please commment and if enough people like this I’ll put up the time I cheated on her (Which I am not proud of but was a great sexual experience).