Catching my wife, Part 5
I leaned down, at Connie’s verbal and physical encouragement, and took a cautiously slow lap at my wife’s red and sensitive looking pussy. It’s then that I noticed that my wife’s vulva was smoother around the sides than I had ever noticed before. She still had a short tuff of hair above the cleft of her folds, yet the sides were as if she never had any hair whatsoever! It because of her new smoothness that I was able to see how puffy and red the outside of her vulva was… I couldn’t quite understand why, but at that moment, I only wanted to tenderly lap at her. The first lick was almost intoxicating. I used the flat of my tongue to lightly graze over her, but the taste was both foreign and wonderful. My wife responded with a soft moan and a slight shift of her hips and pelvic to provide me with better access. My second and subsequent laps at her puffy folds triggered a parting of her outer-lips and access to her soft, syrupy-wet hole. In the back of my mind, I knew at that instant that she had been unfaithful… that she had fucked someone else… that someone else had cum inside of my wife! My intellectual mind knew this, and I should have been furious…. Yet, I felt compelled to tenderly lick my wife’s recently used and abuse pussy. As I lapped at my wife’s center, Connie now lay over me, her breasts mashed into my back.

“You’re enjoying this” Connie whispered, “aren’t you?”

I simply moaned in response. As I did, Connie’s hand slid down my back and in-between my butt cheeks. She felt for my scrotum and I found myself lifting my hips to provide her better access.

“That’s it” Connie encouraged into my ear, “You lick your wife’s ravaged pussy and if you’re a good boy, I’ll share all the naughty details with you.”

I don’t know what happened to me, but knowing that I might learn the details, and hearing Connie call me a “good Boy” just seemed to release something in me. I moaned out and lapped at my wife’s now-dripping cunt like it was the provider of life. The more I lapped at my wife’s oozing pussy, the more Connie praised me. She was now gently circling my tight anal ring with her finger as she continued whisper into my ear.

“You love this, don’t you” she whispered, “You love knowing that your wife was used and now you’re going to hear the details of just how much.”

I was almost delirious as I squirmed and licked at my wife’s spread pussy. I was even humping the mattress at this point, as Connie was still laying on me, her breasts mashed into my back, her finger circling my asshole.

“Would you like to see a video of how your wife was taken?” asked Connie in a soft whisper, obviously already knowing the answer.

I simply moaned louder and nodded as I licked with more furor.

Connie slipped off me, leaving my ass wanting for more. She walked to the other side of the bed and produced wrist restraints.

Give me your wrists” ordered Connie to my wife. My wife, without any hesitation, lifted her wrists above her head. Connie then secured them and attached them to a ring on the headboard. Connie walked to my side of the bed and reached for another pair of wrist restraints.

“Roll over, on your back,” Connie said to me, “And give me your wrists as well.”

Where is was disappointed to have to stop licking my wife, I rolled over onto my back, beside my wife. Connie secured me, as she did my wife, and we both lay there, side by side, arms above our heads.

“Look how hard he is.” Connie said to my wife, while pointing to my cock. “I told you he’d want this for you.”

Connie then picked up the remote and turned on the flat screen tv, mounted on the wall. The screen filled with the image of my wife, totally naked and being led my Connie to a padded beck in the middle of the room. Connie then directed my wife to lay over the bench, her exposed ass in the air. Her wrists were secured, as were her ankles. Connie then disappeared off-camera. The screen continued to just show my wife’s exposed ass, yet the audio was filled with sounds of Connie being fucked by someone. Then someone else. It almost seemed like a gangbang of some sorts. A naked guy suddenly appeared on the screen and he walked up to my wife. He deliberately and without hesitation, plunged his fingers in-between my wife’s thighs.

“Yep” he stated proudly, “this cunt is soaked.”

He then untied and repositioned my wife’s ankles so that she was spread open more, revealing her pussy and ass to the camera and re-secured her. He went off camera and the sounds of Connie taking more fucking filled the room. The excitement now dripped from my wife’s open and exposed pussy. And as before, a naked male appeared, his back to the camera. This was obviously a different guy and he roughly inserted his finger into my wife’s pussy, pumped it a few times, then inserted the same finger into her ass and began finger-fucking her tight, what I thought to be “virgin” ass. My wife could be heard moaning…. In lust, not in protest. My eyes were glued to the screen as Connie reached for my very hard cock.

“I see that you’re enjoying this” Connie said proudly, as she lightly stoked my cock. “Now, do you want to see the next week’s activities or simply have me fast forward to last night?”

To Be Continue….