Camille and Jess had been stuck in the carriage for ages. Camille’s uncle, Baron Seward, had summoned them to his estate two days away from where they lived, and the journey had been tedious. It was the end of the first day, and Camille could hear the driver discuss possible places to stop with the serving man. Jess sighed and Camille looked over at her. They had been best friends since before Camille could remember, and she was so happy that Jess had agreed to accompany her. The carriage suddenly came to a halt, and the driver climbed down and opened the door.

“Begging your pardons, misses, but it’s beginning to rain and the horses don’t look like they can go much farther tonight,” he said. “There’s a castle a half a mile away that looks like it might give us some hospitality.”

“Thank you, Eric,” Camille replied. He smiled and shut the door and the carriage began to move again.

“Hopefully there’s something interesting to do in this castle,” Jess said idly. “I’m bored.”

Camille smiled at her friend. Jess was always bored unless there were men paying her attention. She was a stunningly attractive girl, tall for her eighteen years, with red curly hair, pale skin and an hourglass figure. Her large breasts bulged underneath the tight strapping of her gown, and Camille felt her eyes linger there. Ashamed, she turned away. She didn’t know what it was about Jess that made her look at her in a way that a man looks at a woman, but in the past year or so, Camille couldn’t help but stare at her friend’s breasts as they bounced when they went riding, or her large, shapely rear when Jess bent to pet the manor cat. Camille glanced down at herself and bit her lip. She looked nothing like Jess at all. Her hair was dark and straight, and where Jess had lavish curves, Camille was small, her figure all aksaray escort but boyish. Her breasts were half the size of Jess’s, and her hips were narrow. She had never attracted attention from men like Jess did, and her father quite worried about getting her married at all.

The carriage came to a stop and Jess looked out of the window. “We’re here,” she said cheerfully. The serving man opened the door and the ladies got out, their expensive shoes sliding a little in the mud. The driver was right; the rain was coming down in buckets, and they ran to the shelter of the castle door. The serving man banged on the door and a few moments later, a young woman opened it. Camille was amazed. The girl wore nothing but a grey cloth around her hips, leaving her full breasts bare. Her blue eyes looked at the travellers in amazement. “Yes?” she asked.

“These are Sir Allen Barker and Sir Walter Oakley’s daughters. They need shelter for the night,” the serving man said, unable to take his eyes away from the girl’s erect pink nipples.

“Oh, of course. The mistress will be most pleased,” the girl replied, looking both of the ladies up and down. “There’s not a lot of room, unfortunately.” She turned to the serving man. “Would you and the driver mind sleeping in the stables tonight?”

“Of course not,” he stammered. He gave a quick bow to the ladies then hurried over to the carriage driver. The nearly-naked girl turned to Jess and Camille with a smile.

“Welcome to Castle Sappho. My name is Gabriella. I’ll show you to the mistress, she’ll be most eager to meet you.”

Gabriella led the women into the castle. Camille looked around as they went down hallways, and saw that every single occupant was a woman. Some were dressed in armour like men, but most were dressed aksaray escort bayan like Gabriella in grey undergarments. As they passed the kitchens, she saw one of them bent over, fanning a fire. Camille inhaled sharply when she saw the girl’s exposed cheeks, round and perfect, and underneath the slight bulge of her vagina. The girl sat up and looked behind her, catching Camille’s eye. She smiled slowly and invitingly, and Camille quickened her pace. Eventually, they came to a large chamber, and Gabriella knocked on the door.

“My lady!” she called. “Two ladies have just arrived seeking shelter!”

The door opened and Gabriella ushered the girls inside, then closed the door. Camille looked up to see a slender blonde woman sitting in an ornately carved chair. She was completely naked, sitting with her legs slightly open. Camille sensed that she was breathing a little harder, and tried to slow her heart rate. The woman was probably the most beautiful that she had ever seen, and her full red lips curved upward in a smile. “Welcome to Castle Sappho,” she purred. “I am Lady Rene.” She stood up, then walked toward them. “Your clothes are soaking wet,” she said, brushing Jess’s shoulder with her fingertips. “You should take them off. We’ll dry them for you so you can be fresh for your journey tomorrow.” Camille clutched at her clothes almost instinctively, and Rene laughed. “What’s your name, my dear?”

“Camille,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry, Camille. We’re all ladies here, we’ve seen it all before.” She winked lazily at Camille, who felt a warmth spreading down between her legs. Rene walked back to her chair and rang a little bell. Instantly, a girl who looked very much like Gabriella appeared. “Candice, please take Miss…” Rene looked over at Jess, escort aksaray who squeaked her name. “Miss Jess to the guest quarters. I’d like to have a talk with Miss Camille for a few moments.” Candice bowed and grabbed Jess’s hand, leading her quickly out of the room. Rene looked at Camille for a few moments, then came back toward her. Without saying anything, she began unlacing her gown.

“What are you doing?” Camille cried.

“Getting you out of your clothes. I’m quite afraid you’ll catch a chill,” Rene answered. Camille’s dress fell to the floor, revealing her cotton undergarments, which Rene took off as well. She stood there, naked and shivering, covering her sex with her hands. Rene was looking at her with a strange smile. “My poor dear,” she said softly. “You’re so cold. Would you like me to warm you up?”

“How would you do that?” Camille asked shakily. Without speaking, Rene pulled her close and slid her leg in-between Camille’s. She pulled Camille’s hands away and brought them to her face, inhaling deeply.

“Mmm. You smell so sweet,” she murmured. She released her hands and cupped Camille’s small breasts, massaging them gently. “You’re very pretty, Miss Camille.”

“Please, stop,” Camille begged as Rene began pinching her nipples. “This is wrong!” Rene stopped, looked at her for a moment, then turned and went back to her chair, where she bent over and retrieved a couple of yards of fabric. She forced Camille to open her mouth and put it in, tying it around Camille’s jaw to make a gag, then bound Camille’s hands behind her back.

“You talk too much,” Rene said firmly. She leaned down and began to lick Camille’s small pink nipples, her hand sliding down her captive’s flat stomach to her dripping cunt. Camille moaned in surprise when Rene’s fingers touched her clit. She struggled to get free, but Rene had tied the fabric too tightly. Rene straightened and slapped her casually on the cheek. “Silly girl,” she said. “From the moment you stepped in here, you became my slave, just like the others. Now, you will learn obedience, or you will be punished very severely. Do you understand?”