Caring DoctorThis is a fiction story I posted on another site.That morning I woke up to a weird sensation. My penis felt bigger, but it didn’t turn out like the dream-come-true many guys hope for; on the contrary, I sensed that my limp dick was unable to extend and get hard. Pushing the covers aside, I pulled down my pyjamas to take a look and saw that my cock definitely had an unusual shape: the foreskin had swollen, covering the head with an awful amount of skin. I’m uncut, so having the head covered was not strange, but it had never looked like this.At 35, and not lacking an occasional fuck from time to time, I still loved to jerk my cock, trying not to cum to prolong the pleasure and make it last for hours, but that is normally known to cause swollen balls and an engorged dick, not puffy foreskin.Worried that my hands might have inadvertently come into contact with something noxious from last nights’ play, I dashed to the bathroom and began carefully washing my dick and the rest of the area, using warm water and soap, and left for work hoping for the best. When, several hours and countless checks later, I returned home with my penis in pretty much the same condition, I decided I needed to see my GP, Dr. White. I got an appointment for the next day, and started worrying about how to explain my case to him: you don’t usually go around talking about your sexual practices to another person, especially when those habits involve masturbation.Without reaching a solution, at the arranged time I went to the doctor’s; a few minutes later I was in his office.“Good morning, doctor,” I started;“Welcome, Bob… you can call me Dave, remember? I haven’t see you in a long time,” he said shaking my hand.“You’re right; my last yearly check-up was… almost 8 months ago,” I said.He was about my age, maybe a bit older, and taller than me, very well built. A blond, curly mane topped his face, where two light green eyes sparkled, joined by a friendly smile to make the patient feel at ease. A starched white coat covered his clothes, only his brown trousers visible over a pair of white clogs.“You’re early, then,” he commented. “What’s wrong?” he asked, sitting at his desk and gesturing me to a chair in front of it.I strained to explain as best as I could the present condition of my penis, blushing for the intimate nature of the matter and refraining from giving any suggestion at what might have caused it, but he went straight to the point.“Let me see it, Bob,” he said, standing and pulling on a pair of latex gloves; “Come close to this lamp and lower your trousers and underpants, so I can have a look.”I did what he said, and he bent a little for a closer inspection.“Hum,… the foreskin is swollen… does it hurt? No, eh… good;” as he spoke, one gloved hand reached for my dick, probing on one side, then the other, and then pulled my foreskin back to expose the head.In those brief moments, I found myself thinking that this was the very first time that another man’s hand was touching my dick – albeit for strictly medical purposes – and didn’t osmaniye rus escort find the fact unpleasant at all but, given the present state of things, I had no physical reaction to it and it was over in a flash.“Your foreskin is just a little inflamed,” he diagnosed, removing the gloves; “nothing to be worried about. You must keep it clean, and treat it with the cream I’m going to prescribe; in ten days, it will be back to normal.”Relieved, also for not having had to reveal my self-pleasuring pastime, I pulled my boxers and trousers back up, and sat again, waiting for him to write the prescription.“Follow my instructions,” he said handing me the sheet of paper, “and everything will be OK.” I thanked him and we shook hands, when he added “I need to check it in… let’s say… two weeks; I’ll have my secretary give you an appointment. See you then, Bob.”I exited his office and went to the woman at the outer desk; she was already speaking to him on the intercom.“… but it’s a Saturday, doctor, and we don’t work on Saturdays…” her tone worried and close to angry; “… well, you’ll do it by yourself,… ok,… ok,” and hung up. “Doctor White will see you on the 24th, at 10:30,” she told me matter-of-factly.I thanked her and left, wondering on my way home about Dave’s opening his practice on a day when it would normally be closed;. I attributed it to a particularly busy week, ignoring the fact that, if that was the case, his secretary would have had to work too.In the following days, I followed Dr. White’s instructions of keeping my penis clean and applying the cream he had prescribed. The effect was pretty quick and after only three days the swelling had gone, my foreskin had resumed its normal aspect and I had started to have erections again. The therapy of spreading cream on my cock and rubbing it was turning into a very pleasant pastime of jacking sessions. I felt good again and in my wanking fantasies, Dr. White’s gloved hands had a powerful hardening effect… that first male touch on my dick was playing weird and exciting tricks on my mind and body.On the day of the appointment, I buzzed at the doctor’s office and the door was opened remotely; the waiting room was deserted, the secretary’s desk unattended.Exiting his room, Dr. White greeted me with a warm smile and a hand shake. “Good morning, Bob, how’re you doing?”Something was different in him from last visit, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. “Doing good, doctor…. ehm… Dave; I think I have recovered perfectly,” I answered as he turned and led me to his office.“I’m the one who is supposed to give that assessment,” he joked.Entering the room, I gave a casual look around and was surprised to see some clothes on a chair in the corner: a shirt was hanging from the back of the chair and on the seat I could make out a folded pair of trousers and a T-shirt. I felt a stirring sensation at my crotch. As I turned to him, my eyes went from his neck, where no shirt was visible under the coat, to his naked legs, and back to his face, beaming osmaniye rus escort bayan with satisfaction at my realization of his attire. The stirring continued.“Let me check your penis, Bob,” he said, his eyes sparkling.I unfastened the belt of my trousers, unzipped them and, in one motion, pushed them and the underpants down to my knees. My dick was exposed, half-standing and looking healthy. On a whim, following a gut instinct, I took off my shoes and socks, and slid out of my lowered clothes.“Sit on the gurney,” Dave ordered as his smile broadened, and I took my place where he pointed.He got closer and, without bothering to wear gloves, started checking my penis, letting its underside rest in the palm of his hand, his thumb on the upper side. The reaction was immediate and it started getting hard in his hand. Dave unsheathed it, the purple head appearing spongy and shining, as the shaft throbbed with the rhythm of my fast-beating heart.He moved the foreskin back over the head, saying “I agree, Bob; you do look better;” then, he unsheathed my cock again. “It seems to work perfectly… you’re getting hard.”“Yeah…” I replied, my voice broken by the increasing horniness; “sorry about that.”“Nothing to be sorry about,” he said, keeping on moving his hand, and my foreskin, up and down; “it’s just a natural reaction… I’m hardening, too”.I looked at his crotch, where the white coat was raising like a tent, and he said “Touch me, Bob, don’t be shy”.I reached for the bulge and lightly touched it. The feeling was amazingly hot as I rubbed Dave’s cock through the cotton fabric of the coat; his breath started to get heavier. Suddenly, he took his hand off my cock and started undoing the buttons on his coat. As he moved down the buttons, I could see his naked chest, his naked abs and finally his cock.He shed his coat and stood naked in front of me: for the first time I could see another real cock, and it was beautiful. It had reached full hardness, and had a gentle bobbing motion, with the head still partly covered. I reached out, wrapped my fingers around it, and pulled the foreskin completely down, stopping to fully feel this new sensation: the warmth, the texture, the throbbing I could feel combined with the fact that it was someone else’s cock I was holding.Dave moved closer, standing between my legs; as we stared in each other’s eyes, he slowly unbuttoned the shirt I was wearing and pulled it off, leaving me completely naked. He pushed his crotch forward, and I felt his cock touching mine; he moaned at the contact and I shifted my butt to the edge of the gurney. We started rubbing and grinding our now hard cocks together, placing our hands on each other’s hips. The feeling was awesome, as we alternately watched our cocks grinding or gazed into each other’s eyes.After a few minutes, Dave laid me down on the gurney, and bent over me: his lips met my nipple and he kissed it; then, I felt his tongue playing with it for a moment and progress down my chest; his mouth rus osmaniye escort was now on my navel, his tongue probing on it as his forehead touched the tip of my cock.And then, the incredible happened: he wrapped his lips around my cock head as his tongue lapped at it; his warm, moist mouth felt so good… It wasn’t my first blowjob, but none of the previous ones had felt like this; clearly the thought that another man was performing it made me extremely sensitive. Dave’s mouth and lips continued working their magic on my hard prick, saliva wetting my shaft, making it more slippery and perceptive. My back started to tingle and I had to fight the rising orgasm pushing him away from my swollen dick.He stood, his pulsating member only inches from my face; I turned on my side and the smell of his sex, bitter and sweet at the same time, hit my nostrils, arousing me even more: I grabbed the hard shaft and brought it closer, reveling at the sight of its thickness, its shining head and the veins running on its foreskin; a mouth-watering droplet of precum was right over its one eye, and it drew my lips like a magnet. The cock twitched as my lips touched it, and I felt its taste and its texture for the first time: amazingly salty, and soft at the touch, despite its hardness. I let my tongue out, and caressed the dick’s underside with it, getting it to jerk again in reaction.Dave had started moaning when his cock had felt my lips, and now was grunting with pleasure; he pushed his pelvis forward to enter my mouth as I let him in, saliva coating both head and part of the shaft, then started slowly fucking my mouth.I was engaged in swirling my tongue around its dick as it moved in my mouth, when I felt one hand grabbing my cock: Dave had leaned forward and reached for my hard-on, beginning to move my foreskin up over the purple head and down again… I was ecstatic, being with another man had often been a fantasy and now it had become true! His hand left my cock to reach further down and knead my ball sac, which had already swollen, but I didn’t want to cum yet, not like that.I got back again sitting on the gurney with my ass right on the edge, and Dave returned between my legs… We resumed rubbing our cocks with strength now, their wetness making it easier, their hardness making it blissful. In a few moments our hands moved to each other’s hips and started pulling and pushing, as rubbing turned to grinding; we were now covered in sweat, our naked bodies glistening in the sunlight entering from the window.Then, our eyes locked again… he leaned towards me and his mouth was on mine; our lips opened and our tongues touched… sending a thrill down my spine to my dick and pushing me to the climax. Feeling myself overwhelmed, I propped my forehead on Dave’s shoulder and watched my cock as it started jolting up and down, a rope of white creamy cum spurting with each jolt and landing on Dave’s cock and pubic hair. This in turn seemed to trigger his orgasm, as his shaft started quickly to jerk and spurt over and over, covering my deflating dick and my crotch with strings of his cum, mixing it with mine as the rubbing turned to a slower, sensual cock caressing.I raised my head to him, we smiled at each other as his hand reached my cheek, stroking it gently; we kissed again softly on the lips.“Now,” he said with a grin on his face, “I can say that you have fully recovered!”