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Chapter 4

The warmth of the soft weight on top of me slowly awakened me. Basking in the simple bliss I felt in that moment, I took my time to open up my eyes. Faith had wrapped herself around me like a cobra, her long limbs everywhere, snoring softly. I shifted myself slowly to free my hands but I had no wish of waking her up or sliding out of her embrace.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had woken up like this. In the arms of a beautiful woman, yet with no desire of escaping. No thought of running. That wasn’t my M.O. Well.. I did run last week. Not far away enough obviously.

Faith shifted uncomfortably in her sleep, bringing me back to the present moment. My hands had started to wander across her body, idly exploring her curves, and had inadvertently pressed against the small welts on her ass. As I retreated my hands to her lower back, her arms tightened against my neck and her leg soon followed around my hips.

Had I been too rough with her yesterday? The relaxing fog I was swimming in was dissipating. Last night I had not been able to resist indulging in all the fantasies I tortured myself with over the week at the conference in Cali. I had purposefully not contacted her, trying to convince myself that this visceral need I felt was purely physical.


And then yesterday happened.

I would have fucked her right there on the back porch, but once I started, I didn’t plan on stopping, not even to relocate. As soon as my legs stopped shaking from my first orgasm as she watched, her face, inches away, I led her to my bedroom.

She walked in and leaned against one of the bed’s posts. “I really like your room, Ms. D. I meant to tell you but I think this is the first time we’re in here together. Well, me being conscious really.” Her rambling, signifying her nervousness made me chuckle. I approached her against the post and slid one hand in her hair, my other one grabbing her hip.

Her soft sigh right before our kiss made my knees buckle. Why did my body react so violently at the slightest move from her? I was slightly enraged at the power she seemed to have over me. It was too late for me to stop now. As soon as our lips joined, here, in my room, her naked body against mine, inches from my bed, her eyes half-shut, willful, so ready, I would not be able to resist taking her. In the most complete way possible. The desire I felt in that moment was almost animal. And when she pressed herself closer to me, her tongue darting inside my mouth, daring, it was like a dam burst.

My hand in her hair tightened instinctively and I bit down on her lip, hard enough to cause her to jolt, yet I felt her nipples harden instantly against the soft fabric of my dress. That’s what was so intoxicatingly sexy about her. She danced around my rough edges and constantly dared me to take the plunge with her. Her body drafted me as a reluctant accomplice, responding to my ministrations in the most wanton way. The natural way she called out to my darker side made me want to take her further, and further from whatever was proper, gentle, customary to the more painful, hypnotic, addictive corners of desire and trust.

Pushing her against my bed, she fell with a small laugh. Settling on top of her, I covered her face with kisses as I brought her arms over her head. There, I held them with one hand, as I kissed her again allowed my free hand to explore her body. Soon, her moans grew in pitch, and she wrapped her legs around my back.

So many different versions of this moment had danced around my head as I had forced myself to not reach out to her for the past week. I had sent her right into the hands of the nearest cute girl. I had to be honest about exactly what I wanted from her, before I missed out on the most intense experiences I’ve had for quite a while. But first, her punishment.

– “Do you trust me?” I asked her, nibbling at her ear, my breath teasing her.

– “Yes, completely,” she replied, with no hesitation. Ugh.. why didn’t she resist? Give me one reason to save myself and not get lost in the whirlwind of lust this side of me demanded.

– “Hmm.. always the good little slut, agrı escort huh?”

– “For you,” her shy reply came. Good. At least she was learning.

– “Not always, huh? We still have to do something about that.” As I whispered in her ear, my fingers stopped tracing circles around her nipple and caught it, pressing. I felt the small cry she emitted deep inside me. Her eyes opened and met mine. I pressed harder. “I’m going to punish you for coming for someone else last night. Do you understand?”

– “I’m sorry. Yes. I understand.”

– “Fuck.” I said. “Why?”

– “What do you mean?” she replied.

– “Your professor just asked you if you understood that she was going to bend you over her bed and spank you. Until I decide to stop. Then, I’m going to fuck you. Again. And again. And again. Until I’ve had my fill. For today. Why are you still here? Why are you not storming out?”

She looked at me, with a strange smirk on her face. Pushing against me, she reversed our positions and straddled me. She kept her eyes fixed on mine until she lowered her lips against mine, kissing me so softly, it was almost like a dream. My toes curled. Lowering herself further, she whispered in my ear,

– “I want it all. Everything you have for me. I want the adventure. I want the pain. Fucking god I want the pleasure. Teach me to please you, professor.” The kiss that followed came with everything I’ve wanted to tell her since that first day she walked into my office. I wanted her. I was determined to have her. For how long, I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t care. She wanted the heat, but it never came without the fire.

– “Green, yellow, red.” I whispered against her lips once we finally paused for breath.

– “Hmm?”

– “Your safewords. Green for go, yellow for slow down, red for stop. You say stop. I stop. Got it?”

– “Green” she replied, kissing my nose.

Soon, she was exactly where I’d been wanting her ever since I heard her friend on the phone. Call it primal, but I hadn’t been able to shake the desire to claim her. I was never really the full collar and ceremony Domme but I wanted to mark her. I’d even browsed through discrete bracelets or necklaces that only the both of us would know the meaning of. I wasn’t used to that side of me but I didn’t question it. I’d restrained her for years. She was done playing nice. She would have exactly what she wanted, her way.

Faith’s face on a small pillow, her generous ass raised high, her softness peeking through, the entire sight caused my mouth to water. She looked so willing, so pure, I almost froze under the sudden burst of desire to defile her. Own her. Keep her. Safe, sated, submissive.

The first blow was automatic. I felt her surprised cry deep in my core. They never expect it to actually hurt. Only the experienced know that it actually has to before it feels so good that you just want more of both until you no longer know which is pain, which is pleasure.




I was having fun now. The sadist in me didn’t come out to play much. But the intensity of every experience with her was so elevated, every fiber of my being wanted a taste of the pure energy we generated whenever near each other. I spread out the blows all over her pert bottom, her skin warm against my palm. Soon, her cries became longer, and she deepened her arch, causing my hand to hit her pussy. Her moan surprised us both.

Now distracted, I slid my hand forward and found her drenched folds. I let out a groan. She was fucking perfect, on the brink of orgasm from her first spanking. I played with her gently for a couple minutes, until she started to grind back against my hand, chasing that sweet release. But I wasn’t done with her yet.

A couple more slaps reminded her of her current situation. Then I stepped away for a second, telling her to not move.

“Now, I have to remind you that this is a punishment. You are mine. If one of us decides that this is not a suitable arrangement, then we’ll end it. But this means that no one else touches you without my expressed permission. Understood?”

She lifted her head to reply, and I kneeled beside her for the next part. I showed her what I fetched. It was my belt, my favorite tool, on whatever end of it I’m placed. Her eyes widened, and I saw the flash of hesitation. “You say stop. I stop. But if you don’t, it will be no more than three, understood?”



The sound that came out of her was delicious. escort ağrı I kneeled behind her and rubbed her globes. Surprising her, I spread her and gave her pussy a long lick. I chuckled at her gargled moan and captured her clit, driving her towards a sensation overload. Once her little cries got to a fevered pitch, I abruptly stopped, grabbed my belt and whipped her twice. Her cries were raw but she held on, my brave girl. The worst of it was all over.

I kneeled and dived back into her wetness, lapping her with abandon. Her cries were unrestrained now, she pushed hungrily against me, a hand reaching behind her to keep me there as she rode my face, taking her pleasure. She kept whispering “Fuck me”, maybe for the both of us as she took complete control, determined to get her orgasm. I found myself under her as we wrestled on the bed and she was on my face, grinding wildly through her first peak.

Hooking my arm around her thigh, I slid two fingers deep inside her, revelling in her surprised moan. I didn’t tease her, I went straight for that spot that drove her crazy in the library, and her hips went wild. I made a mental note for an ice pack for my neck but held on. My strokes were deep, meeting her thrusts, pulling her back, she was my own little instrument. Soon, she was almost there, her thighs clamped down against my ears and she emitted a long cry, her entire body shaking the bed around us.

She slid back against my body, straddled my hips, and buried her face in my neck. In no time, her breath became regular. She’d fallen asleep. Suddenly exhausted, I followed her in minutes.


As I lost myself in the memories of the previous night, my body woke up to Faith’s proximity. I slowly opened up my eyes and looked down…straight into her open eyes. She smiled shyly and buried her face against me, making me chuckle.

– “Heeyy”

– “Hmmm..” was her mumbled answer.

– “You’re okay?” I asked. Was she having second thoughts? Maybe I had been too rough with her. I probably should have eased her more into it.

– “I can’t believe we did that…” I guess it was nice for a minute to think that I had found it all in one package.

– “Do you need to leave now?” I asked in one breath, going rigid, bracing myself for the impact of her rejection. I should have known it was too good to be true.

– “W-what?” She sat up and looked at me. I stared at a point behind her, looking through her.

– “I have no desire to make you do something you don’t want to do.” Her loud laugh both surprised and confused me. Her reactions were always the opposite of my expectations. I shut my eyes to regain my composure and to hide my pain for the loss of something I barely got to have. They jolted back open when suddenly I felt Faith’s weight on me.

– “I want more,” she whispered, before kissing my forehead. She kept repeating it as she kissed me all over, somehow trying to share, make me understand that I wasn’t alone in my desire. “I want it all,” she added, taking my lips in one of her signature power-hungry kisses.

My arms enclosed her, pressing her closer to my chest, deepening the kiss. I’d spent so long not desiring anything that my visceral need for her twisted me up in knots. I was projecting an end that I knew would come while desperately trying to stave it off, get every droplet of pleasure I could squeeze out before.

As usual, within moments, the tenderness of the kiss turned into liquid passion. Faith had this unique ability of placing all my senses in high alert whenever she was near. And when she kissed me like this, her tongue mimicking the boldness of her hands all over me, finding secret places hidden to everyone else, places I’d forgotten could make me feel so good, drunk on life and lust.

Fucking her was like a dance. I loved the power at times. One look, one touch, one word, and her eyes would glaze over, giving her away. But what was so addictive about her, what I couldn’t deny, no matter how I tried, was that she held the same power over me. She’d been here for two days and I’d completely forgotten that she was my student. All I wanted, right at this moment, was for her to do that thing with her tongue again.

– “F-fuck..Bite it.” Her teeth clamped on the nipple she’d been toying with, as her tongue swirled around it. Her leg between mine provided just enough pressure to drive me crazy with want but not enough to truly be effective. It took me a second to realize it was all by design. She was ağrı escort bayan perfectly aware of the effect she had on me.

– “You’re mine too, you know” she whispered in my ear before kissing and biting my neck. Her caresses were more purposeful now. At times light, others deep, I felt her everywhere. As soon as I got used to one rhythm of her grinding against me, there she was worshipping my breasts, plunging me in a cloud of pleasure peppered with pain. Fuuck me already, I wanted to scream. Was she really going to make me beg?

– “You’re playing with fire,” I whispered instead, pushing my hips up against her.

– “Tell me what you want,” was her retort as she slid down my body, kneeling between my legs, her ass up high, giving me the visual of the century. Her torturous plump lips wore a devilish smile. Ignoring the spot clamoring for her attention, she settled on my inner thigh, kissing, biting, licking, as her hands pinned mine down. I was writhing against her, desperate, but unwilling to give in.

– “ it!” I groaned through my teeth, caught between the thorough enjoyment of her teasing, my lustful annoyance at her insolence, and my suspicion that I was exactly where she wanted me. She proceeded to pose a hundred tiny kisses on my mound, all over, looking up at me, daringly.

– “Tell me…” she repeated, going into my other thigh. That did it.

– “Enough!” I groaned loudly, wrapping my hand in her hand and pulling her close. “Stick your fucking tongue out,” she complied immediately, still smirking. I paused for a second to take in the scenery. “Lick it.”

She didn’t make me ask twice. After all the teasing, I was a lot closer than I thought. Within minutes, I was grinding against her face, relishing against her talented tongue, moaning and cursing her name. Why was she so good at that? As I neared my peak, I screamed, “Fuck me”.

Taking my command, she slid two fingers inside me, deep, curling to find my g-spot and I lost it. She just…fuck. I was left without a thought for what seemed like a small eternity. When I came to, she was still lapping at me, like a good pet, licking every last drop, proof of her talented efforts.

Sitting up and pulling her to me, we kissed for a while, my taste on her lips and the waves of post-orgasmic aftershocks already setting me up for round 2. I pulled her fully against me as I lied on my back. Her kisses had changed from hungry to ravenous. The poor thing, she must be in need right now. I rolled her on her back and excused myself to the bathroom to get my strap. I’d been thinking about it the entire time she’d been eating me, with her ass in the air. Shit, that’s a lie. Probably since she walked in my class that first day.

I came back to the most enticing sight. Back on her knees, her ass towards me, she’d slid one hand between her legs, rubbing her clit, so lost in her little moment, she didn’t hear me approaching. After enjoying the spectacle for a couple more minutes, I slapped her ass to get her attention. Her little surprised moan made me laugh.

– “Why are you so fucking hot?” I asked, putting my hand on her hip to keep her in place.

– “Please” she answered, in a throaty voice, wiggling her bottom at me.

– “You need it bad, huh?” I replied, smirking, rubbing the lubed-up cock up in down in her wetness, pushing in just enough to get her to push back.

– “Don’t…Fuck.. I need it. I need you, please, just fuck me.”

– “I got you.” In one thrust, I was inside her.

Fucking her is such an audible experience. I forced myself to slow down, trying to make it last for us. I started to pull back, maddeningly slow, setting the mood for this one. In and out, so deep, and so slow, she was literally creaming, melting into the pillows under her, her moans matching our rhythm. I could fuck her like this for hours, just let her feel all of it, as my hands felt all of her.

But soon enough, she needed more. Knowing her dirty talk always did me in, she let it out as she tried to speed up her thrusts. I held on for a while, holding her still as I drove in at my own pace, ignoring her slutty pleas and bratty taunts, until I decided to let her have it, and fucked the shit out of her, like she’d been begging me to.

She came with my name on her lips, shaking as I pushed deep inside her while she rode out her orgasm. Watching her come for me was something I would never tire of, I already knew that. She turned to face me and before I could say anything, she took my lips in another one of those soft, ethereal kisses, the meaning of which I was starting to understand. I wrapped my arms around her and we held on to each other, speechless, lost in the sensations disbelief of having found exactly what we didn’t dare to believe existed, in the most forbidden places.