C.D.s Magic Love Skin CreamCD’s Magic Love Skin CreamBy J. J. ScribeNo one could have guessed the truth about CD’s obsessive sex life. Toany casual observer—or even a curious one—he appeared to be a perfectlynormal man. He was a junior partner at his firm in Philadelphia, with a solidfinancial future in front of him. Though he didn’t attend regularly,he was a member of the First Methodist Church, a friendly face atcoffee hours and social events.Though divorced for five years, he remained friends with his formerwife and was a loving father to his three c***dren, sharing them onalternative weekends and summer vacations. He had not been fortunateenough to find a new lover, though he dated frequently. He had asmall circle of men friends from college and spent time with them onweekends watching sports events on TV or attending Penn State footballand basketball games.He clocked long hours at the office and his work closing contractswith clients involved a certain amount of pressure. CD learned to use sex to relieve that tension. He was an inveterate masturbator. No matter how late he arrived home from the office, he went through an almost invariable routine of pleasure that washed away all the cares and concerns of business.As he came home each day, he drew the curtains, removed his coat andtie, poured himself a glass of white wine. He then went into thelittle home theater he’d built into a corner of the “family room” offthe kitchen. He unbuttoned his shirt, slipped off his shoes, and selected a pornvideo from his enormous collection. He inserted it into his tape deckand removed the rest of his clothes. He then fondled his penis to erectionas he watched the sexual fantasies on the screen. He loved playing with it while watching the erotic movies. He had a particular attraction to Oriental women so many of his videosconsisted of montages of Chinese and Japanese lesbians engaged in sex.He had dozens of the tapes so he never became bored, even though he’dwatched them many times. As soon as he saw the first lesbian kiss,the first tongue reach out to penetrate an open vagina, he inhaledquickly and deeply as he pleasured his penis with his palms.He jacked it slowly as he marveled at the women satisfying themselveswith long, black dildos. He jerked it fast for a minute or so andthen released it so it would calm down a bit. He’d learned how to make his pleasure last. He traced his finger around the mushroom head of his cock and down his shaft to caress the hair on his testicles and underneath them to his perineum. Then he resumed the heavy jerking until he could stand it no longer. He fell to his knees and watched the foamy white spurts shoot from his cockhead.Cumming fascinated CD. From what he had learned reading sex andmedical research journals, he was confidant he ejaculated in greater volumes than most men. After years of masturbating once in the morning before going to theoffice and once or twice again after returning home, he began to needmore. Watching it erupt and experiencing the feeling that went with it was the mostsatisfying experience of his life. His hunger for it was all but insatiable.He began driving home for lunch to masturbate. After about a week ofthis heightened activity—while playing with himself as he watched avideo of Malaysian prostitutes—he noticed the skin on his hands hadbecome uncomfortably dry. He needed some lotion. With his cock bouncingbetween his legs, CD went to the bathroom to find some moisturizer and found none in his medicine cabinet. Then, seeing his reflection in the mirror with his cock still quite erect, he flashed upon an idea that would change his life.He began jacking frantically. When he exploded, he caught hisejaculate in his palms and began rubbing it over his hands. Thesensation it produced gave him such a thrill he rubbed more of it onhis arms and face. It could be his imagination, he thought, but hisskin not only felt softer, it radiated a new kind of warmth.During the drive back to the office, CD became sexually stimulated bythe scent of his new skin cream. He had a tremendous hard-on when hepulled into the Chevron station for gas. He went into the men’s roomand latched himself inside a stall and masturbated with glee.At about 3:30 that afternoon, Linda Tasca, his assistant, deliveredsome contracts to his desk for his signature. She sat them in frontof him and sniffed the air. “Are you wearing a new aftershave, CD?”“Oh, I think it must be the new moisturizing cream I’m using. My skindried up all of a sudden. I didn’t notice it had any particularodor.”“It has a really nice fragrance, CD. Really nice.” As Linda was leaving his office, she glanced back over her shoulder digitalbahis yeni giriş to flash him a flirtatious smile. As she went out the door, she moved her rear end provocatively. Linda was a professional, a very proper young woman. In her five years of employment with CD, she had never once shown the slightest sign of physical attraction to him.Later, he passed by her desk on his way to the men’s room to masturbate. She wiggled a finger at him, motioning him toward her. She leaned close and whispered, “May I see you tonight after work? At my apartment? I know it’s a sudden impulse, but I was just wondering if we could,…ah, y’know a get together for a drink.”CD was almost speechless, then quietly answered, “Why, yes, Linda,what a pleasant idea. Yes, after work then.”He fantasized about Linda during his drive home. He couldn’t imaginewhy this conservative woman would be so bold as to invite him to herapartment. Then the realization hit him. It must have been the “skincream” he’d massaged into his hands and face that morning. Yes, shehad asked him if was wearing a new aftershave lotion. That must be it,he thought. So he decided to give himself an extra dose of skin cream beforevisiting Linda’s apartment. Fantasizing about what she might have instore for him, CD needed no visual stimulation to achieve an erection.He disrobed and stood before his bathroom mirror and jacked off to hisown reflection. He came quickly and shot thick strands of creamy cuminto his bathroom drinking glass. Then he rubbed it all over his neckand face, under his arms, on his chest and stomach and around histesticles and shaft. His skin glowed. He was ready.Linda was completely naked when she answered his knock at the door. She pulled him in and stepped back to display her body for him. “Doyou like it? Do you want it?” “Linda, I…., oh, yes.” She undressed him as he kissed her lips and face and fondled her breasts.Linda took him in her arms and licked his face. “CD I don’t knowwhat’s come over me. But I just have this sudden urge to make love toyou.” She thrust her pelvis up against him and began grinding it intohis erect penis.“Linda, you’re so beautiful,” he murmured and then closed his lipsaround the pointed tongue she shoved into his mouth.“I don’t know what it is, but when I saw you this morning, somethingjust swept over me. Oh, CD, follow me.” She ushered him to her bedroom and leaped on the bed. She raised her legs and spread her pussy wide and asked him to take her. The dard triangle between her legs glistened with precum.The sex they had that evening ranked with the finest CD couldremember. After they had intercourse twice, Linda gave his entire body a tongue bath. She was not only gorgeous, she seemed to be totally fixated on him. She kept saying, “You taste so good, you smell so irresistible. I just can’t get enough of you.”Now CD was sure of it. Linda had been overcome by his new cum skincream. He had noticed just the slightest musky fragrance from it as herubbed it on his body that day. Apparently it was a powerfulaphrodisiac.The next day he took his experiment a step further. After depositinganother load of his cum into a small bowl, he mixed it with an equalamount of commercial skin moisturizer to make it go further. Thethickness and color of his semen matched it exactly. Then, basedentirely on intuition, he added some powdered St. John’s Wort to themixture, and also put in a pinch of ordinary baking soda and halfteaspoon of liquid vitamin E. He whipped it all up together andstudied its shiny consistency. After testing its aroma, he finished itoff with a few drops of oil of cloves.He couldn’t wait to see if the new additives would make his new skincream even more powerful.It did. Other women soon joined Linda in asking CD for sex.One of the most exciting of them all was his former wife, Cindy. Whenhe dropped by to pick up his c***dren for the weekend, she grabbed himby the lapels of his sport coat, pulling him closer, “CD, I think it’stime we tried for a reconciliation. I need you. I know that now.” She opened her mouth and kissed him, flicking her tongue around hismouth. Before he could respond, she raised her skirt and pulled downher panties to reintroduce him to her black bush. “Remember this? I’ll have it hot for you when you bring the k**s back on Sunday. Ican’t wait, CD. Don’t disappoint me and, believe me, I won’tdisappoint you!”And she didn’t. Before he took the k**s home he lathered his body again in cum creamlotion. After they tucked the c***dren into bed, she pulled CD onto the couch.She ripped his clothes from his body and began licking it. By thesounds she made in her throat digitalbahis giriş she was especially enjoying sucking hisseven-inch long phallus. Then she mounted him and climbed on hisshaft. She kept saying, “Oh, God, yes.” And “More, give me more!”He began to reconsider their divorce.But his former wife was not the only woman who wanted him. In almostevery situation he found himself, women—even ones he’d never metbefore—approached him with an eager aggressiveness, inviting him totheir boudoirs, begging him for sex. They wanted to please him withany sort of sex he wanted. In return, they all wanted the same thingfor themselves. They wanted to lick his body and to give him aferocious fuck. Afterwards they always wanted more. Anytime, they said, whenever he could find time for them. No matter what they were doing they would cancel any plans to be with him, so long as he would consent tofucking them.Soon, CD ran into a problem. Though he was a prodigious masturbator whoproduced massive amounts of sperm, he was getting so much sex withso many women, his supply of the magic cum cream began to run dangerously low. He needed more sperm than he could produce. So he invited four of his old pals over to watch a Penn State football game on TV and to ask for their help. It was, of course, necessary for him to tell them atleast part of his unusual story. He told them how he made the creamwith sperm and hand lotion and all about the reaction it produced inwomen. (To protect his formula, he omitted telling them about theother ingredients.)“It drives them wild for sex,” he explained with a satisfied grin.They reacted predictably: “You’re shittin’ us, CD. Man, I alwaysknew you had an imagination, but this is over the top! You’ll have toprove that one to us, man.”Before the football game was over, he gave each of them a sample ofthe cream. He rubbed a small amount of it onto the backs of theirhands. He also made them a wager. “You’ll see how well it works when you get home. And I’ll bet you this: If your wives don’t drag you into the bedroom I’ll write any of you a check for a thousand dollars. You’ll see.”And, of course, they did see. The next time they got together none ofthem asked him to write the check. They reported their wives hadravished them and wouldn’t stop until they’d licked the backs of theirhands. “My wife “fucked my brains out,” as one of them put it. Hesaid she had an uncontrollable urge to rub the back of his handsagainst her erect clitoris. The others said they’d had similarexperiences.That was proof enough for CD’s friends to agree to help him make more product. They would fill containers with their sperm for CD to makeup enough for all of them to enjoy. Each week they masturbated daily and collected their spunk in little glass jars they kept in the refrigerator. When they delivered a full individual container of semen, CD exchanged itfor a vial of the lotion.It became a bonding connection for CD and his friends. Soon, theybegan masturbating together. They sat around in a circle, cocks inhand, sharing tales about the sexual conquests that had come to themsince they began using CD’s sex cream. One of the men in the group—a man named Milton Houser—suggested they sell CD’s new product. “Considering what it’s done for all of us, we’ll be millionaires! What say, CD?”Houser was a talented marketing man. He suggested calling their newproduct “Love Skin Cream,” with a price tag of $75 per vial.CD would be in charge of manufacturing. Dave Penser and HowardBullock took on the responsibility for sales. Houser would handle themarketing. His plan was to use the power of e-commerce, to establisha web site and sell it over the net.Houser began by setting up trade-out cross selling ad banners, hotlinks and flash screens on compatible sites to attract customers. Hewrote the text for the home page and found a free lance web sitedesigner to take care of the code writing and graphics and getting iton a server.CD came up with the idea for the logo on the package, a stylizeddrawing that was inspired by the shape of testicles. Penser arrangedall the details for encrypted bankcard sales transactions over thenet. They all agreed that once the orders started coming in they’d gettogether every weekend not just to masturbate create more product but to put labels on the containers and wrap them for shipping.Orders began pouring in on the web site from all over the world. Wordof mouth recommendations from satisfied customers increased thebusiness incrementally, week by week. They grossed $150,000 in thefirst 30 days. Ninety percent of the customers reordered more.CD and his friends were each masturbating digitalbahis güvenilirmi four to six times a day tokeep up with the orders. But as much as they tried, they simply couldnot keep up with their burgeoning enterprise.They had a meeting to resolve the crisis and Houser suggested gettingtogether with the Jack ‘n Jill club in Philadelphia. It was anensemble of about 30 couples and singles who met weekly to masturbatefor each other’s pleasure. The president of the club, a tall thin man named Rick (“No last names required in our club,” he explained) made CD and his friends an attractive deal. He agreed to have an attendant collect sperm fromthe jack off shooters in the club for a cash payment of $5.00 perload. He said he could use the money for paying the hotel room wherethe Club met and also for and some snacks and drinks for the membersof his group.CD’s group agreed to a similar arrangement with an Asian gamblinghouse on the East side. The manager said he would inform every manin the room that he could collect $10 for masturbating in the backroom and leaving his deposit in a vial. He figured the more money hiscustomers had, the more they’d lose at his card tables. This setupwas more expensive than the Jack’nJill’s Club deal but CD and hisfriends went along with it because they were desperate for additionalraw materials. Still, they knew it wouldn’t be enough to keep up with the growing demand for the Love Skin Cream. So they ran ads in the college newspaper proclaiming they were conducting a scientific study of male sexual potency and promised to pay volunteers $7.50 for each load of sperm they delivered. They even opened a small clinic near the universitywhere students came in to watch xxx videos and drop a load.Ultimately, this proved to be the most abundant source of supply.Penser posed as a research physician and no one questioned hiscredentials. He oversaw the work of two clinic clerks who collectedthe spunk from the undergraduate men.All these sources combined allowed CD and his associates to increaseproduction by more than 500%. CD had to hire more production assistantsfor his manufacturing operation.After 120 days in business, they leased a 4000 square foot warehouseand hired a shipping crew to keep pace with ever-increasingorders. They raised the price of the product to $150 and within sixmonths sales increased to $400,000 a month. After boosting their price to $250 per unit a year later, all of them quit their jobs. They were rich beyond their wildest expectations. CD renewed his relationship with his ex-wife Cindy and they were remarried in a small chapel in Las Vegas.A few weeks later CD and his partners had a party in the Rainbow Roomin Manhattan to celebrate their success. They’d earned nearly fivemillion dollars each. CD, who was after all, the inventor of thestuff, had received a larger share of the profits. His stock marketportfolio now had a value of $7,540,290.Houser and the others raised their glasses in a toast to the founderof the Love Skin Cream phenomenon.“Thank you, boys,” CD responded. “I certainly couldn’t have done itwithout you. But now I have an announcement for you. As you know, Ihave re-connected with my former wife. We have all the money we’llever be able to spend and all of you do, too. I think it’s time forus to whack off one final time together and then move on to the nextphase of our lives, whatever that may be. I see no further need forus to continue jerking off into our communal corporate jar.”So they all followed CD back to his suite in the Waldorf Astoria,unzipped their slacks and pulled out their proud poles. A dancingnude Asian girl CD had arranged for pranced out of a closet and gavethem good reason to pop up their woodies. They all jacked off in unison, watching the dancing girl finger her pussy.Then CD held a piece of paper that contained the formula for CD’s Magic Love Cream high above his head for all to see. He struck a match and set it on fire. He set the flaming paper into an ashtray and they all watchedit disappear in smoke.There would be no more Love Skin Cream. But the stories about theproduct continued, and a legend grew up around the brand name. Womenwho had personally experienced the private pleasures the fabled lotionprovided them kept the mystique alive.A decade after it had ceased to be available, women still gathered ingroups around the country to talk about it, wondering if and wherethey might again be able to find some more of it.Today, CD lives in a palatial beachfront home on Ipanema Beach in Rio.His c***dren are happy and bring him immense joy. His wife Cindyunderstands his needs as never before. And CD continues to make smallbatches of Loving Skin Cream for the exclusive use of himself and hiswife.Should the stock market ever fail and his fortune go down the drain,CD may once again make his magic lotion available to the masses.Until then, only one couple in the world will ever again be able toenjoy its fantastic pleasures.